2 of my 6 strats have 2 point trems. The difference between the two is the string spacing measured across the saddles at the bridge. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I'm probably gonna get some used Kramer/Charvel/Jackson/Ibanez RG something something eventually though. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. I believe two points to be a better design, more reliable and more flexible in my opinion. To enter. Six screws can be a PITA when one screw is screwed down farther, pinching the trem down. These are nuts that are impregnated with teflon, and they allow the stings to slip back and forth though the nut slots which allow for the fender 2/6 trem systems to operate very finely. If you take it a step further, which is what Mr. Floyd Rose did, and you add a plate/s that lock the strings down at the nut, the weakest point of the system, and by doing so you arrive at a what many players commonly enjoy as ... perfection. I don’t palm mute. Masshole, Jul 16, 2017.   You cannot paste images directly. Sponsored by . I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one who isn’t a fan of the 2 point trem system found on the American Strats? Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone. What's yours? Personally, I see no advantage to the 6 screw tremolo units other than vintage vibe. a two-point trem. I love and respect both despite stemming from totally different design standpoints. I hated it because if you broke a string, the end wouldn't always fall out and it was a pain to push them out from the other side. To clarify, the vintage style six screw tremolo bridge is a rocking type of bridge. I think it also can be a liability of the screws aren't lined up right or overtightened, etc. if people can really hear a tone difference it just further confirms my damaged hearing because I can't hear a difference but much prefer the feel of a 2 point. Feb 21, 2009 #2 The best two post trems (Gotoh 510TS) sound pretty much the same as 6 screw mount and work a lot better. I've never had to mod a 6-point to make it float? At least this is what I hear when I run a wall of Fenders at my local dealer. TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars. Interesting question about comfort and palm muting. Apr 14, 2015 San Pedro, Ca. It's a big screw and it cracked the guitar body over time. A very honorable mention to the LSR roller nuts, but they are more involved to install. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > spizike231 Strat-Talker. Couldn’t you just remove the middle 4 completely? The photos below show how to measure your tremolo to … 2 vs 6 point tremolo - which do you prefer? But a 6 screw trem can be a perfectly fine system as well. a two-point trem. In turn , the two point tremolo is a floating or pivoting type. But what I really like is the chrome cover over the saddles on my FCS. The standard fender 2-point has 2 screws much smaller than the ofr screws. Not the kind with the socket like a les paul bridge. Paste as plain text instead, × The 2 point G&L trem is obviously a superior mechanical design but their guitars don't sound Fendery to my ears....which could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. I have never heard of that. Quick Links. Age: 27 Messages: 436. Are there any major artists who actually use a Strat with a 2 point trem? The 2 point tremolo is a first for me, even 30 years ago the E series I had was a 6 screw. But, in a perfect execution, I gotta go with the 6-point from a design perspective. This may be asking a bit much, but could I use a well set up Callaham unit for some Early EVH esque dive bombs? Always felt 2 point tremolos are much more accurate and have a better, more precise feel to them, where 6 point ones may have the looks, but offer a more "generic" feel. (Outside of promo videos for the guitars that have them), I often go to a gig and think, man this band sucks because I can here that 2 point trem colouring the mix, Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum, Well, it must be April 1 somewhere in the universe, http://www.soundproofing.org/infopages/channel.htm, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Messages 90. Let's talk Fender "tremolos": 2-point vs. vintage 6-screw versions. There is WIDE 2-7/32" string spacing, and NARROW 2-1/16" string spacing. My first Strat's bridge was set to float when I got it, and it's the vintage style. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. But a 6 screw trem can be a perfectly fine system as well. They both work really well when properly set up. The big thing for me is that I like the way the cover looks on my FCS Strat. There also can be issues in these systems from the spring tension, but for the most part, if you get the nut right, these systems both are very good. Even if you unscrew the 4 inside screws, the bridge's edge is resting on the shoulder of the screw. If you have a 6 point setup with only 2 screws you should check the screws for wear at the contact points from time to time. von Bierschinken, 18.12.08. I've been GASing for a Floyd but probably won't get one for a while, and if Yngwie can do it..... With properly lubricated saddles, a graphite nut, and roller string trees (maybe even locking tuners at that), I would think an excellent 6-point trem could do a lot. Could anyone possibly tell me the type of trem that would fit me best just as how I am?I like my trem to be stiff and level on the body of the guitar as i rarely use it and have tendency's to over use it when its loser. × All my strat trems float and work really well. That being said, the PRS modern six screw bridge is also very stable and stays in tune quite well. I do like CSM said and back out the middle 4 screws. I like my vintage 6 point but the modern 2 seems more responsive. I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one who isn’t a fan of the 2 point trem system found on the American Strats? B. S. SchizoidDan Member. My son ran into Rev. Sorry if I was not clear, I meant the stock 2 point system and the stock 6 screw trems. The '63 has had its trem modified by drilling out the block's string tunnels so that the ball-ends anchor far deeper inside than on a stock block. What muting I do is mostly my thumb killing the E or A strings. But, it cannot be set to float without a small mod. I don't use a trem so 6-screws set up non-floating is perfect for me. Ok now I am gassing for the Bladerunner because of this thread! I think a 2-point trem is as close to objectively "better" as you can get when it comes to guitars, especially since a popular way of setting up 6-screw trems so as to avoid problems is to loosen the inner 4 screws such that the trem pivots on the outer two, i.e. One of my customers has one and I set it up once. It's taken a bit of work to get 'em there, but all three are set up to float (the Ratae gives me a reliable G-to-Bb upbend, and a low-E-down-to-B downbend) and -- with carefully-installed and fully-stretched fresh 10-52 strings -- stay in tune pretty good despite my heavy-handed whammery.


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