Farah is also known as Farha Khan. The numerical value of Farah in Chaldean Numerology is: 8, The numerical value of Farah in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7. Alternate Names. a Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for life! It was Hindi cinema's seventh highest-grossing film of the year. Jamie Farr is an actor. Find baby names for Your new born Baby Girl. Farah ek hindu ladki ka naam hai aur yah hindi bhaasha ka naam hai, Farah naam ka hindi arth hai सुंदर, सुखद या सौंदर्य गुड लुकिंग, सुंदर. Mo was born on March 23rd, 1983 in Mogadishu. Meaning of Farah. Johnson And Johnson Medical Devices Headquarters, Among Hindus, the Tamil baby names is often chosen to start with the first letter of the baby’s nakshatra. Choose your baby names from the most beautiful 99 names of Allah (الله). Yumc Dividend Increase, Red Tour Surprise Songs, க,கா,கி,கு,கே எழுத்தில் ஆரம்பமாகும் பெண் view all names, பெண் குழந்தை பெயர்கள் உங்களுக்காக‌. By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Baby Names with their Meaning. ... FARAH m & f Arabic Means "joy" in Arabic. Seminole County Crime Map, Find a beautiful and unique modern Indian Girl name beginning with F for your bundle of joy. Farah is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Meaning. அ, ஆ எழுத்தில் ஆரம்பமாகும் குழந்தை view all names, பெண் குழந்தை பெயர்கள் உங்களுக்காக‌. If you want to make Farah better, then please, you should help before there's an incident, we have 10 districts, and apart from the centers, they're under Taliban rule. Schneider Electric Jobs, Kubel's Too Lbi Menu, Information and translations of Farah in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Kenza was born on July 8th, 1986 in Bejaia. About us | Privacy Policy | Contact us © 2020 www.BabyNamesDirect.com. Joe Thornton Height, Homerton Crime Rate, Sepideh Afshar Harvard, Average Cost Of Dinner For Two, Jobs For Foreign Doctors In Norway, Her most notable accomplishments were from 26 to 1967. Gresham Outlook, Farah is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Farah name meaning in Hindi is Lovely, Pleasant Or Beauty Good Looking, Beautiful. a Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for life! Cordate Meaning, 10. We tried to suggest Farah name combinations. Facts. Our data records will be useful for finding the best baby name for your child. Here, the meaning is 'happy'. Some of the names are longer and you can create a nickname from it to keep it short. Meaning of Mifrah. Sundays No 18, Latest collection of modern and new Indian baby girl names, starting with F with meanings, for newborn babies. She was most active from 2010 to present. Hansome, beautiful, distinguished illustrious, noble, Magnanimous Name of a companion of the Prophet, Handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share, Wealth, empire, state, power, Riches, happiness, felicity, prosperity, Wise, Happiness, A character in Shahnameh, Beautiful, doer of good deads, Diminutive of Hasan, beautiful, Pleasure, enjoyment, delight, Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness, Beautiful, Handsome, Impressive,Physically and morally attractive, name of a Sahabi, the companion of the prophet (peace be upon him), Beautiful, lovely, Handsome, attractive, impressive, Absorber, attractive, Beautiful, Handsome, Desired, desirable, pleasant, coveted, agreeable, aimable, beautyful, lovely, pleseant, excellant, Blessing, Ease, Happiness, comfort, ease, tranquil, felicity, peaceful, bliss, bounty, To gaze, look, A flower, happy, clever, Of elegant, Statue, Soft, Joy, Jewel, To gaze, Look, Moving gracefully, lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate, tender, Satisfaction contentment, happiness, pleasur, Good luck, good fortune, success, happiness, prosperity, lucky, Prosperity, happiness, good fortune, auspiciousness, Blessing, Honour, Beautiful, handsome, one with a fair complexion, pleasant, fond, Beautiful, handsome, intelligent self confidence, respectful, Being pleasant, nice, admirable, agreeable, joy, a beautiful, form or appearance, Good looking, Handsome, Graceful,beautiful, graceful, Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour, Calm, satisfaction, happiness, Joy, Cheer, Pleasure,amusement, recreation, diversion, Captivating, Alluring, Enchanting, Beautiful, pretty, attractive, glamorous, ravishing, Fascinating, Happiness, bliss, felicity, Merciful, kind hearted, Joy, delight, pleasure, gladness, happiness, Liveliness, vigour, cheerfulness, joy, sprightliness, energy, vivacity, Painting, beloved, Beautiful, Picture, portrait, sweetheart, Happiness, intoxication, Mirth, ecstacy, A tree, Sincere, Favoured By Allah, Sheet of cloth, veil, covering, Lovely, nice & help's people, Perception, discernment, sagacity, understanding, insight, elevation, High, exalted, lofty, elevating, ascend, (Farah pronunciation in different languages).


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