There is no practical way to compensate for unlevel frets, high frets, etc. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fret Repair. Crack Repair - HOURLY RATE. Reglue Loose Binding - HOURLY RATE (1/2 hour minimum) Headstock Crack Repair* Cracked – HOURLY RATE (1 hour minimum) Broken in two - $400+ HOURLY RATE *The cost of this repair is determined on a case by case assessment. Whether it's cleaning, leveling or a full fret replacement job we can help you. Your email address will not be published. Ditto: 12 string guitar £ 50.00 labour plus cost of nut. Required fields are marked *. Partial Refret, with binding (per fret) Plus $35.00 for the first fret: $50.00 plus $20.00 per fret: Complete Refret, without binding: $225.00: Complete Refret, with binding: $275.00: Partial Refret, without binding (per fret) Plus $25.00 for the first fret: $40.00 plus $15.00 per … Many people are surprised when they get a quote for a refret; it isn’t cheap. But it does reflect the amount of work involved. Rattling strings in any guitar can be a sign of worn frets. If your guitar has had a prior fret job you need to advise the person who is going to do the work. Naturally, the finished fret polishing should also produce a nice shine on your frets that boosts how your guitar looks. But does discovering dents mean you need to replace your frets or is re-crowning an option? How level should your frets be? Many people are surprised when they get a quote for a refret; it isn’t cheap. At this point your luthier will need to perform a full fret replacement. Nickel-silver alloy fretwire is the most common type of fret material on guitars. The causes for unlevel frets include normal wear, environmental changes causing fretboard swelling or shrinkage, loose frets that rise up, poor fret installation, and certain types of damage. When the dents are deep, your tech would have to remove too much material from all the frets to correctly repair the problem ones. *Includes: re-fret, setup, new saddle, restring. Tim C Palmer on July 17th, 2012 - 7:21am I appreciate your sharing thorough knowledge in dealing with repair or replacing fret wires. But it doesn't have to be "make-do" solution. Fret Tang - The barbed portion of a fret that is pressed into the fingerboard to hold the fret in place. $ 375 There are some physical differneces among different brands of "nickel fretwire". The process of replacing them is called a refret – though it can involve a considerable number of time-consuming steps to complete the job. By Marguerite Pastella Fret wire comes in a variety of sizes. Removing fret wire is hard on the fretboard wood. Office Phone 678-402-6739. Replace nut (with handmade from bone, Tusq, Micarta etc. Fret wear is a normal part of the life of a guitar, but some guitars will suffer more from wear than others: those regularly played with a capo, fitted with steel strings, or just subjected to heavy string pressure when played. BiscoMando. Wear on guitar frets, including indentations and divots, is a normal result from playing. On average, re-fretting a guitar neck can cost from as little as $75 to as much as $500. Cleaning guitar frets removes tarnish, dirt and grime to leave your guitar frets looking fantastic. If you're thinking of changing from nickel to stainless steel frets we advise you to reconsider doing it. As the guitar is played, the strings are pushed against the frets, which naturally wear over time. Some professionals, for example, may charge per fret rather than per job. Maybe… if you are a bit handy. Ditto: 12 string £ 25.00 plus cost of nut. Jim did a great job and got my guitar playing and sounding great again! If you have unlevel frets you need either spot-leveling to address a few specific places, or a full fret leveling job. Any idea what it might cost to replace those frets and dress the rest of the and set up the guitar . How much does a re-fret cost? I was looking for a guitar shop near me in Kennesaw to do some fret work for me and found Artisan Luthiers. A full refret job takes a lot of time. The wear shows as dents or flattened frets, which can lead to string buzzing, problems with intonation and playability, especially when string bending. Example of worn frets which need leveling, crowning and polishing to restore optimal playability. Shop Location Kennesaw, GA 30144. Replace nut (pre-cut moulded plastic) £ 25.00 plus cost of nut. View Full Version : Fret replacement costs. Spot work can often be a very cost-effective way to solve isolated buzz issue. Often a good setup (new strings, truss rod and/or bridge adjustment) will solve such problems, but if in doubt it really is worth talking to a luthier, or guitar shop. Effectively, you have to knock-down the high frets to the height of the lowest frets. Because accurate fret slot spacing is essential for proper intonation it is a true time saver to order boards pre-slotted. I have crudely used hard oak block and small hammer to pound some wires back down but at this time i am working on about 1974 Harmony Marquis w [ les Paul bolt on neck with beveled routing around body top]. When more than 7 frets need replacement a total refret is usually in order to permit resurfacing of the fingerboard. All Rights Reserved, Tuning Machine Heads Repair & Replacement, changing from nickel to stainless steel frets. A fretdress, as part of a set-up typically costs between $50 and $100, and will solve most problems, without the need for a refret. Well this actually depends on a number of factors. The ultimate goal is to work the fret wire to be very smooth and free from sanding marks. We use a high quality polishing compounds and fine steel wool to achieve a high luster. Compound radius can be done at no extra charge. Guitar string tuning is included with any fret job. Repairing and Replacing Frets on Guitars. Minor fretwear can often be corrected with a fret dress or even replacing a small number of frets. Overall, it was in good condition but the first six frets were badly worn, so we agreed I’d do a partial re-fret. Partial refret - When we replace only a few of the first position frets. The trick is working to maintain enough fret wire to have a playable instrument. Polishing your guitar frets makes your guitar look much better. Can I refret my guitar myself? blank) £ 45.00 labour plus cost of nut. A bad prior fret job can make your current fret job extremely challenging. Typically you want to polish your frets when you replace guitar strings or replace bass strings. Neck reset (dovetail joint) £ 20 0.00 In most cases some signs of divots will remain because fully removing all divots requires sanding down excessive fret height. Eventually your fret wires will become worn to the point where there is not enough wire height for another fret job. Complete refret - Obviously considerable fret wear requires a complete refret, however, it is also necessary when the fingerboard must be planed to correct neck issues. Reglue Loose Bracing - $20-30 ea. Plastic inlays (not pearl or abalone) and binding can be damaged when heating a fingerboard and may require replacement. Recently, one of my clients brought in a mid-’60s Teisco Del Rey EP9T electric for some fretwork. Fret wire is available with different fret crown widths and heights. The symptoms described above can arise for a number of reasons, and the fault may not lie with the frets. Home; Services; Portfolio; Company. They also have an effect on tone. You guys did an amazing job of making an old guitar look like new! An all-too-common issue for many guitar models with angled headstocks. For a free estiamte or to schedule guitar fret work simply call us at 678-402-6739 or send us a message by clicking on the button below. Typically a guitar refret will cost between $200 and $400. On a guitar with a standard string nut, I’d simply replace the old frets with new ones, set up the guitar, and turn my attention to the next job. Fingerboards are available pre-slotted from sources such as LMI. There aren't many qualified mandolin luthiers in my area (Halifax, NS, Canada) and my local shop wants to charge me a base price of 150 for (something, maybe "dressing", i can't remember) and then 10 bucks per fret after that. It can go either way, and the answer depends on the depth of the dents.


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