As a result, Glimmer couldn't keep the Princess Alliance together. The two are last seen walking together with her arms around his, laughing and talking, and with Mermista questioning their relationship. Entrapta was seen to have robotic parents. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Even the villains in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are lovable. General Discussion. Entrapta quickly becomes friends with Catra and even more so with Hordak. I'm not going to spoil the contents but just in case you don't want any form of spoiler skip the line below this cus I'm new and don't know how to censor words as a spoiler thing. After a successful mission with the other princesses, she is effectively forgiven, and able to feel accepted. Voice Actor Honestly I don't know. Even though Hordak intended for Catra to never come back from The Crimson Waste, and had previously dismissed Entrapta earlier, this not only shows that Entrapta was able to change his mind, but shows that he listens to her whether he acts like it or not. As a random guess she might meet Micah on Beast Island, receive some sort of sage advice from him, and end up deciding to go with Scorpia (who was highest in her 'friendship stats' and seems to be leaning toward redemption), either to rebellion or neutral third party. It's the same with Catra in her mind, also Hordak since she was upset when hearing his name. Despite frequent scientific complications, Entrapta finds each failure as an opportunity to learn. She closes her eyes and waits for whatever outcome awaits, but Hordak retaliates against the order and instead fires on Horde Prime. At first Catra appeared visibly disturbed by what she had done, but then quickly covered it up and moved on (although she would later have nightmares about what she had done). She would be caught by Hordak, marking the first meeting between the two since the portal. She is always in her work attire, consisting of heavy gloves, steel-toed boots, arm covers, a welding mask with red lenses, and a pair of overalls worn like pants. After Bow and Adora came to rescue her from Beast Island she was hesitant to leave because of everything that happened before but after Bow's encouragement (and the fact that they brought a working First Ones' spaceship) she decided to go with them. Entrapta states she gets left behind by everyone. The two would be seen together very often and has occasionally been seen sitting on Emily though she does not seem to mean it. This new Entrapta is way more into tiny foods. She is the only princess who hasn't directly harmed anyone. It's later proven to be untrue when she is found by Catra. Frosta reminded Entrapta angrily of when she was with the Horde and the consequences of her helping them, such as the bots she created to attack the rebellion. Now, in Season 2, she's working for the Horde as their technician, building robots and weapons used to take down the rebel princesses and hoping to discover more about First Ones tech in the process. It's her sympathetic origin story that's totally new. She remembers him fondly and tells Adora, Glimmer, and Bow that Hordak was her lab partner before remembering what Catra has done to her. Some things are the same, some are very, very different. When Catra and Scorpia showed interest in her experiments and research, something that doesn't happen to her a lot, Entrapta was easily won over. This caused a lot of concern on the part of Adora, when Catra teased her about her newfound friendship with the Princess of Dryl. Alive She states he shouldn't be hard on himself for not being perfect and goes to explain that imperfection not only makes scientific experimentation possible but she finds imperfection to be beautiful. Entrapta was shown to have a family portrait with two robotic parents. She told Hordak about this transmissions location and he sent Catra to find the First Ones tech there. After returning to Etheria, Entrapta would leave the Rebellion's hideout to look for a signal with Swift Wind. She then reminds him that his imperfections are beautiful, which stuns him as much as it did the first time she said it to him. Scorpia would lie to Catra to keep Emily safe before the two would join the Rebellion, wanting their help to save Entrapta. They did a triumphant high-five after their victory. She soon found out that Entrapta was still alive and tried to rescue her, only to learn of her betrayal and new allegiance to the Horde. When Bow mentions how he thought she was still with Hordak, Entrapta is visibly saddened when hearing his name and hides it behind her mask. Entrapta willingly gives them the information that they need without hesitation, including the knowledge that First Ones' Technology emits a signal that can be traced. Horde Squad and Adora are watching* Entrapta: Alright, test number 55 on Rogelio Translator. Honestly I have no idea. During her time on Beast Island, Entrapta's appearance changes due to the dangerous conditions surrounding her. During a trial to open the portal, Hordak is seen smiling at Entrapta rather than the seemingly successful portal before them. This shows that while he knows very little about Entrapta, and the fact that she's a princess, he trusts her with his work far more than Catra and Shadow Weaver, who have been loyal to the Horde for years. Entrapta, who struggles to emote and relate to others, is hanging out with a dictator who abuses his employees, cannot express his own feelings in a healthy way, and doesn't seem to have any friends. He reveals his past to her, and they become genuine friends (hinting to the possibility of seeing each other more than that) rather than simple lab partners. When they first met she seemed almost embarrassed by him complimenting her work and gave him her hair for him to kiss, instead of her hand. However, once the chip was removed, Catra thanked her, and tearfully apologized to Entrapta for her actions. This is shown in the show, as she flirted with a robot in ". First Ones Sigil However, the offer of studying a First Ones ship convinces her to return and then she turns to Bow and tells him that she is happy that they're friends. I guess there is a possibility. After calling him by his name, he pleads with her not to call him that, as he has forfeited all connections to who he was before. The original Entrapta was an independent contractor recruited personally by Catra. He allows her to help him and angrily dismisses Catra when she comes in to escort Entrapta out of his sanctum under the impression that Entrapta was disturbing him. After telling Catra he'll be using Entrapta for assistance, Entrapta excitedly tells Emily that she has never had a lab partner before. According to, According to Noelle on a BLM Livestream, Entrapta is bisexual, as she has many robot boyfriends and girlfriends. After returning back to camp, Entrapta gets to work, but not before pulling up a picture of Hordak on her monitor, to which she smiles fondly at. Female "All of my stuff is here now," she says to Bow and Glimmer. Entrapta should absolutely leave Hordak far behind her. In frustration, he tells her that he is a defected clone of Horde Prime, how he arrived in Etheria, and the purpose of the portal. When accused of caring about nothing but technology and not appreciating her friends, she admits she has poor people skills, but thought that if she proved what she could do which technology, people would like her better. Entrapta Glimmer especially feels guilty that they left her behind. But, I thought that Catra would end up forming her own army of people on her own, and that isn't going to happen either. After she saw Entrapta go back for Emily and the door shut behind her, she felt it was best to break away from the alliance, in fear that remaining together would result in vulnerability. Ko-fi: kaereth /// I do not do commissions!! As Catra's chip was sending a signal, Adora argued that Entrapta should look at it and attempt to remove it. Horde Prime I see Catra as the final big bad and last redemption arc. i call the last one ‘tfw you find out your friends didn’t actually leave you behind, were devastated you were gone, and that you very nearly got them killed with an... wuff. Heart Part 2 Though the mission is successful, Entrapta gets distracted by a robot (she is fond of technology) and a door shuts behind her and fire flares out of it, implying she is dead. (Entrapta goes back up) (Entrapta speaks into a recorder, tapping her gloved hands on her robot) Entrapta: “Ethical dilemma number, uh… sixty three. Their it was revealed that Beast Island is where the First Ones hide all their secrets and Entrapta tells her friends about the Heart of Etheria Project. The shoulder straps are left loose over a white undershirt, which has been blotted with grease. Friendship is what's keeping Entrapta from rejoining the rebellion.


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