Fiji Natural Artesian Water. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Among the "brand names", Volvic is particularly reputed to be one of the best-tasting bottled waters and I once read even an article that talked about scientists trying to analyse the reason for this and the conclusion was that it bears the highest resemblance to human saliva! Fiji Natural Artesian Water. It is sourced from glacial … So from the macrobiotic perspective, bottled waters like Evian, Volvic or Fiji are the best bottled water only for people living near the source of that water, not for those living halfway across the world. Evian is naive spelled backwards, but it's also the name of a town in the French Alps that was founded way before people learned about spelling things backwards to create secret messages. Overall, at over half the price, Evian is just a clear and crisp and smooth as the Fiji Artisan Water, and not worth the extra money. Fiji water, for example, is a water which has a lot of the mineral silica dissolved, which makes the water super-smooth and almost sweet in the aftertaste. ... After all, Evian is a very well established brand that could serve as an industry leader when it comes to sustainable practices. If you want bottled water with the natural minerals present in spring water, Evian is one of the best choices. The rest may not be much difrerent from filtered or purified tap water. Also, in the past, bottled water meant water that is clean and pure but today, some are highly questionable. The only advantage to the Fiji water, that my palette could identify, was it’s texture. The macrobiotic ideal, however, would be to drink spring or well water from as close as possible to one's home - within the garden or at least within the same vilage. This was surprising to me as I expected the Fiji water to excel in taste, given it’s reputation and price. I felt that Fiji was slightly smoother. Here are some of the more common descriptions that you will find on bottled water, plus what the descriptions really mean: So you see, the wordings that described bottled water can be both confusing and misleading. I am a big fan of Evian… For a while, the concept of ‘artisan water’ has been a bit of a fashion. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. … Check price at AmazonIf your number one concern is purity, Penta is the way to go. More than ever, we need to be extra careful, whether or not we are looking for the best bottled water. So, maybe stars think the easiest way to get either Fiji or Voss—aside from specifically requesting Fiji or Voss—is to ban Evian. As mentioned, some, like distilled water, are possibly harmful to drink over long periods. ( Log Out /  This water apparently comes from tropical rain that falls on an island in … But are they the best? But at £1.50 a litre for Fiji Artisan Water, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Now this brand has old origins. These are the well-established brands that have been marketed long before other companies realised how profitable it can be to sell bottle water. This is a place acknowledged for its healthy water since 1789, by the Marquis de Lessert. The total dissolved solid content—meaning anything but water—is less than one part per million. Today, there are lots more different types, some of which are merely filtered or purified tap water. In the case of drinking water, macrobiotics recommends, firstly, spring water over mineral water. Evian Natural Spring Water. Even among spring and bottled waters, the source is important. Years ago, I read a report by the Consumers' Association of Penang (in Malaysia), which revealed that many brands of bottled waters came from wells dug in oil palm plantations and industrial estates, where the soil is likely to be contaminated with chemical pollutants. Macrobiotic recommendations for the best bottled water get even more complicated. ( Log Out /  The reason has to do with the energy charge of the water and it is not considered a good idea to drink water from a distant place, no matter how clean and pure that water is.


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