Google, Apple’s second largest competitor is very good at software, application software and services, but has only developed a few unsuccessful hardware products. Who are the main competitors of Apple in the tablet market? Post-split, HP Inc., has made tremendous strides as it continues to provide users with quality and affordable products and is. Among these devices, laptops have mainly made brand Toshiba quite popular in the market. Pixel smartphones are fierce contenders among the top Apple Competitors. The quality of these products is excellent, and their prices are affordable to all. It is an American multinational computer company that deals in … All rights reserved BSSL. The smartphone industry is dominated by the likes of Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft. 3) Samsung. Also, Microsoft licenses software products for computers. Also enter your email address at the bottom of the site to ‘Join us’ free for our newly published articles and newsletters. Pixel was specifically launched to challen the market dominance of the Apple Iphone and to bring a premium phone with an Android OS. Today, Lenovo employees over 27,000 employees and has reported an estimated revenue of $45 billion in the financial year of 2017. (2019) Market share held by the leading personal computer vendors worldwide in 2018, available at: (accessed 08 November 2019), Owen, M. (2019) Apple’s iPad still leading global tablet market despite Amazon surge, available at: (accessed 08 November 2019), Statcounter (2019) Mobile Vendor Market Share Worldwide, available at: (accessed 08 November 2019), Statcounter (2019) Tablet Vendor Market Share Worldwide, available at: (accessed 07 November 2019). When compared to Apple, Samsung can be the primary competitor to Apple’s Smartphones – The Iphone. Right from the iPhone, iPod, iPad and even the Macintosh line of computers. Its Acer aspire series and travel mate series of computers has given Acer a domineering position in the computer market. Apple offers a wide range of products, and the company remains a fierce competitor in several markets ranging from laptops, entertainment media to smartphone mobiles. As of October 2019, its nearest competitors in this market are Samsung, Amazon, Huawei, & Asus with 17.31%, 3.82%, 1,34%, and 1.2% market share respectively (Statcounter, 2019). Toshiba is one the widely recognized brands that provide a wide range of electronics. The top 10 competitors in Apple's competitive set are Microsoft, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Sony, ASUS, Google, Huawei, Philips., Panasonic, Facebook, VMware, AWS, Nokia and Fujitsu. Their devices range from personal computers, television sets, and other consumer electronics. What’s worse is pixels design similarities to that of Apples iPhone which makes the competition between the two even more fierce. Holst, A. Samsung does not have an equivalent high brand equity for its laptop segment but due to the residual branding of Smartphone, there is greater awareness and adoption of Samsung Laptops. The company’s strong belief in innovation has seen it grow its brand from a humble motherboard manufacturing company to now a global player in the IT market. Also, brand Samsung has a significant share of the Smartphone market. It however also competes with Apple in the market of consumer PCs. Your email address will not be published. You must know that the founder of Microsoft Bill gates put in every effort to ensure that his company achieves its intended goals, mission and visions. He writes regularly online on a variety of topics. Microsoft is also quite famous in other markets like in entertainment products. Today, Acer has branched out its operations as it now develops, manufactures and supplies, not only computer and its hardware, but it also provides smartphones and entertainment media gadgets to its clientele. Lenovo Group is a Chinese company that provides consumer PCs, mobile phones, and consumer electronics as well as software systems. If you liked any of these articles, please feel free to share with others by clicking on the icons below. Among many others, Sony laptops contribute a significant percentage to the brand’s annual revenues and net worth. Together they have raised over 56.3B between their estimated 2.8M employees. As a result, Hewlett packard is a strong Macbook competitor and competitor for all Apple laptops. Apple’s other three big competitors in the country are LG, Motorola, and Google with 6.4%, 3.58% and 2.5% market share respectively. These include the Xbox and Xbox 360 streams that bring in a significant amount of revenue to this multinational corporation. Samsung smartphones have revolutionized and impelled imitators in the mobile computing industry. As a combined entity, HP struggled through various business hurdles to achieve success as a leading consumer PCs vendor. Apple has 132,000 employees and is ranked 8th among it's top 10 competitors. According to StatCounter (2019), the main competitors and their global market shares are as follows: It is worth mentioning that Apple is the market leader in the USA with 54.25% market share, while Samsung is in the second position with 26.79% market share. Feel free to comment below. The company also avails accessories for all its computer products. As of October 2019, Apple is the second largest smartphone company in the world with 22.09% global market share. These phones have proven to be strong competitors to Apples iPhone and other renowned brands. The company in the 2nd quarter of 2015 has shipped approximately 13.8 million units worldwide which indicate that this rand is rapidly gaining popularity in the extremely competitive smartphone market. Can you suggest any further Apple competitors? Asus is a lower end competitor to Apple and one of the reasons Apple needs to keep an Eye on Asus is because of its small netbooks. You may also like reading SWOT analysis of Apple Inc & Marketing mix of Apple Inc. Other relevant articles for you are: Advantages and disadvantages of franchising. With regards to competition, Dell majorly competes with HP, Acer, and ... 2) Lenovo. You can follow me on Facebook. Though Apple is the market leader, a sudden rise of Amazon in the third quarter of 2019 is seen as a market changer (Owen, 2019). Apple’s Threats. The company started off as a provider of computer devices and computer hardware back in 1976. Apple is undoubtedly one of the few brands that have enjoyed consistent success. Competition between Dell and Apple began when the former launched a rival product Dell DJ that although brought in significant revenue, it still didn’t match the standards and success of Apples iPod.


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