Substitute with russet potatoes, if unavailable. 1 1/2 t ground cumin 1/4 lb scallop meat 1 whole egg plus white of one egg (reserve yolk), For frying – Doña Isabel. Use only sweet red onions and the sourest limes. Place in a large plastic or glass bowl. If ice isn’t provided, bring your own in a large bag, lay the fish fillet in another ziploc bag atop this to bring home. The Peruvian yellow chile pepper makes this sauce famous in the Andes. Measure out a little over 1/4 C of dough, shape into a rough hollow oval about 2 1/2” long that fits easily into your palm, about 1/4’” thick. You can quickly remove those that are opened with tongs, then re-cover and continue steaming. 1lb minced beef She also resides in this impoverished, drought stricken slum with her extensive family. Papa a la huancaína, potatoes in spicy cheese sauce, will be an unexpected side dish at dinner this week. If too thin, add more oil in a thin stream while machine is running to get a density of cream. 4 oz Aji Rocoto, thinly sliced to make up 1/2 C Just get the brands with least additives. 1 lb fillet of corvina (seabass), sea trout, flounder, sole or grouper Buy fish from a trusted fishmonger source or fished out from a tank, never (ever, ever, ever) frozen or from a supermarket shelf. Soak the fish carcass in iced water for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water before using. 1 tomato, cut into eights lengthwise 1/2 t ground cumin Remove and set aside. Remove, plunge into cold water to stop cooking. Heat the 2T oil in a medium frying pan over medium low flame. 2 stalks celery with leaves on 1/2 lb fish bones and head 1 t salt 2 C water 1 slice fresh ginger. If ice isn’t provided, bring your own in a large bag, lay the fish fillet in another ziploc bag atop this to bring home. Combine jalapenos, aji amarillo, cilantro, cotjia, garlic, oil, vinegar, and lime juice in a blender. At home, keep it on ice, replenishing if necessary, while in the fridge. And start timing from now! Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. Unfortunately there’s no substitute for this fruit that’s unique to Peru; not only is it a different family (Capsicum baccatum), it’s flavor and bouquet stands apart from Mexican (Capsicum annum) and Asian chilis. Prep Seafood 
Dough – Add the cilantro-spinach-aji sauce, peas, carrots and bell peppers and 2t sea salt and raise the heat again to medium. When water is boiling, place mussels in steamer and cover tight, steam til they open. Seco de Res is usually served with rice and bean sides or over french fries. 1/4 C sesame seeds 1 T chili oil Just before assembling, cube the avocado and add it along with tomato to the Filling, to avoid discoloration and wateriness. Rocoto sauce (recipe below) Slice into 1/8” thickness. Measure out 1 1/2 C of the beans. Place the crackers and bread into a bowl with milk. 1/4 t cumin Add the shrimp, after three minutes add the salmon slices and stir gently now and then til they are cooked tender, another 5 minutes or so. Place potatoes in large pot and cover with enough water to clear by at least 2”. Add to cart Quick view. Ceviche – serves 4 as a starter This Japanese-influenced dish is Zen in its simplicity and delicacy and an art rather than a recipe. Translates to potatoes with huancaina sauce – a humble but popular dish. Place in a blender with the diced aji amarillo and whiz until smooth. Note – Aji amarillo rates 30,000 to 50,000 scoville heat units; serrano pepper rates 10,000 to 23,000. Juice of 8-12 large limes to make up 1/2 C juice, Aji Amarillo Sauce 6 Aji Amarillo 2Tbs Corn Oil plus more if needed 2T top quality mayonnaise (preferably home made) 1/2 t tomato paste 1/2 t fine sea salt, Filling Bring to boil, and cook about 20 minutes til tender, being careful not to break the skin as this ruins the texture. Mixed Seafood Ceviche / Ceviche Misto – serves 4 as starter. Once the potatos are cooked, add the evaporated milk and egg. Hence the long and essential explanation that follows. (check out Dona Isabel Aji Amarillo paste from Peru, about $10 for a 7.5 oz jar, on Amazon. 1/2 C evaporated milk (plus more) (Like a sandwich, Causa can be stuffed with chicken or canned tuna, vegetables and mayonnaise, but any ingredient can be substituted.). 2 lb Whole Chicken Breast, skin on 3 shallots and 2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely minced
2 C roughly chopped Cilantro leaves with stems 
3/4 C dark or Malt Beer shrimp shells from main recipe Modern ceviche is made with fish or seafood macerated in highly acidic Peruvian lime juices, tossed with onions and Peruvian chilies. 1 C day-old long grain white rice They’re killer spicy at 150,000 Scoville heat units and kicks butt in soups, sauces, meat and fish dishes or or stuffed with ground beef (Rocoto Relleno). Scoop about 3-4 T filling, cover with another 1/4 C of potato dough.Shape into a firm, fat football, ensuring the filling is compact and fully encapsulated. Also important to note the difference in time of marinade and taste depending on limes used and the . Aji Amarillo not only adds a beautiful golden color to your dishes but also serves up a fruity, spicy flavor you won’t find with any other pepper. 1 lb shrimp 1 aji limo or a spicy red chili, sliced finely The mirin is not traditional – leave it out if you’re a purist – bu ti found it boosts the natural sweetness or the shellfish. 3 T corn oil The young green chili matures into an amber-orange that adds drama to any dish. 1/2 sweet red onion, chopped Soften the shallots for five minutes, then add garlic and continue softening until translucent. Ají Amarillo Paste (preferably the Doña Isabel brand). 1 C corn oil. Devein, deseed and cube the aji amarillo. 2 lb Yellow Potatoes 2 slices white Bread
1/2 C crumbled plain crackers 1 t black pepper Steam or boil the corn and sweet potato til tender. Stock can be made a day ahead of your meal, but must be cool when used. Clean all the seafood well – for the octopus, rinse in salted water. Heat butter in a small sauce pan and cook the flour to a golden color. 1/4 lb small, raw ocean, not river, shrimp For a much simpler and economical but still delish version, use good quality canned (in brine) tuna. 4T lime juice Note – you’ll need at least 4 eggs in total for the recipe. Side dishes (recipe below), Fish stock Buy a small firm fleshed fish or use the fish carcass leftover from a fillet. Paises hermanos que nos visitan EXPOALIMENTARIA 2015 - 26/28 AGOSTO 2015. Apr 14, 2018 - One of the most popular Andean peppers, aji amarillo peppers are spicy and flavorful, will add a pleasant heat to a variety of recipes. Chill seafood until needed. (These steps can be done the day before and the beans chilled til needed). Peel skin off squid, separate tentacles from the mantle, rinse the insides of the mantle well, removing the spine. Skip making the stock if you’re short on time and just use canned fish broth, preferably sodium free. Then add lime juice – 4 T if using Peruvian limes, about 6 T if using Thai or Mexican limes and 1/2 C is using other limes. Aji Rocoto is a gorgeous, deadly lookalike of a tiny scarlet bell pepper, even it’s furled black seeds are a work of art. I was personally excited to try this one. 1/4 lb fillet of corvina (seabass), sea trout, flounder, sole or grouper The key is FRESHNESS as the lime and salt marinade does not kill latent bacteria, which multiplies faster in fish than meat.


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