Frog Lake Campground Click on Frog Lake site map to enlarge. Therefore, don’t expect to find all of the wildflowers presented here on one hike. million-and-one different “Frog Lakes” in the U.S. For example, there’s a Tahoe Trail Guide copyright © 2016-2020 by Jared Manninen. For other shorter hiking options, visit Short and Easy Hikes in South Lake Tahoe. the parking fee. Lastly, there are a 780 NE Court St Great little hike up in the mountains with a beautiful small lake as your end destination. Hike south (and gradually uphill) along the Pacific Crest Trail for approximately 1 mile. Great for dogs as well. I appreciate the kind words , Although I encourage you to venture out of your comfort zone, you need to know your limits and when to turn back. Hiked in fall too and it was just as equally amazing, but no snow at the top. Drive Highway 26 east. Highly recommend taking the trail counterclockwise around Frog Lake. Frog Lake. I would suggest going back the same route you started from once you get to the end point. Great information. 70220 E Highway 26 Please note that if you’re traveling to Frog Lake between November 1 and May 30, you’ll need a Sno-Park permit ($5/day, $25/season). And, it provides some great views looking across the lake south to Round Top. But we swam across the entire lake! Pacific Crest Trail branches off from the trail to Winnemucca Lake, you’ve gone You can also pay for parking in the visitor center, but they’re only Frog Lake is a 2.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Markleeville, California that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. A beautiful hike on a beautiful day in late October. (971) 333-4100 In 2019, however, I found many of those Wild Irises still blooming at Frog Lake on July 26th. Description . If you choose to add this loop to your hike, be mindful of your steps. Please note that if you reach the intersection where the location). Map showing recreational areas. (FR 2612) partially CLOSED, This site can be reserved by calling Toll Free 1-877-444-6777 (International 518-885-3639 or TDD 877-833-6777) or on-line at, This site can be reserved by calling Toll Free 1-877-444-6777 (International 518-885-3639 or TDD 877-833-6777) or on-line at Tahoe Trail Guide and its contributors are not liable for property loss or damage, personal injury, or death. It is not to be missed. Close to Highway 26, Frog Lake is a very popular family camping and day-use destination. This is a fun loop to add to your hike. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from May until October. Barlow Ranger District love this hike ... super easy...beautiful views with lush scenery and several to enjoy lakes. Although I always recommend continuing on to Winnemucca Lake, if your time and energy only affords you the trip to Frog Lake you won’t be disappointed. Just know that this article only deals with the Frog Lake located between Lastly, there’s a full parking lot on the north side of SR 88 just west of the visitor center. You can find two of my personal favorite wildflowers on the east side of Frog Lake. At this 1-mile point, you’ll reach an intersection with a small sign pointing to Frog Lake. (541) 352-6002 Without a permit you run the risk of receiving a $100 ticket. From Frog Lake, you can see Freel Peak, Hope Valley, and Markleeville Peak. Hiked around Frog Lake as part of a longer hike out to Lake Winnemucca. Beautiful trail! Tough on the elevation gain but totally worth the view. open during daytime hours so it’s best to just arrive with enough cash to cover Start your hike to Frog Lake at the Carson Pass Information Your Online Resource for Hiking, Backpacking, Cross-Country Skiing, and Snowshoeing at Lake Tahoe. End up off trailing back. Nice terrain. north on the Pacific Crest Trail). Slightly further east of Frog Lake you’ll find a rocky overlook very nice trail. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . At this 1-mile point, you’ll reach an intersection with a small sign pointing to Frog Lake. Check out my latest xc, my last day of cross-country skiing for the 2018/19 season was June 13, 2019, on Elephants Back at Carson Pass, Hiking Stevens Peak (via Big Meadow Trailhead near Luther Pass in South Tahoe), North Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, South Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, East Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, West Lake Tahoe XC Skiing and Snowshoeing, All Tahoe Trail Guide Articles (published chronologically), Cross-Country Skiing in Challenging Conditions, Considerations for Winter Adventure in Lake Tahoe’s Backcountry, Kokanee Salmon at Taylor Creek (via SR 89 in South Tahoe, Buying Cross-Country Ski Gear, for Beginners (Part 1), Buying Cross-Country Ski Gear, for Beginners (Part 2), Birds of Lake Tahoe: Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus), Hiking Maggies South Peak (via Bayview Trailhead near Emerald Bay in South Tahoe), Total Mileage: 3 miles (out-and-back with a loop around Frog Lake), Trail Condition: Hard-packed sand and rocky terrain, Bring $5 cash for parking (2019) between May 31 – October 31, Between November 1 – May 30 every year, the parking lots at Carson Pass officially become Sno-Parks and require a Sno-Park permit (purchase day or season permits in town before traveling to Carson Pass), Although the hike to Frog Lake is one of the more “easy” hikes in the area, still be aware that the approximate 1-mile journey to the lake is all gradually uphill, Keep in mind that at Carson Pass snow arrives early and stays late, so check the trail conditions prior to arriving, Admire, study, and take photos of the wildflowers, but don’t pick them, There are few trail signs and markers on public lands in the Tahoe region, so unless there are tracks to follow, the correct route may be difficult to identify – when in doubt, turn back, Be prepared for inclement weather and carry plenty of warm clothes, food, and water, Leave an itinerary of your plans with someone who’ll call emergency services if you don’t return by your prescribed time, Dogs are allowed, but keep them on leash and pick up after them – this is especially important around Frog Lake as the immediate area is sensitive land.


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