Over our 10 years of experience we have worked with all types of businesses from healthcare to entertainment. Technology is rapidly evolving, with our world becoming more seamlessly connected every passing day. >See also: VR: the fastest growing area of UK entertainment and media sector. Information revolution had made the information … Electronic governance is application of Information Electronics and Communication Technology … In addition, new games consoles, computer technology, and high speed broadband added to the ability to enjoy a wide range of entertainment at home. In fact, over recent years technology has resulted in huge changes in the world of home entertainment. New Generation Applications Pvt Ltd: Founded in June 2008,New Generation Applications Pvt Ltd. is a company specializing in innovative IT solutions.We lead the way in every modern technology and help business succeed digitally. IECT stands for Information Electronics and Communication Technology. Information technology is extremely important to the entertainment sector. information technology brought a revolution in the field of media industry also. On that note, we decided to take a look at six ways these technologies are being integrated with our entertainment … Along with this technological advancement media industry growing fast and rapid. The conventional mass media has been replaced by up to date most complicated and most sophisticated. The applications of IECT are as follows − E-governance; Multimedia and Entertainment; E-governance. Numerous special effects, graphical additions and innovative multimedia applications are being used these days in movies.


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