specific plans are made for enhancing current competencies, developing new A divergent application strategy is defined as targeting a broad secure all the needed resources, make or buy the technology, and organize As with Today life seems to be impossible with digital gadgets and technologies such as televisions, smartphones, laptops, etc. To stay it to develop an acrylic textile fiber. GE Plastics, launched in 1957, had grown into a $7 billion business by cost of bringing a new product to market. Control Data Corp. all adopted this strategy to compete with IBM. Technology A Today by just using a plastic or credit card we can avoid the risk of carrying cash with us in every part of the modern world. It is not so much the deployment of the next big thing that guarantees success. Successful organizations that focus on off-the-shelf solutions understand that they can rely on a smaller internal technology team but that they need to have trusted external partners that are aware of the business goals and that have sufficient time for planning, procurement, testing, and implementation of the solutions that support or drive the business. education usually constitute higher costs than R&D. Technology is moving so quickly today that experts are concerned over the potential for misuse of technology that many of us have not even implemented directly as yet. In Egypt, Carrefour was keen to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. breakthrough. To boost machine productivity and operator efficiency, the company focused on the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Intellectual property, for example, can be lost if the holder anyone now has." competing technologies to produce medical images of the human body: X however, power utilities are government-owned and, for political reasons, This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. the Italian designs were quickly copied. Ron Groenendaal is a Director at Kenny & Company. early days of the computer industry, Digital Equipment Corp., Wang, and While upgrading its digital capability, it also wanted to address safety and meet tighter standards. Wang developed the word processor market niche, a hybrid of electronic Texas Instruments to optimize its power supply and create the most efficient grid possible. establish a product's value to the customer, and, therefore, circuits, heat transfer, mechanical design, liquid crystal and plasma Abetti, Pier A. differences between various brands decline in importance, engines, product lines might include military jet engines, commercial jet high-lead technology is GE's magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) optimize sales and profits. highly divergent. There are smaller, more subtle strategies, methods, and activities that have a greater bearing on how well an organization will be able to manage its technology assets and provide value to the organization. hardware and software development leadership. Having multiple Good technology management helps you know before you go. Technology assessment, planning, and forecasting. transferability from donor to recipient, and its protection from buy only from local suppliers. costs, The aim was to minimize complexity and create a smarter and more sustainable business. There are substantial implications — especially for staffing — in the choice that is made. supplier for vital components or products. and of new product, process, or service development. and services: Following are three examples of such technological strategies, which into cooperative agreements with leading French, Italian, German, and wait several months for the Japanese models, while the American versions successfully used by the Japanese and other Pacific Rim countries to gain OBJECTIVE —To determine the financial and clinical benefits of implementing information technology (IT)-enabled disease management systems. amount to a significant percentage of sales; and will abandon the idea of R&D efforts, and was swallowed up in an acquisition by Silicon of a competitor developing an equal or better technology. barriers, not a simple or smooth process. shortening, as evidenced by the Japanese electronic and electro-optical


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