Delicate, simple, and fun to use, Nickollas is a quirky handwritten sans serif font featuring a range of ligatures, foreign language accents, and optional swashes, making it brilliant for use as a logo or branding typeface. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! This list of versatile and stylish sans serif fonts will help you in your quest to find the perfect sans serif font – make sure to bookmark it for your next project or design! It includes four different weight options, renders well in any size, and is brilliant as a heading font for fashion businesses, online stores, and creative portfolios. It includes a set of all-caps letters. We wanted to give you a few options to upgrade your own fonts collection with more superior and professional fonts. Find out more at The stylishly thin design of this sans-serif font gives it a certain elegant look unlike any other font on our list. rebrand in 2013 – which removed the slab-serifs that had defined the brand since 1995, and had a 30-day build-up to ‘the big reveal’ - was widely criticised for putting style (or lack of it) over substance. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Google ditched its distinctive serifs in 2016, Yahoo! When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This unique font features a combination of modern and classic art-decon design elements. A yet another font duo that’s ideal for designing various modern and creative designs. Then be sure to check out our best fonts for logo designs and best tattoo fonts collections. Logos should be memorable, clear, and readable — which is a good reason to use a geometric sans serif font when designing them. Design bold and attractive titles for your poster and banner designs using this modern font. Although HSBC in its current form has only been in existence since the early ’90s, the upper-case serif of its word mark feels confident, authoritative and long-established, befitting of its roots in Shanghai in the 1860s. Finding the right font pair for design projects is one of the things most designers struggle with. Gucci, Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani and Prada all sport them, for instance. Vintage, condensed, handwritten, or bold, there’s a sans serif font in every style and for every kind of design. Looking for more fonts? By contrast, the Yahoo! Your email address will not be published. It’s perfect for designing logos, titles, and headings for modern business and professional designs. It’s just the font you’ll need to craft greeting cards, business cards, social media posts, and much more. In this article, we are going to provide with the most extraordinary and rare serifs and sans serifs, fonts to convey the right message for your audience. It includes 8 different font weights ranging from thin to extra bold. The font comes in multiple weights and includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. Read on for a list of the best sans serif fonts that are available for download instantly! All rights reserved. And for certain brands, the heritage and confidence of a serif is becoming increasingly inviting. Bearbone Sans Serif Font. Perfect for a headline or eye-catching tag phrase, Modric is a sophisticated, condensed sans serif font that features all caps characters, condensed letter spacing, and multilingual support. Google is the master of combining minimalism with playful character, after all, and everything is there (or not there) for a reason. To help you out, we’ve narrowed down the selection and created a list of the absolute best sans serif fonts for graphic design projects, all sourced from Envato Elements and suitable for a variety of purposes, from logos and headlines to posters and book covers. But, you can buy weights individually at a low price. A classic, elegant option, Alex features a stunning contrast between thick and thin lines and comes with multiple weight variations as well as an Italic option, all of which are designed to complement each other perfectly. Read on to discover six examples of brands that have made the choice, with varying levels of success – and what you can learn from them…. In this post, we bring you a handpicked selection of the best modern fonts you can use with your creative projects and client work. Crops is a clean, minimalist typeface that includes regular, italic, light and bold variations, upper and lowercase all caps lettering, numerals, symbols, and foreign language accents. It includes a range of ligatures and is PUA encoded. If you’re looking for inspiration to design a logo for a modern brand or a title for a poster, this font is the perfect place to start. An elegant script font featuring a modern design. Visby CF is a simple font family. Decide between serif and sans-serif for your next logo design. It’s a great way to add a classy touch to any design, and includes English, Portuguese, and Spanish language characters. We use Kinsta. Dropgray is a stunning minimalist sans serif font featuring elegant swashes and a range of alternates for each character that will allow you to create the perfect logo or heading for your business or your next graphic design project. One notable exception is Honda, which makes use of a bold, chunky slab-serif in its word mark that adds a sense of durability and trustworthiness, alongside the more dynamic curves of its badge. The font comes in multiple weights and includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. Receive news and offers from our other brands? If you’re looking for a font with a modern design for making logos, website headers, and poster titles, this font is perfect for you. Lloyds rebranded with a more playful sans-serif in 2013 when it split from TSB, while Barclays only sports very subtle serifs, its letter terminals tapered to sharp points. It’s great for DIY themed projects, such as wedding invitations or name cards, magazine layouts, and product branding, and comes with upper and lowercase characters, multilingual accents, numerals and symbols, as well as an italic version. We’ve already explored the psychological impact that your choice of colour and shape can have, but when it comes to selecting a typeface to work with, there are two main choices: serif or sans-serif. The smooth letter design with curved edges gives this font a unique identity. Perfect for any retro themed business or project, it’s great as a logo or heading font. A classic headline typeface, Groningen is a multipurpose font inspired by the minimalist qualities of German Grotesk typefaces. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. eBay was certainly on-trend at the time – 2012 was also the year of Pentagram’s ultra-minimalist Microsoft sans-serif rebrand, after all. 50 Best Corporate Business Flyer Templates It’s most suitable for making greeting cards, business cards, and social media posts. Were Canon to have blindly followed the trend for shaving off serifs in favour of clean minimalism, it would have sacrificed all that heritage – and the flourishes also set its logo apart from closest rival Nikon's italicised sans-serif mark. The clean, crisp lines and unique shapes give it a simple yet stylish vibe. The last in our list of the best sans serif fonts is Devasia, a strong, rounded typeface that comes with five different weight variations and is ideal for logos, posters, magazines, and any kind of heading. This is a modern font you can use to design unique logos and website headers for creative businesses. The lesson here? Designed as an adventure-themed typeface, Alaska is a visually appealing sans serif font featuring rounded edges, bold lines, and a minimalistic feel. The stunning Athena sans serif font offers a modern take on the old didoe typeface genre and features contrasting lines with thick strokes and whisper-thin curves. Get a package of 60+ themes for $24 in our Black Friday sale! One of the best sans serif fonts for a graphic design project, the Tawakkal typeface, is a funky, modern font with classical elements. The combination of clean lines, irregular shapes, and elegant retro-inspired curves gives it a unique and eye-catching edge, and it includes a wide range of glyphs for ultimate functionality. There was a problem. The font design also makes it a great choice for crafting logos as well. It’s ideal for a creative business to use as part of their branding package, or as an eye-catching logo or heading font. 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