Since the 1830s, two methods of wood framing have been used to facilitate building a structure: balloon framing and platform framing. H��W�n��}7��G�'���9ONc�>h���iQ /5�XP�‹]�}מ�E7� $��}_{�=�>~�l�\^|�����2���s�$. These measurements should be equal. Opportunities for builders, remodelers and other housing industry professionals to highlight their work and accomplishments. 360 24 <]>> 0000001267 00000 n Rafter framing is accomplished in the same manner as platform framing. This is a very full day as there is lots to be covered you get a half hour lunch break so bring some sandwiches we provide tea and coffee. Regardless of the composite decking and railing system chosen, it must first be supported on a wooden framework, in the same construction manner as for a full-wood deck. Load bearing walls are structural walls that carry and transmit loads from above to floor frames below. Measure and cut the universal support rails and the decorative handrail. Become familiar with the framing square, which you will be using. Enter e-mail address to subscribe and get latest updates and info. Two basic methods are used for framing a house: platform and balloon-frame construction. Three methods can be used to fasten the beams in place. FRAMING TERMS Knowing the basic vocabulary is a necessary part of your work as a Builder. 0000018813 00000 n The size and spacing of the different members depends on the design of the deck and the woods being used. Engineered wood products are a high quality substitute for dimensional lumber. In the following section, we’ll cover some of the more common roof and rafter terms you’ll need. Maintenance Tips: Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Tile Flooring 101: Types of Tile Flooring, Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre: Turning a Vision into Reality, Guardrails: Design Criteria, Building Codes, & Installation. Most building codes call for a railing if the deck is more than 24-inches off the ground. Decks are quite often the first project many beginning do-it-yourselfers tackle, but it’s important to understand the basics of deck construction. Then attach edge trim to the ends of the decking boards. Using a string level to create a level line, fasten the string to the stake. 360 0 obj <> endobj Measure 3 feet from the building along the string and mark this distance with a felt tip pen. Fillet spacer blocks may also be glued in place. xref All rights reserved. Pre-cut lengths of lumber start at 4 feet long and, increasing by 2 foot increments, can be found up to 24 feet long. There’s also the option of composite decking materials, which are made from a combination of plastic and wood fibers to provide a low-maintenance alternative to real wood. Consider the safety factors. We do this to provide a personalized experience, improve our content, and monitor the site performance. 0000012326 00000 n As a graduate of this course, you will be able to: Continuing Education Credits: CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGR, GMB, CSP, Master CSP, CMP, MIRM. We enjoy the satisfaction that comes from building, from seeing our work become schools, factories, cathedrals. Roof Features associated with basic roof framing terms are shown in figure 2-2. Before fastening the batter boards in place to the stakes, extend string lines across to the batter board tops and, using a string level, make sure the tops of the batter boards are level with the string positions on the house and level with each other. Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Do you desire sunlight or shade? Each adjacent member is face connected or joined with metal toothed plates or gussets. Walls are typically built with 2’x4’ wood, and they’re pre-cut to 8 feet as well. Most posts and rails come as a “system.” Make sure you carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions with the products purchased. With platform-frame construction, shown below, walls sit on top of subflooring. Once installed, snap a chalk line on the sides or ends where the boards protrude outside the deck, and then use a circular saw to cut all the boards off evenly. Its long leg is called the blade, or body. Pour water into the dry mix and allow it to soak in. The measurement must be 5 feet to create a square corner. Brace the ledger board in place, make sure it is level, and then nail it in place at both ends, again making sure it is still level. All rights reserved.. The course really concentrates on the processes of framing, different tools you may have already purchased can be learned quite easily so dont worry. It provides an industry perspective of the basic concepts and principles that are used in the design and drafting industry. The charts at the bottom of this article show the spacing for Wolmanized Natural Select Pressure Treated lumber and for non-stress-graded redwood (Construction Heart) lumber. This is a quick overview int… Measure 4 feet from where the string lines cross over the tops of the outside corner stakes along one of the string lines. Plus, the even, consistent grain and low density make cedar less likely to swell, warp, cup and twist than other soft and hard woods. For masonry walls, use the appropriate masonry anchors. Those in housing and construction-related fields, like vendors, suppliers, brokers, retailers, builder/remodeler company staff, REALTORs® and others will learn what it takes to build or remodel a home.


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