A quilt is composed of layers of fabric, with soft batting in between, pieced and sewn together in decorative patterns. Find more bedroom inspiration Be sure to consider the type of duvet insert you use, the type of sleeper you are, the climate you live in, and your insert size before purchasing a new protective cover. Linen duvet covers are especially dreamy, creating a wrinkled “messiness” that looks romantic and carefree. Coverlet Duvet covers are sold in multiple materials, thread counts, and sizes. Quilt. Duvet covers often come with the option of matching shams, but mixing it up is an easy way to create a gorgeous bed that looks like it was effortlessly tossed together. Duvet covers are often doubly dexterous, as many are reversible. What is a coverlet quilt: artwork for your bed Quilts are evocative bed coverings—women have sewn quilts for generations, often as gifts to mark life’s milestones. Material. And they’re a dream to wash and dry. Many become family heirlooms. Quilts with lighter batting, like our Summer-Weight Quilt, work well in warmer months when it’s too hot for a heavy quilt or comforter, but you still want a bed cover. Duvet covers are available in multiple materials, such as cotton, flannel, linen, and silk.


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