The story in this book seems to be progressing rather more quickly than in the anime, which is actually nice, it flows with more sense this way. Refresh and try again. I guess I had greater expectations for this manga but sadly it did not live up to them, and I found myself just wanting to finish the manga just to get it over with. & BluRay || Manga & Books || Figures & Toys || Art Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Enjoyed this just as much as I did starting the anime when I watched several years ago. The pseudo-Catholic religious structure was...interesting. There's something just so wonderfully magical about a gun-toting nun that's contracted a demon. 1 (Chrno Crusade, #1)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. The story never feels like they're trying to drag it out, so its never boring. DVD's I like Rosette's strong personality. This manga brought tears to my eyes more than once. 1997-2021 Robert's Anime Corner (tm). It is rumored that it is Chrno Crusade not Chrono Crusade to avoid copyright issues with the earlier released game, Chrono Trigger. Release: Funimation, Availability As you can see from the description, Chrono Crusade covers quite a few genres. I loved the anime, and I can tell I'm going to really enjoy the manga as well! :), This is a very different manga from the ones I had been reading. Also Known As: "Chrno Crusade" because of a typo.. It contains episodes one through four: Pilot, The Covenant, Angel, and Sinners. Chrono is a demon who has pledged himself to work with her. She hunts demons, and is aided Chrono. It was a great read, granted I hadn't been exposed as much back then to the world of manga, novels and anime as I have now. The English edition comes with a 13+ rating, but the book has a decent amount of nudity and fanservice. This is a very different manga from the ones I had been reading. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Published by Kadokawa Shoten. Genre: Fantasy / Action (Age Rating 15+) Format: DVD (Region 1) Length: 600 Minutes. Love it! Good story, plenty of action, engaging characters. Chrono Crusade: Gospel (Volume) 1: A Plague of Demons is the first volume in the anime series. I am kind of watching the anime and reading the manga at the same time, and they are extremely different! || Facebook. Volume » The art isn't overdone. They both have the same basic storyline, but other than that its pretty different. & Spanish Subtitles and English If you're angry, get angry. She has so much pluck and daring-do, it was hard to think that she likely wouldn't live past 30. I would probably say the weakest aspect is the comedy. Plush Can anyone tell me? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. 1 (Chrno Crusade, #1). Dubbed Copyright C The story in this book seems to be progressing rather more quickly than in the anime, which is actually nice, it flows with more sense this way. Great start for a wonderful story:D Still I had a sense that the first vol. I'm going to hold off on giving a star rating until I've read a few more; I do want to keep going with it. In any case, not a bad manga but not great either. She feels more like a real person than most heroins, and Chrno is very well developed as well! I watched the anime first and although I loved it, the ending just ruined it. this one was just about perfect...Rosette wasn't sappy or wishy washy, a very strong lead....and or small he managed to convey that "tormented soul" feel...the end was bittersweet....but it fit so well i couldn't be mad at it it was just so right...i really want to know a bit more about Chrono's past, too. I've always enjoyed this series, but the first volumes don't do it justice. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll also the romance wasn't too heavy but not to light was believable! Proudly Serving Otaku's Worldwide for Rosette is pretty great as well, so far. She has so much pluck and daring-do, it was hard to think that she likely wouldn't live past 30. Quick thoughts: There great characters and concepts lying at the core of the over the top demon fighting nuns trappings, which honestly are pretty fun themselves. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Its interesting to me that in the anime, Rosette was always the one to suggest opening the seal on Chrno's power and Chrno fought against it, but in the manga it seems to be reversed. send you an email once approved. Starts at Vol. This makes for a very different dynamic between them than I'm used to, and. Proper Japanese Title: クロノ クルセイド (Kurono Kuruseido). Much like volume 6 there is an urgency here to resolve the plot. i'm re-reading the manga now. The best part is that this manga has a wholesome ending fit for the well-developed characters (unlike many others that end up dragging on and on). If you get yourself to accept the oddness of the gun-wielding 'exorcist' aspect and occasional jumbling of Christian references seemingly only vaguely understood by the author, you do get attached to the characters & anxious to see how the story plays out for them. Language: Bilingual - Japanese w/ English & Spanish Subtitles and English Dubbed. While Chono Crusade won't win any awards for originality, the story is told very well; the characters are well defined, likable, deep, and believable; individual books have well defined stories as far as manga is concerned, the pacing is good; and the artwork is among the best manga has to offer. everyone has a weird anime they really loved in high school that no one else even gave a thought to... this was mine. There was a moment or two in the second volume where it seemed like the volumes were going to become formulaic & episodic, but then (once all main characters were in place) the major plot took off. Rosette Christopher (ロゼット・クリストファ, Rosetto Kurisutofa) Voiced by: Yuka Imai (Marine Entertainment Drama CD), Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese); Hilary Haag (English) The impulsive, 16-year-old, protagonist of Chrono Crusade. i'd rather rate the book as a whole. I'm hoping the manga will be a worthwhile revisiting for me. Chrono Crusade is set in the height of the Roaring Twenties, where jazz is king, bootleg liquor flows freely, and the mob rules the streets. Genre: Fantasy / Action (Age Rating 15+) The anime goes off in a completely different direction and generally weakens a lot of the character interactions and relationships.) It is simply beautiful. :). To combat this menace, the holy organization known as the Order of Magdalene was established. wish you & your family a Safe and Happy Holiday Season from A very good start. Review: Chrono Crusade‘s biggest strength is in its two main characters. He is a demon and the main male protagonist of the series. The saddest part for me was when chrno froze rosette, but too bad it didn't end shortly after that. 24 Years! Format: DVD (Region 1) The 1920s was a decade of great change and upheaval, with monstrous demons appearing across America. Home || I liked that it is set in the Roaring '20s, and the revelation that Chrono is himself a demon made for an interesting hook. June 8th 2004 I like the angel lore and the snippets of real-world events (like the prophecy) that inspired the storyline. by ADV Manga. What's New || Coming Soon || Ordering Info || FAQ || Specials || Trade Ins || Privacy || About Us  Our Heroine and Hero are Rosette Christopher and her partner Chrono. 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