Lame, but we're filling out the map. You could farm from the right if needed, to give yourself more time for shards. So sick of money! Glacial Tomb only connects to Den of Behemoths. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat it. That’s okay, though, because his moves are easy to dodge. A cutscene will soon follow where Johannes joins Miriam and are able to acquire the Liber Logaeth. He's like the Axe Outsider, but tougher. Glacial Tomb Boss Fight: Gremory Gremory is an extremely fun boss fight in Bloodstained and that’s because it’s a test of skill using many of the abilities you’ve learned in the game. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Glacial Tomb (Finale) Walkthrough. Slice the red moon to create a portal to the Den of Behemoths — now you can enter a zone full of giant enemies. This is actually a pretty fun fight. Nothing we can do at all, so go back and take the lower right exit to continue. Aggravated, Gremory attacks and takes Zangetsu into an unknown dimension. Upon defeat of both bosses you will unlock the final, good ending of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. Your first stop in Glacial Tomb is near the bottom center of the map. A lot of these moves cover wide areas as well (Dominique has "Dragon Rage"! From the fast travel room, head down to an area where you can acquire 1x Crystal Armor inside a chest and 1x MP Max Up. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat her. To dodge this beam, use a combination of jumping, Invert and sliding under her to remain untouched. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a spiritual successor to the legendary Castlevania franchise that spawned the term ‘metroidvania’ — a genre that’s only gotten more popular with indie developers. Make your way through the first small room into the large rectangular room. Return to the vertical room and go out the left exit. The weapon hits through the background they like to fly through. You can zone in from either side (may as well do the left side if you fought through the room) and kill him off, zoning in and out until he drops the, What? I'm personally using the Durandal Great Sword and zoning in from the upper right to farm these guys and it isn't too bad. As such, take this time after having defeated Gremory to return to Arvantville to purchase some healing items and more. You should find yourself in a long corridor where multiple demons are blocking your way. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Overkill much? First up is the G Axe Outsider. Dominique moves around a LOT so nailing her is pretty satisfying, but just be aware that she loves to warp around (she moves around with what looks like a form of Dimensional Rift, which is entertaining). A Demon Lord, a Gusion Cannon that shoots out a Gusion, and a G Axe Outsider will be guarding a chest containing 500G - kill the demons, open the chest, head back to the previous room, go to the bottom area of the room, and enter the next room at the right-hand side. Take it out and check the chest it was guarding for the Warhorse's Key. This actually influences what attacks you may see, as each head she's on can do a special attack. This will help you reach any items or hidden areas that are closed off like the ones under the stairs in Hall of Termination — and it makes navigating Oriental Sorcery Lab much easier. Once you've made it to the end, save the game before confronting Dominique. The next room to the right is a long vertical room. This concludes the walkthrough section of the game, however, there's still more places to explore and treasures to find. You'll find Zangetsu confronting Gremory where he conjures a spell that will stop Gremory from shifting away. Fight your way through the demons or test out the new shard, Dimension Shift to avoid them until you reach the next area. Skil the path to the left as you go down, and soon you'll see a Bookcase! You can zip in with Accelerator and kill it quickly, over and over. This shard allows you to warp from place to place. For the next area, there will be a G Axe Outsider and Demon Lord along with an Ice Elemental that is blocking your path, kill it, go down the lower area and head east until you find a chest containing 500G. Even lamer is that BK got 500 Gold from this thing again. STOP though and go destroy the right wall out here for an MP Max UP and then head down into the room below you. To reveal the true final boss and explore the rest of the map, you need to acquire the Zangetsuto. Drop down below and head right to reach a Save Room. You should really take advantage of this to burn Gremory down. The scene follows with Miriam and Johannes back in Arvantville, watching as the castle disappears and the sky turning from blood red to clear blue skies  - exhausted and devastated from the journey yet fulfilled with saving humanity, the two then head back home and the screen fades out to the end credits. Kevin Thielenhaus / You'll encounter a chest containing 500G, Ice Elemental enemies, and at the very bottom, a bookshelf that has a journal for Miriam to learn Crescent Stroke and a fast travel room - it is recommended that you return to Arvantville first to save your game and stock up before you continue exploring the area. The first move to worry about is the one that will likely hit you the most. Below, we’ve included a complete map of Glacial Tomb with a few notes about the area. You'll immediately be attacked by 2x Tracer once you're in the room. Also, be sure to remember that we have to kill SIX of these guys for a quest. You'll be facing multiple bosses here, so be sure you have healing ready and you've upgraded whatever shards you like to use for this final fight.


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