Offsetting the bracket makes it easier to work around the opener bracket without causing any problems in the operation of your garage door, but offsetting the bracket is not necessary. Maintain a firm grip on the bar; keep it firmly inserted completely into the cone; and be prepared at all times for the cone to slip, break, explode or break free from the shaft and yank the bar down. 10.1 It is now time to wind the new springs, but before doing so, I recommend marking the shaft just beyond the winding cone. These springs are broad and can be found on a metal shaft directly above the door opening. Finger-tighten the nuts until the stationary cones are flush against the center bearing plate. Buy Genie #57744 Garage Door Extension Spring with Safety Cable, Black with Beige End, App. 9.8 Twist the garage door shaft to tighten the cable on the drum. We offer FAST SHIPPING on replacement, This means you get your garage door parts fast and your door fixed quickly. Keep your hands away from the cones so that if and when the winding bar slips out of the cone and your hand jerks up, the cone doesn't rip your flesh or wrap your clothes and body parts into the spring. If your cones are like any of these, or if they have more than 2" of play, leave the job of installing torsion springs to a professional garage door mechanic. Genie garage door opener systems, accessories and installations are well-known and trusted by consumers. ©2020 Next, insert the bar into one of the holes of the winding cone. Finding a replacement spring for the garage door shouldn’t be difficult, provided you’ve taken measurements beforehand and determined which type of spring you need. still upholds to this day. DO NOT REMOVE MORE THAN HALF A TURN OF SPRING TENSION TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM. Often the bushing gets stuck in the cone and customers will call us about getting a new bushing until they discover it is still in the cone of the spring replaced earlier. Line up the marks made earlier. See the descriptions for each replacement part for compatibility information to make sure you get the right part for your Genie garage door opener. 9.16 If you cannot get the stationary cones to finger-tighten against the center bracket, we recommend installing washers between the winding cone that houses the bearing and the spring bracket. Bars in newer cones move less than 1 1/2". The garage door is a big entry point to your home. Most hardware stores sell 1/2" X 36" steel rods that can be cut in half. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. You'll also need a firm ladder and a rag for cleaning your hands. Rods 36" by 1/2" can be purchased at any Lowes or any hardware store and cut in half to use for unwinding the springs. This is a left wind spring, normally painted black, above the right side of the garage door and mounted to the right side of the spring anchor bracket. If needed tap the outside of the headplate with a hammer while pulling the shaft to the right until the shaft slides through the bearing. Fax: (630) 293-1526. 9.3 Try to turn the drum on the shaft. 7.6 Loosen the set screws on the cable drum above the left end of the garage door until the drum turns freely. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the spring is completely unwound. 8.16 Check to make sure the end of the torsion spring points up when the end is facing you. This bearing keeps the shaft from rubbing against the inside of the stationary cones and on the center bracket. By Timothy Dale and Bob Vila. Otherwise, continue winding until you reach a count of "30." If the door opens, you’ll need to loosen the spring by a quarter turn until it remains in place. We stock a full line of Genie keypads, remotes, transmitters and just about any other part you could need for your garage door opener. 8.18 Check to make sure the end bearing plate is not leaning. Genie’s main manufacturing plant is in Baltic, Ohio. This could create as much as a day's extra work. as genuine Genie remote control transmitters, keypads, drive gears, trollies, weather seals, capacitors. Customers frequently call and explain that when they get about six turns on the springs they spin on the cones. Order today for quick and easy shipping! Larger commercial and industrial overhead garage door torsion springs are stretched as much as an inch. Lift-a-Door, Pro-Max, Hercules, Norelco, Overhead Door, Intellicode, Python, BlueMax and Code-Dodger. It should seal all the way across. You will risk breaking a cone. One of my customers removed the screws when the springs were wound. Keep one bar in the cone at all times to prevent it from rapidly unwinding and potentially injuring you. We have a separate tutorial to help in. See “Things to … If you want to try tackling this project on your own, or if you’d like to know more about what’s involved before you decide whether to pick up the phone or head to the hardware store, the following tips will help. This is a right wind torsion spring. This is your first quarter turn. The more viscous the oil the longer it will last. Gather the supplies and tools needed for changing the springs safely. I usually bend the end of the cable 90 degrees with my needle nose pliers as shown. Notice that only one bearing is needed for two torsion springs. Click here to find replacement parts by the model number of your garage door opener. We are often asked why most brackets are mounted six to twelve inches off-center. If you don't see the exact parts here that you are looking for, please, Click here to go to the Genie site to view Genie Instruction Manuals, Genie Garage Door Opener Screw Drive Carriage Assemby 36179R, Genie GLRN-R Garage Door Opener Remote and Monitor, Genie Garage Door GN-BX Network Adapter 37350R, Genie GICT390-3 Garage Door Opener Remote, Genie Garage Door Opener GLR-BX Closed Confirm Remote 37348R, Universal Garage Door Opener 24V AC Transformer UT110, Genie GK-BX Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad (37224R), Genie garage door Intellicode single channel receiver 390MHz 36163R.S, Genie G3T-BX Intellicode 3-button Garage Door Opener Remote 37218R, Genuine Overhead Door Commercial Serpentine Belt 108135-0004, Genie GITR-3 390MHz Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S, Genie GITR-3 Garage Door Opener Remote 37517S, Genie 37222R Garage Door Opener Series III Wall Control, Genie Motor Drive Circuit Board 35383R.S/36428R.S, Genie GSTB-BX (37220R) Garage Door Opener Photo Eye Sensors, Low Temperature Drive Gear and Carriage Grease 10 OZ, Genie GIWC-BX Intelligent Wall Console (37346R), Genie Circuit Board (IntelliG 1000) 38001R3.S, replaced by 38877R.S, Genie 37028 ReliaG 800 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board, Genie 29599S Series II Lighted Wall Push Button, 37644R, GWC-R, Genie 36664R.S Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Shuttle Assembly, Lubriplate AERO 1.75 oz. Wind the spring as many turns as is recommended by the supplier. A division of Genie of Fairview Door Co. Genie LED Light Bulb for Garage Door Openers, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Infra-Red Sensors, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Miscellaneous Parts, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Remote Controls, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Outside Keypads, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Infra-Red Sensors, Sears / Craftsman Compatible Miscellaneous Parts, Liftmaster / Chamberlain Outside Touchpads, Gadgets & Miscellaneous Garage Door Opener Parts, Garage Door Opener Gears, Couplers, Brackets, Garage Door Opener Circuit Boards and Sequencers, Garage Door Opener Wall Button / Control Consoles.


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