Small wooden curing house to hang the salted meat. Morty-Pride Sausage, Fayetteville, NC: I'm looking for something along the lines of what you'd get at the Red&White in Dortches, Nahunta Pork Center, or Acre Station Meat Farm in Pinetown. Ladies inside prepared the sausage casings and made the sausage. Harvin Choice Meats, Sumter, SC: In addition to working with local and regional food companies, Hanson also develops extension programs and teaches classes such as NC State BBQ Camp, Charcuterie School, Muscle Foods and Food Preservation. Dang, wish I could post some pics. Hot dogs have been around for a long time. Later that afternoon big black kettle would cook the fat down to liquid which turn solid white when cooled. It is also eaten cold, cut into small bite size pieces. T.O Williams, Portsmouth, VA: Look for these products, which are always ready to go to work in your recipes. Air dried sausage is then allowed to mature and dry for a nearly a week. Where can a Tom Thumb be found? I found this round of air-dried country link sausage at Mac’s General Merchandise on NC Hwy. This final step changes the texture and flavor compared to traditional fresh pork sausage. These head meats are blended with vinegar, for some added zip, and seasoned with salt, pepper, pickle relish and/or pickled peppers. The key is scaling back but... Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest tips, tricks, recipes and more, sent twice a week. Support American food heritage, try country ham from this list of North Carolina cure masters. They have found their way to countless tables across the South for almost 100 years! Most all those products above my grandfather made from his annual hog kill in November 50′- 60s. Souse gets a bad rap for its similarity to Nana’s pineapple lime Jell-O (minus the pineapple and the lime). Leyden’s Country Store, Belvidere, NC Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Dana Hanson, the NC State Extension Meat Specialist and an associate professor in NC State’s Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. You may find variations with additional spices or formulas that include red pepper or cayenne to kick up the heat, but pepper and sage are standard issue. Keep the ketchup for your fries. Visit our online store... we will ship to your door. This sausage can be served up for breakfast or, best of all, as the meat between a piece of white bread with a big squirt of yellow mustard. Air dried sausage goes back to the days of the on-farm “hog killin’,” where folks would gather in the cool fall weather to process a pig (or two or three or six) in order to provide meat for the family. Maybe including sweet potato pie. Again, don’t forget to add copious amounts of hot sauce. Culinary specialties are woven into the fabric of our southern foodways. Liver pudding and liver mush are closely related, in fact they may even attend the same family reunion. Eating ham biscuits year round with fresh hen eggs. At the most simplistic level country sausage is made from pork trimming blended with salt, black pepper and sage. This western Carolina breakfast favorite is made by first water cooking lean pork meat and liver. Try something from this list. The unique flavor development in this regional favorite is due to exposure to air. If you suspect a food adventure hero lives deep within your soul, C-loaf might be your gateway to fame. Early 1900’s. It might be easier to locate a Bigfoot. After simmering for a period of time, the meat is removed from this rich stock and sent through a grinder. Heck, try them all! In most public circles, C-loaf will not be considered gourmet. If you can’t wait for either party, look for liver mush at retail markets in the western half of the state. An alternative form is linked pudding, which is stuffed into a natural hog casing prior to packaging. Liver pudding often uses a coarsely ground cornmeal to produce its characteristic texture and mouthfeel. Blocks of souse are sold at retail and often used as sandwich meat. Lightly fry it, pair it up with a ripe summer ‘mater, slap it on a warm biscuit…and breakfast is served. These meat products not only have a positive impact on the state economy, but they taste great – and provide an affordable, safe and wholesome source of nutrition for a growing population. T.L. Neese’s Sausage, Greensboro, NC: A hot dog or frankfurter is sometimes referred to at a red hot. Interestingly, demand for chitlins has driven production costs to the point where lower priced raw materials are now needed. The key to success when preparing this product is knowing when to quit. We then smoke our Dry Sausage with Natural Pecan Wood Logs for over 5 days. Regional North Carolina cuisine at its finest. Wells Pork and Beef, Burgaw, NC: You may unsubscribe at any time. We start with the same quality ingredients as our smoked sausage, lean pork and lean beef seasoned to perfection. Neese’s Sausage, Greensboro, NC: Before you graduate to this level, try liver pudding. Wells Pork and Beef, Burgaw, NC: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. Packers in the Tidewater region of Virginia and North Carolina are still known for producing great country ham. Sausage is made with meat trimmings (small cuts of meat that are not suitable to be used as chops or roasts) that are blended with salt and a secret blend of spices. However, suggesting they are meaty equals would invoke an online debate that would crash the internet! Smoked meats are found across the state. I think a better title would be 11 Meats Associated with NC. Pass the Meat Jell-O…yes, please! kept by jojogumabweh recipe by These products are rare, but can be found in most down east meat markets. Carolina Packers, Smithfield, NC: Stevens Sausage is a major supplier of quality meat products in eastern North Carolina and is equipped to ship selected products nationwide from our Smithfield, NC plant. This one is a little different. Pender Packing, Rocky Point, NC: Leyden’s Country Store, Belvidere, NC is actually Layden’s, Beyond Bacon & BBQ: 11 Foods Associated With North Carolina. More variations of liver pudding exist. Next time you are at the store, look beyond the common steak, chop and roast …reach for North Carolina food heritage. Wake up hogs to get shot with .22 rifle between eyes, pick hair from nose/eyes/ears after pulled from boiling tub, hold washtub with brother to catch all the innards as they plopped in one complete unit from the long belly slit my grandfather performed as hog was hung from hind feet.


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