Paul Heathcote shares a brilliant beef and ale pie recipe that would be wonderfully warming on a chilly day. This is your great British pie heaven! Blue cheese crusted pork escalopes with pineapple sage, roasted beetroot and apple, Pork fritters with pub piccalilli, apple sauce and soft poached quail's eggs, Roasted organic pork with salt and pepper crackling and autumn brassicas, Pork secretos with artichokes and red wine tapioca, For the pastry, melt the lard into the water ensuring it doesn’t boil. The fish pie recipe from Tom Aikens contains a fabulous oceanic bounty, filled with salmon, sole and monkfish as well as scallops and mussels. The British love all things sweet and sweet British pies are renowned around the world. Great British Pies in Dubai. Mix into the flour and salt and knead until it becomes a smooth dough. Remove the pies from the moulds using the cling film for leverage. There's nothing much else to it but the classic sweet and tart flavor of a homemade … Whether encased in flaky pastry or topped with magnificent mash, these pie recipes make satisfying, flavoursome comfort food. Place back in the fridge to set, For the stilton salad, slice the shallots, wafer thin, using a mandolin. Probe the centre to ensure the filling has achieved 75°C in the centre. A multiple winner of the annual British Pie Awards, the world-famous Melton Mowbray pork pie is filled with the finest fresh pork meat which is chopped and seasoned with salt and pepper. Bake in the oven at 150°C for 40 minutes. Unassuming and simple it may seem, but there’s a much richer history to this perfectly packaged pick-me-up than meets the eye. Brush the rims with egg wash and place the pastry tops on and crimp the edges, Pierce a hole in the top, this will allow the steam to escape from the pork filling. The sour note of stilton and sharpness of chicory both serve to cut through the fattiness of the pie. While many of what are considered the key players in the pie game contain meat (think game pie, steak and kidney or chicken and mushroom) there are a great many vegetable pies which more than hold their own on a dinner table. Delicious pie recipes about in this collection from Great British Chefs, including recipes for shepherds pie, beef and ale pie, mince pie, fish pie, game pie and more Form into balls and press into the pastry moulds. Be it steak and kidney, chicken and leek or humble apple, the good-old pie is Britain on a plate. Focused, skilled and intelligent, Paul Foster works with the materials he has around him to create extraordinary dishes which sing with a vibrancy perfectly in tune with their surroundings. Pass through a fine strainer and pour into a piping bag, Once the pies have chilled, make sure the hole in the top is still big enough to get the jelly in and then pipe the jelly slowly into the pie until full. 19 likes. Boil the water, sugar and vinegar in a pan and then pour over the shallots and leave to cool, Cut the chicory into long slices, crumble in the stilton, add the capers and rocket and dress with the drained shallots and rapeseed oil, To plate, cut each pork pie down the centre and place onto plates. This selection is just a sample of all the things sweet the Islands have to offer: British Apple Pie: This all-time favorite pie is really straight-forward and easy to make. Set aside to cool in the fridge, Soak the gelatine leaf in cold water for 4-5 minutes. Warm the chicken stock up in a pan, remove the gelatine from the water and dissolve by stirring into warm stock. Use a suitable pastry cutter to cut out circles large enough to line 3 inch ramekins and press the pastry into the sides of each ramekin. 10. No other country does meat pies quite like Britain, and this is exemplified in many of the recipes shown here. This is one pie that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone around the dinner table. Nathan Outlaw's cod and smoked haddock fish pie is a playful take on a classic by reinventing it as a canapé in small ramekins.


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