For example, you can use B7 in a blues scale: Emin – A7 – E7 – B7 – A7 – Emin. Click on a chord diagram to return to B chords. Thank you. The B major guitar chord is one of a handful of commonly used chords that doesn't quite fit the "open chord" format. Starting in the 9th fret like this: B Major is a major triad, built up of the root, the major third, and the perfect fifth: Here is how those notes are actually distributed across your fretboard. It doesn’t need you to dominate the bar chords yet, but it will grant a clear and interesting tone. And with good reason. And while these can be difficult for some beginning guitarist, you should confront your fear and attack them head on. It’s fairly easy on the fingers. So let's get started with the easiest and extremely useful form of B…. Now use your third finger to form a partial bar across the fourth, third, and second strings at the fourth fret (take a look at the chord diagram for Form #3). If you are playing a song that uses mostly basic open position guitar chords, this is going to be the best sounding, and closest B chord option to play. Strum four times straight down (save more elaborate strums for later) on the B chord, and then strum four times on the A chord. The B barre chord forms are the best sounding options, but now I’m going to show you a couple of easier alternatives. We’ll also look at some chord variations and tips on how to learn it. When i play B it sounds false..doesnt seem to fit in with the rest of the chords like E.. Great… I have a lot of difficulty with it, and so many good songs that have B in it. These are commonly used in chord sequences in the high part of blues songs. I find it the quickest version to get to when I’m moving around the guitar. Now try doing it with a metronome. Furthermore, you will discover more challenging voicings of the A major guitar chord at the end of the post, along with the barre chord version. Copyright 2020 Tomas Michaud | Real Guitar, all rights reserved. You see, they can be obtained from, either using the major formula in the minor scale -Like we said in the Bmin explanation- or using the minor formula in the major scale. And then you need to set your other 3 fingers to play the 1st, 3rd, and 5th strings leaving the B note of the second string open. Makes the bass notes available for strums that use it. By the way, the Bmin scale is by itself common in a classic waltz. Many students have come to me for help, have already tried using the B major chord... and failed miserably. But the difference is that many of those chords you can live without… Especially if you want to play folk style guitar. The other common way to play this chord is in the 7th position, like this: Strum all six strings from from the low E string. Part of the key to learning any new chord on the guitar is to start small and keep building what you can do. 1. The important point is to keep finding ways to use it so that you continue to get quicker with the fingering and smoother at changing chords. When you can do this fairly well try doing it with a metronome at a slow tempo. Discover new chords with the reverse chord finder. The B major chord on the guitar is a critical chord to learn. What I mean is that you can't play the B (a short name for B Major) with open strings like you can the C , D , G , A , and so on. -Tomas. Sir, I can play 1st form very easily. For me the last segment of my 4th finger cooperates a little better than my 3nd finger, so that is my preferred fingering when play this B chord. Take your first finger and barre across all 6 strings at that fret and then place your other 3 fingers as indicated in the guitar chord chart below. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Take your fingers off, shake your hand, and try it again. You can either leave out the sixth string or form the bar all the way across… Either one will work fine. Not so with the B chord. This is the first way to find Bmin in your guitar. If you only learn the first form it's perfectly fine. Keep rock-solid time with ChordBank's metronome. The 2nd and 1st strings ring out, adding some extra color. “Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”. You need to try and bend the last segment of your 3rd finger back slightly in order to get a good solid barre. If your hand begins to feel tense shake it out and relax. For a limited time, you can get access for only $1. To put it simply, there should be only 1/2 tone between the 3rd and 4th notes, as well as between the 7th and final notes of the scale. There are really 2 different fingerings you might try. Copyright ©2020. The B note on the 6th string of the guitar is at the 7th fret. Learn to play the guitar fast with an expert guitar instructor. And the sad fact is it really doesn't have to be that way. But, that’s not the only chord you can take from the Bmin scale, usually, you will find these chords easy to connect with your Bmin variations: C#dim – Dmaj – Emin – F#min – Gmaj – Amaj. Unlike the others, it offers the sharpest sound and is usually part of Jazz and progressive rock chord sets. – Tomas. This chord is very maneuverable which is why it bridges in combinations along many songs. See how long you can go before you get off the groove. A very simple chord to play on the guitar making this new addition very easy. Once you start heading further up the fretboard, playing B Major becomes an even trickier prospect: And so it goes. Put your third finger on the fourth fret of the third string. 2. Finally, add a third chord and repeat the process. You won’t have to do that. The first way to play the B Major chord is in the 2nd position, which looks like this: Strum four strings down from the A string. There are two common ways to play this chord and unfortunately both of them require tricky fingering because they are barre chords. You will certainly use this specific chord a number of songs, which means that perfecting it is necessary to be able to play your favorite songs on the guitar. Fender PlayBLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 50% off an Annual Plan.UNLOCK THIS OFFER. NOTE: Like Form #2 if you're finding the “bar technique” difficult I recommend doing the Bar Chord Exercise (included as part of this video). It's usually a lack of proper guidance, or they’re not approaching the chord in a systematic way that is at the bottom of their bad experience. It’s definitely the easiest to use on an electric guitar where the neck is thin and the strings are light. Click here >> Real Guitar Success… and start your incredible guitar adventure today. BMaj7 Chord (B Major 7 Chord – B Chord Variation) This B chord variation is common in Jazz music and has a variation mostly destined to play arpeggios. Then try using it in a simple song.


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