The needle thread has to be behind the needle bar thread guide. After that check the needle and see if it is bent or the tip is blunt. Steve uses an old Brother knitting machine needle. 6. 2. As you do this the hook that has caught the thread will move as well, pulling a loop of thread through the eye of the needle. Follow the instructions below if your needle threader is not working. 3. You can only use needle in the range of 90/14 - 100/16 with this kind of thread. You are using the needle threader with decorative threads or special needles, such as twin needle and wing needle. 5. Lower your presser foot if necessary. Slowly push the Driver Bar down to move the Needle Threader forward. 5. Fit 6 new embroidery machine needles as you don’t want to risk a bent needle damaging your new Needle Threader! Make sure that the needle is inserted propoerly with the flat side facing the back of the machine and pushed all the way up on the needle stopper. Third, you need to check the thread to see if it is knotted or tangled. Untangle the thread or replace the thread to one that will fit the needle. 4.99. 3.99. View Parts & Accessories . Parts & Accessories for this machine. 2. Frames; Embroidery Thread; Brother USB Emb. Wrap your thread around the elbow-shaped bracket. - Be sure to press to raise the needle before using the needle threader. Cards; Extension Tables & Quilting Kits (Brother) Horn Cabinets; Instruction Manuals; Scissors & Snips; Craft - Hobby Accessories; Blog; About; Contact; Sewing Machine Needles. SE400 / 425. STEP TWELVE. 3. Raise the needle to its highest position. This website is operated by C&A Supply Co. Ltd - an authorised distributor of Brother home sewing machines, not part of the Brother Group. Brother Needle Threader. Filter Brother SE400 Needle Threaders and Thread Cutters. Pull the loop through the eye of the needle. Universal Needle Inserter with Lint Brush. Add to basket. 7. £5.95. 1. Schmetz Domestic Needles 130/705H (5 pack - assorted) £1.50. The incorrect size needle is being used with transparent nylon mono-filament thread. Categories. Raise your needle completely. STEP THIRTEEN. Release the lever. 3.49. Needle threader hook for Brother machines as listed. Then check for scratches around the needle hole. 4. Genuine Brother part # XE1464501 . Suitable for: Innov-is NV30 / 50 / 90 / 90E / 900 / 950 / 955. Schmetz Domestic Needles 130/705H. Pass the thread into the cage where the thread-catch hook is located. Needle Threaders Step-by-Step. Dritz Needle Inserter With Brush. Stop the Needle Threader before it reaches the needle and check to see that it is going to line up with the eye of the needle… Brother Sewing Shop is an Independent Dealer & Not Part of Brother Sewing Machines UK . Before sewing, pull the thread loop to the right and then pull the thread tail towards the back of the machine following the opening in the presser foot. 6. Genuine Part. While holding the thread gently, return the needle threader lever to the right. Sewing Thread; Brother Emb. 1. M230E / M280D. 2.69. £1.50. Press the needle threader lever. Back to Machine Sales & Info. Fourth, the thread may be too large for the needle.


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