No entirely original evil Batman (at least so far). The backup shorts running throughout All-Star Batman are great background and build to the character of Duke Thomas, who plays a relevant role in Metal. ), even at the expense of thousands (millions?) The Merciless. The Return of Bruce Wayne is a 6-issue miniseries which spins out of Final Crisis #6. Otherwise, read at least “The Court of Owls” narrative in Batman Vol. Art by Bryan Hitch. Art by Greg Capullo. 3 #33. The schedule got way less crazy after this so the order is straightforward. Do you think that we will see a Batman who Laughs spin-off series? Let me know in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter. Batman Lost #1 — Shows flashes of events through Hal Jordan #32. How can the World’s Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings who appear to be powerful nightmare versions of familiar figures? Well, most of it anyway. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo reunited to give us the first line-wide event of the DC Rebirth era, ‘Dark Nights: Metal.’ Over the course of nine months, ‘Metal’ changed the course of the DC universe and gave us the wildest event since Grant Morrison was writing for DC regularly. Idk if I’ll be reading any of this until Feb 2018 when it completes. Batman: The Drowned (tie-in)Written by Dan Abnett. One went over the edge trying to stop an evil version of Superman on his version of Earth. Art by Tyler Kirkham. Dark Days: The CastingWritten by Scott Snyder and James T Tynion IV. Dark Nights: Metal: The Nightmare BatmenCollects The Red Death #1, Batman: The Devastator #1, Batman: The Merciless #1, Batman: The Murder Machine #1, Batman: The Drowned #1, Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1, The Batman Who Laughs #1 and Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1. The Wild Hunt story in the last issue was kind of strange--seemed to come from out of nowhere and didn't have a lot of backstory or explanation. Here are a few options you can take when it comes to reading Dark Nights: Metal: It’s totally up to you on how much you read, based on your enjoyment and interest in the story plus your budget. 4.5 Absolutely love the idea and the Batman who laughs is an amazing dark villian, definitely a favorite. I’m more of a binge reader. With Dark Nights: Metal, the legendary team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo brewed up a bombastic comic book event which was full of crazy ideas. To see what your friends thought of this book. The Batman Who Laughs #1-7Written by Scott Snyder. The result instant supervillain. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #32 — The tuning fork is now set up in Gotham with the captured heroes tied to it. Batman #8-9, Batman Annual #1, Detective Comics #9, Batman: The Dark Knight #9, Batwing #9, Batman and Robin #9, Red Hood and the Outlaws #9, Birds of Prey #9, Batgirl #9, Nightwing #8-9, and All-Star Western #9, Batman, Incorporated #0-6 - Grant Morrison’s extended run on Batman continues with the New 52 Batman and continues operating as if the New 52 never happened, Detective Comics #16-17, Catwoman #13-14, Batgirl #14-16, Red Hood and the Outlaws #15-16, Teen Titans #15, Nightwing #15-16, Batman and Robin #15-17, #Batman 17, Suicide Squad #14-15, Batgirl #13, Red Hood and the Outlaws #13-14, Teen Titans #14, #16, Nightwing #14, Batman, Incorporated #7-13 and Batman, Incorporated Special #1, Detective Comics #19 to #24, Detective Comics Annual #2, Batman #0, #18-20, #28, #34, and Batman Annual #2. Loved every page of it. Good to know there are a few more issues coming soon. Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt (tie-in)Written by Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson. For those who prefer to read the who thing in a collected edition(s), here what you’ll need to read. It also ends with The Wild Hunt, the one story that features the return of the great Grant Morrison, to unveil the intention of these Batmen, and to multiply your questions with key events surrounding Bobo T. Chimpanzee; sounds crazy already, right? I imagine it actually turns off a lot potential readers when there are so many issues and tie-ins. Dark Nights: Metal #1 (of 6)Written by Scott Snyder. 1. If you aren't familiar with the entities and dimensions of the DC Multiverse and haven't read Dark Nights: Metal, then I doubt that this will make any sense to you. Art by Stjepan Sejic. The Flash Vol. Dark Nights: Metal #3. Spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal, No Justice is a weekly miniseries running through May 2017. Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico. I usually wait and read everything back to back and in sequence. Hawkman #1Written by Rob Vendetti. The Red Death. The Drowned. Art by Jock. The way I see it, Doomsday Clock is a maxiseries that may or may not tie-up things that have been hinted at through out the Rebirth period. Batman: The Devastator (tie-in)Written by Frank Tieri. Without reading the full Grant Morrison Batman run, all you need to know for the purposes of Metal is that Bruce Wayne gets shot through time in Final Crisis, and needs to find a way to return. This story from 1990 introduced the Bat-Demon Barbathos (the big bad of Dark Nights: Metal) into the DC mythology. Batman: The Merciless #1 —Five days after the mountain appears. Teen Titans #12 — Explicitly says that it takes place two days after the mountain appears. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Trinity Crisis. Art by Greg Capullo. They’re totally optional side stories which add a little extra to the main story but shouldn’t be required to get a full story. Does that mean I have to read all those comics untill they get to that point?”. Art Marcio Takara. But just because they’re listed there doesn’t mean you need to read them all. This volume collects all the one shot origin stories for each of the nightmare Batmen who are part of the Dark Nights: Metal event (except Barbatos himself). What’s The Difference Between Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks? The Flash #33 (tie-in – Bats Out Of Hell – Part 1)Written by Joshua Williamson. Dark Nights: Death Metal Reading Order. Reading: Sentenced To A Life Of Happiness. I was wondering if Metal had already wrapped up and I just missed it because I could not remember any conclusion. Some were corrupted by too much power. Have you found this reading order helpful? Compelling and interesting, and way better than the ACTUAL "Metal" mini-series. Dark Nights: Metal #2 (of 6) Written by Scott Snyder. Dark Nights: Metal (Reading Order) Series 6 primary works • 20 total works All the singles issues of Dark Nights: Metal in reading order, comprised of a eponymous six-issue core miniseries, two prelude one-shots, three interludes and the six tie-in one-shots featuring all the Batmans from the Dark Multiverse, for the collected editions see Dark Nights (Collected Editions) . Art by Doug Mahnke, Ivan Reis, Howard Porter and Jorge Jimenez. I never read into comics and I lately hear alot about interesting stuff happening in the comic book world. Otherwise you’re kind of left “lost” and wondering who the hell are these people? To help reading easy I’ve put together the Dark Nights: Metal Reading Order Checklist. Great omnibus. Suicide Squad #26 (tie-in – Gotham Resistance – Part 3)Written by Rob Williams. So this was a great way of doing some "elseworlds" type stories, that fit into the overall METAL event. Hi there! I may be a little anal about reading in the proper order, but who wants to be the guy that spoilers himself. I suspect that there will be a massive omnibus with everything eventually, but that’s probably a few years down the track. Thank Bill! Justice League: No JusticeWritten by Joshua Williamson, James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder. No spoilers, should I read this series? The Return of Bruce Wayne #1-6Written by Grant Morrison. The Merciless. Peter J. Tomasi is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics, such as. It was based on the initial publishing order, but quickly diverged depending on how the issues played out.


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