I just finished the Chrono Crusade anime and I have to say they really screwed up the manga. It was always "Chrno Crusade" back when I watched it subbed, so it didn't confuse me at first. Yes, it was a sad ending but not as sad or beautiful as Air TV. It's not the saddest ending I have seen but it is definitely sad and tragic. I haven't finished the manga yet,… I need some enlightments from members here, as I even can't sleep . Wow, i'm depressed. -Thanatos2k-User Info: TredgetheFox. I thought either Chrno or Rosette would survive but who would have thought...one thing bothers me...why does Reverend Remington becomes suddenly so brooding? The story of Meruem and Komugi is a story that should be told for generations to come. Here's what made me REALLY sad * Rosette's death, she is very cheerful and strong from the beginning, and also very funny. When I saw it later as "Chrono" and then they have the clock during the intro, and the end of Pleasure Line has a section that kinda sounds like the main CT theme....I did wonder a bit. I LOVED chrno crusade, and even though the end was sad, I love sad endings. I recently finished the anime of Chrono Crusade and I feel in love with the characters< I think the ending is beautiul, though sad, but gives us a great definition of what love really is. Although. What are some animes like that that are sad and have lmagic or like that type in Chrno Crusade? I wonder if the manga will have the same message. In the end, she looked really weak, afraid, and gloomy. … I just want some opinions from the people who watched this anime or read the manga :) ? He used to be so cheerful but after Rosette was taken by Aion, he seems to have change. Both anime have similar ending in that both main protagonists died eventually. I can't say whether or not it's good anime because i'm prejudiced due to the fact the manga was so great as it was and they went and changed so much. I just finished watching this Chrno Crusade series... and I feel terrible now about how the ending goes. I like code geass very much so i want to find another anime like it has something romance,action,sad ending like the main character died, and likely someone that he or her wants to protect or give important like lelouch he love so much his sister nunnaly so he make the world peacefully...something like that..please dont give me anime that old and the anime quality is sucks.


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