Wishing I could be there and taste it! “We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” – Adelle Davis, I'm here to help you discover the best of the best from around the world. And having to wear short sleeves definitely makes me more aware of my weight. Hah! I prepare very similar homemade ice cream like your frozen yogurt but I also add frozen banana and use buttermilk instead of greek yogurt. The amount that I receive is at no additional cost to you. Do you mind if I post this on my blog too and share your recipe? Never realized how easy it was to make frozen yogurt! I’ve been aching to make ice cream at home, but there’s only one teeny, weeny, little problem. Throw in some whole blueberries in the bottom, middle, and top of the mold as you pour in the slurry. Alright, thank you for the info I gotta confess, before I came across this book I never thought of eating right for my eyes. Get the Kitchen Vignettes recipe at PBS Food. Looks so creamy and amazing! I don’t have an ice cream maker! I also never had any sight problems, or so I thought, until I was diagnosed with chronic glaucoma. I had not heard of the cookbook you mention, Eat Right for Your Sight which I will check my library to see if they have it. Hi Jill! I love this one Olivia. Today I am here with Blueberry Frozen Yogurt (Fro-Yo). I love that it’s packed full of blueberries and healthy to boot! It could be that some ingredients are just melting a lot faster. You’ll have a healthy dessert ready in no time! Just a good blender, that’s all. You also want to make sure that the blueberries you use are frozen when you first blend. Plain? Can’t wait to try them in my ice cream maker. and freeze for 4 hours, stirring every hour. The blueberries gave a beautiful colour and flavour and made it very attractive to the kids. I love the fact that this recipe is so simple ! Completely guilt-free, low fat and without any processed sugar! What I froze is like a granita…I followed the recipe exactly… what went wrong? Phew! Does the warm weather change your eating habits? ★☆. If so, I think it should work in this recipe, too. Seeing your creations makes my day! :), LOVE!!! Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Thanks, Josie! It will turn into a solid block the next day, so it is best if you consume right when it is made. “I fall all over the place like a mad, drunk lady”, said Judi when she admitted to losing her eyesight earlier this year. Yes, my friends, the word “guilt-free” finally appeared on this blog! So I am very happy that I joined your blog and can eat ice cream again! Hi, Liz! Love that there’s no added sugar :) Definitely going to be making this soon! Sign me up x 12! lol I bet you can enjoy this blueberry frozen yogurt any time of the year!! As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small percentage of qualifying purchases made through affiliate links. I only eat goat milk yogurt, so I may have to try with that, but not sure how that would turn out?? Your email address will not be published. Even though I don’t have an ice cream maker around the house (yet), there’s nothing stopping me from making creamy, cold treats like this blueberry frozen yogurt. What is the consistency of your goat milk yogurt? I seriously cannot imagine how hard it must be, so I’m glad I got to do this post to support and raise awareness for this cause! Pinned to try it! Frozen banana sounds lovely!! Such a great video and just beautiful color of this FroYo (hehe).


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