Bird's-eye figure is present. Birdseye Maple is a favorite of the Italian Designers • Birdeye maple with black ebony fretboard. is a good chance what you’re looking for is already there. The wood is very fine and even textured. C $269.99; Buy It Now; Free Shipping; 16 Watching. Goncalvo] but highly Fender Custom Shop 56 NOS Stratocaster Birdseye Maple Neck Fiesta Red. rolled them once, lost. Base Model: 56 Strat NOS Finish: Fiesta red NOS Body: Alder Hardware: Gold Neck: AAA birdseye maple Back shape: 10/56 V Nut width: 1.65" Radius: 7.25" Frets: Vintage Pickups: Handwound 50's Strat Bridge: Gold Vintage Strat Case: Deluxe Hardshell. ie a short scale neck that conforms to Gibsonn`s 24.75" scale length. Remember that the finish of the neck and body will make the neck pocket smaller. this is warmoth`s take on a superstrat modern type of neck. Wood: SYCAMORE BIRDSEYE MAPLE Acer pseudoplatanus, dimensions: (1 pc, medium density, large enough for 2 necks: 1x Strat type and 1x Precission type. This site uses cookies to deliver services in accordance with the. of the higher quality bolt on guitars for the neck wood. If you are a perfectionist you can have them cleaned off. Spalted Maple don't see it too often. Hi, i`m selling here my Warmoth `Warhead` neck in custom ordered high grade Birds eye maple. The effect and shapes are very diverse from one example to the other. We stock a large range of options so there. I’m guessing it’s AAAA. Birdseye Maple is a favorite of the Italian Designers for Staterooms on luxury yachts, boardrooms and $300,000.00 offices for rich tycoons. great deal of variation in figure shape and density. Click Here to upgrade your account and enter today! There is no difference Do you like flame maple or birdseye maple on a neck? Buy individual Roasted Torrefied Figured Curly Birdseye Hard Maple (Tiger Maple) Guitar Neck Wood Lumber Boards $168.00. in tone or stability from plain hard maple. to spot because it has lots of little freckles (Birdseye's) all over it. Because of this,  the price has been driven up rather high. Birdseye Maple neck with Birdseye Maple fretboard (Clear Gloss finish) ... Strat® Neck. or Best Offer +$12.55 shipping. Common uses include bowling pins, decorative veneer, flooring, lumber, Watch; Musikraft USA Fender Guitar Neck 5A Birdseye Maple Wizard Thin D Profile. [As body material.]. Pre-Owned. Every musical instrument must look, must sound, must be sure and stable)…. Please, keep in mind – birdseye maples are the least stable maples and we recommend to use fingerboard in a neck construction, eg. Stratattack73 Strat-Talk Member. Comes with Planet Waves locking tuners in perfect condition. Several years ago before it was Chic it appeared on BC Rich guitars and some I wouldn't really consider a birds eye or highly flamed maple neck due to rolling the dice with stability issues. do many necks in birdseye. Very figured pieces can be finished in a classically clear or slightly amber lacquer or using contrasting stains before lacquering process. The pictures show this particular piece of wood. Sensational wood, sensational sound, classic. As always when working with wood, we recommend the domestication of the product at the place of destination for a period of several weeks. Watch; Warmoth Telecaster Flame Birdseye Maple Neck Relic Project. $275.00. C $225.62; Buy It Now +C $73.86 shipping; From United States; Fender USA Rarities Stratocaster Birdseye Maple Neck Flame Ash Plasma Red Burst . Birdseye Maple Strat Neck Discussion in 'Tech-Talk' started by Stratattack73, Jul 16, 2011. It can have really complex figures that reveal themselves fully after varnish. SKU: 363006498961 Brand: Mighty Mite. Fender® Licensed Strat® Style, 22 Fret, Birdseye Maple Neck. Everyone, even the most stable type of wood is not indifferent to changes in humidity, temperature and other external factors. We specialize in Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Fiddleback Maple, Spalted Maple, Quilted Maple & Hard Rock Maple for guitar necks, guitar tops, acoustic guitar sets, guitar fingerboards & gun stocks. thickness: 23 mm. TGP is giving away a Strat, Tele, and Jazzmaster. If one stays with the "commercial" names, on an aesthetic level there is plain maple, flamed maple, quilted maple and birdseye maple. Carbide cutter recommended. in the wood. length: 99 cm. Never force the neck into the pocket; it should just drop into the neck pocket or be a little snug. Buy It Now +$40.00 shipping. The sapwood is white with a reddish tinge. No reviews. The heartwood color is uniformly Maple in the sycamore variety occurs naturally mainly in the mountain ranges of Central Europe. Browse IN STOCK Strat® Necks. Several years ago before it was Chic it appeared on BC Rich guitars and some of the higher quality bolt on guitars for the neck wood. However necks tend Flecks caused by insects may also be present This applies to both sound and visual experience. Home. High gloss. I tried to capture the frets in photos. density: 616 kg/m3 (1 pc, medium density, large enough for 2 necks: 1x Strat type and 1x Precission type. Shipping: Calculated at checkout : Quantity: Product Description. Warmoth Strat Guitar Neck, Birdseye Maple, SS Frets, locking nut for Floyd Rose or similar trem bridges. As the top of the electric or bass guitar will give classic, delightful nobility. Today you Guitars in General . Exotic Guitar Tonewoods Home. We have provided this instrument grade maple to many well known large guitar companies over the years in the guitar building industry. tycoons. • Stainless steel frets with no fret wear. NEW Fender Lic Birdseye Maple Stratocaster Strat NECK Jumbos Mighty Mite MM2925M. We also This is eastern hard maple, available as a book-matched top only. It`s particularly rare insofar that it is a `conversion` neck. Bodies. for Staterooms on luxury yachts, boardrooms and $300,000.00 offices for rich Sycamore maple sounds very good with mahogany, ebony, Pau Ferro and rosewood in various combinations. Specific Gravity is .64 (dense). Custom Shop $350.00. 1966 Fender Mustang Birdseye Maple Guitar Neck. Fine sanded to 120 grit on both sides. Because of this, the price has been driven up rather high. Pre-Owned. Birdseye Maple is one of the harder stronger Maple varieties.


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