The bike also felt much lighter, as it was very easy to lift it off the side stand. Skyline Drive, then Bear Creek Road, passed beneath my wheels as I enjoyed the long summer day and the amazing capabilities of the 690. Gear. The smallest option in KTM’s travel lineup of motorcycles. Andrew: Still no windshield, but with winter weather (OK, OK, rain) coming in I'm starting to think about it. (Again, this is in marked contrast to the KLR, who's sagging suspension must have been engineered for 100-pound examples of our species, not the beefier North American variety.) As I started to ride off this impression magnified into "wow, this is the most stiffly sprung motorcycle I've ever ridden." Interested to know if you got the windshield, how much it set you back, and how much of an improvement it made. It's trivially easy to wheelie in first gear, and even though the bike's ECU restricts the power in second and third gears, the front end can get precariously light as the RPMs climb. I guess I'll let the dealer try to re-cut the threads or Time-Sert it—that's what a warranty's for, right? It feels just as at home in the city and on rural roads as it does on gravel and tough terrain. A short press of the starter button and the bike burbled to life, the automatic choke and cold start routines of the fuel injection system quickly settling the motor into an easy rhythm. This latter feature is very nice, as the circumference of different tires—especially if you switch from knobbies to street tires—can significantly affect the speedometer's accuracy. October 22, 2019. Dude…that’s awesome. I … With the oil still hot I did a quick oil and filter change, capturing a sample of the used oil in a specimen bottle for analysis at the lab. Posted by: 2008 KTM 690 Enduro Discuss this bike Such bikes for sale Sell this motorcycle Market value Rate this bike Bike specifications Insurance quotes Finance quotes Tip a friend List related bikes Below is the riders' rating of the 2008 KTM 690 Enduro … The 690 Enduro takes on the styling of the SX, XC and EXC bikes. Compare with any other bike. Oh, and even though my dealer had thoughtfully applied some adhesive heat shielding to the left rear turn signal, it still managed to start discoloring at the bottom. 2008.10.31 at 04:26 AM. Dragos | The stiff suspension still managed to absorb some larger bumps without passing too much back to the rider, but even better manners should be available by relaxing some of the settings. The counterbalanced engine wasn't perfectly smooth, but the minor vibrations were never annoying or worrisome; they simply added to the visceral thrill of riding a well-engineered machine. Only time will tell, but assuming that the bike proves to be reliable and the exchange rate doesn't doom it, KTM may very well have an enduring winner on their hands. Hey buddy, What I want to know is if you twist that throttle quickly in a low gear, does the front wheel come up? I have to same feeling. … By Evan Allen. Posted by: I'm still interested in the small, optional windshield that KTM offers, though, as I expect the wind blast may prove tiresome during extended highway journeys. I think the initial answer is easy: More power, more adjustability, more control, and less weight. It was especially thrilling to see an odometer that displayed all zeros and briefly imagine all the adventures to come. This is the doo-hickey that changes the mapping. 2020 Suzuki DR-Z125L. I didn't get too aggressive with the knobby tires, but the handling was predictable, stable, and confidence inspiring. By Jimmy Lewis. Over the next 66 miles I formed the following initial impressions of the bike. Best Dual-Sport Bike: KTM 690 Enduro - Ten Best Bikes 2008 Read More: KTM 690 Enduro Cycle World Taking dual-sport honors last year with its 525 EXC proved that KTM was serious about … This makes sense, as the KLR is about 420 pounds, while the KTM is about 100 pounds lighter (both wet weights).


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