How about putting Crofter’s Organic Morello Cherry Premium Spread in hot mulled wine? Thank you for such a great product! I’m salivating just thinking about it! I am so thrilled that my daughter recommended your spreads to me, I will never buy another brand now. I got these yesterday…..they’re almost gone. I just want to let you know my family and I are huge fans of your delicious strawberry and blueberry jellies. Did we mention there’s more? The Mango – superb! Nice job! This is the best jam/spread that I have ever had!! My son and I really enjoy your organic spreads, especially with sun butter! Not only that, but your product is ORGANIC. It is very hard to get stuff out of their “luxury looking” jars. I just wanted to thank you for making such a great jam. After a bit of discussion, we decided to head into Costco and restock. About Us. We just LOVE your ORGANIC Strawberry Spread with not much sugar. The home of Bobby Orr, the Festival of the Sound and now … Crofters Jam. They are so tasty, healthy and practical. So yummy! I thought I’d add a little sunshine to your day. Attractive packaging and design. They get passed in front of me all day at checkout and I can’t resist. I finally got my hands on these cookies here in NY and I could eat 4 in one setting once Costco stops selling them, does anyone have the recipe, and willing to share? I am so glad that I did because I am absolutely in love with this and plan to tell all of my family and friends about it! . The bright berry flavor works perfectly on a crispy English muffin or smothered over grilled pork loin. Have had them once. It tastes wonderful! And I have to say, it is by far the best tasting I have ever had. 320 calories, 17 grams fat (!!!!) I purchased my berries at Costco in a triple berry medley bag, and then separated them out. This is the best jam/spread that I have ever had!! Luckily, I have discovered Crofter’s. That is what we just said. From heritage to unique organic varieties—we source the very best fruit from the very best growers and naturally get the very best taste. Are the raspberry crumble cookies vegetarian? Attractive packaging and design. The taste is spot on. Chewy in the middle where the filling is. You far more than past the test. I want to tell you that our family loved your products. I LOVE their fruit spreads! Keep up the good work! I would just like to say that I have tried a great many jams, preserves and jellies in my lifetime and your products are absolutely, hands down the best I have ever had. They were so good that I was looking for the recipe when I found this forum. I want to tell you about my daughter! Does anyone have the nutritional information on these cookies? I hope it will be not be just a seasonal thing. I just wanted to let Crofter’s know how much I enjoy your delicious spread products. A box of these yummy-looking cookies weighs a BIG 1.5 pounds, meaning you’re getting lots of dessert value for your dollar. Thank you for bringing joy to our life here in Pittsford/Perinton NY. Similar to linzer cookies. Our heritage variety of strawberry is both sweet and tart. One powerful review that sums up how good these cookies are…. This is my go to brand! I recently got a Berry Harvest jar from our local Costco. No data so far. Very satisfied customer! Our spreads are purely organic and non-gmo, not to mention a low-sugar, 30 calorie treat. Gone in a couple of days. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on SMS (Opens in new window). I’ve been a loyal repeat customer since. I just wanted to take the time to compliment your awesome jam! Required fields are marked *. Thank you, thank you for making such a marvelous product and shipping it to Publix Super Markets here in Florida, USA. I told it better be REALLY good. The high price is not the only drawback. A big virtual hug to the entire staff! Saw this is a family owned business too!! Your Seedless Raspberry is amazing, This is the best fruit spread is we have ever purchased. A delicate blend of sun-ripened raspberries combined with the delightful sweet almond taste of amaretto. I’m especially a fan of the mango. They are like a shortbread with raspberry filling. They are perfectly sweetened as you say, I use it on everything, its absolutely delicious! No wonder they are so amazing! I have found your excellent products at my locate Wal-Mart store. I just finished scraping every last drop of your yummy jam, that never happens. I can’t afford imported Bonne Maman, but your products are even better. I saw a post that said they are 320 calories. jam Costco Pantry . We thank you so very much for the amazing hard work and quality you put into your great products!Thanks for everything! Please keep up the good work! I am so glad that I did because I am absolutely in love with this and plan to tell all of my family and friends about it! You can enjoy every bite! I am even more proud that I lived on the same street as Crofters Jam when it was a beginning business (Great North Road). By using this site, you are agreeing to the site's terms of use. Ok. Wonderful, delicious, absolutely the best I’ve ever had. Parry Sound is my Canadian home. But the REAL JOY was when I got home and spread it on a piece of toast. I am so proud to be living in NY state and be able to buy Parry Sound jam. Your email address will not be published. Each tiny berry you see packs in a flavorful punch. Delicious! 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