i'm a cheapass. Was shocked the other day when I just wanted some millstreet organic for some easy drinking and it was 17 with tax. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases. What's in your wallet? Tim Hortons offering 6-pack of donuts through Uber Eats for $0.60 on Nov 26, Apple Watch SE, 3 or 6, get 50x triangle points. This is not always true but in most cases it is. Is there a product list for the Costco Liquor store? Craft beer is MUCH cheaper there. Be aware that if you’re planning a large liquor purchase from Costco for a wedding or special event, you typically cannot return the alcohol you don’t consume to Costco. Shop by departments, or search for specific item(s). You should post a list of specific brands in a BC subreddit like r/Vancouver and see if someone can get you some prices, http://www.bcliquorstores.com/ Govt prices are online (also inventory levels). One of my friends has worked in the industry for quite some time. All rights reserved. Costco may be a bargain-buying warehouse, but its wine selection is surprisingly studded with hidden gems. I have zero interest in domestic anything, because with limited exception, they just don't produce the kind of beer styles I like. i know kirkland vodka at costco is about $50 for 1.75L (assuming it hasn't gone up since last time i bought it 2 years ago). Vodka 30-60. You also find much (much) more selection here in Alberta, because that's another way to compete that BC liquor stores just can't (good 'ol government). Where would they buy booze tax free? The prices keep going up and up. No Frills liquor store is selling Rum/Vodka/Gin/whiskey? Everything else is just to expensive. Beer, however (particularly for the single larger bottles from Europe) is actually MORE money, and that makes almost no sense to me. Found this at the Beacon Hill location. I’m in BC/Sask several times a year & I find it hit & miss. Cookies help us deliver our Services. AscendingDescending, Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Copyright © 2000 – 2020 RedFlagDeals.com. I hardly buy it anymore. Press J to jump to the feed. And it's kind of time consuming. I can tell you specific alcohol prices from Costco on two products. Its also Kirkland but comes in the frosted bottle. Not my favorite but would but at that price, Why do people have to bring in politics into redflagDEALS? Alberta has the highest beer prices of any province I've been to. I have been told the Costco has best rates for scotch and vodka, can anyone confirm this? kinda sticking to beer now, i just get PC brand, $11.88 for a 12 pk. 50% Off Car Wash Tickets - $5.99, [Lenovo Canada] (Save $110 when you spend* up to $699 OR $150 when you spend* $700+) Good bottle of whiskey 50-100>. Costco sells at a good discount compared to other liquor stores, but they don't have big selection of products compared to other, more specialized, liquor stores in Calgary. Outside the few decent specialist Vancouver shops, getting any particularly interesting products is very difficult (and obscenely priced). If you want anything good in beer now it's going to cost $16-20 for a six pack. They have bigger bottles so it last longer and some are at a great price. Cheapest I have seen Buffalo Trace before was $28.00 for 750ml. I have a friend that's coming to BC and I wanted to take advantage of the prices selection at the Costco Liquor store in Edmonton, but I know the inventory changes.


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