Forum takeaways: Greenville Sheriff candidates grapple with challenges, What's at stake in the two-man race to be Greenville County's next Sheriff, Greenville Sheriff candidates grapple with challenges, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy, Hobart Lewis (R) - 25,509 votes (75.82% of total), Paul Guy (D) -  8,061 votes (23.96% of total). Republican candidate Hobart Lewis and Democrat Paul Guy are the two names on the ballot in the Greenville County Sheriff Election on March 10. Jan 2, 2020 The vote to decide who will become the Republican candidate for Greenville County’s next sheriff will be held on Jan. 7. ", More: What's at stake in the two-man race to be Greenville County's next Sheriff. Once results showed him as the clear winner, he was quick to thank his family for their support during a challenging election. Guy wants to be the “people’s Sheriff,” vowing greater transparency and community involvement. Lewis celebrated with a large group of friends and family at Larkin's Sawmill in Greenville as results trickled in through the night. Lewis will fill out former Sheriff Will Lewis' term until January, concluding a three-month process of electing a new sheriff after Will Lewis was found guilty by a jury last fall of misconduct in office. "That's his most powerful feature that God has instilled in him is that he really wants to build positive relationships in the community.". Greenville County Sheriff election: Voter turnout has been relatively low. Guy said. We’re still waiting for the final word on a few races, and you can join us in anticipation by following along here.. We want you to be ready to cast your ballot with all the confidence in the world, so we’re breaking down all the 2020 election must-knows for you. He was one of five Republican candidates for Sheriff. County election officials earlier Tuesday afternoon said voter turnout for the third Sheriff's special election was low. Here's everything you need to know before heading to the polls next Tuesday. Energy in the room was high as absentee totals showed Guy ahead of Lewis. It was unclear, he said, if the concerns are what caused a low turnout. When we did have a debate, it was educational and informative. "You know, you've got a supper, or a birthday party, or whatever to go to and all of a sudden somebody calls you and you have to walk away from those things because you've only got 90 days.". "We've always been a really strong family," she said as her husband posed for selfies with supporters nearby. It's a low turnout, but it's an opportunity to move the Greenville Sheriff's Office forward into the 21st century.". "I'm really impressed with people who I've talked to at the polls and when I've been debating," Guy said. On Nov. 3, Greenville County saw 71% of registered voters turn out at the polls as 258,614 citizens chose to cast their ballots in the presidential election. Front Desk. Elections Director Conway Belangia said there seemed to be concern about the coronavirus, and encouraged voters to wash their hands before and after voting. Lewis defeated Paul Guy with 162,881 votes to 91,352. "They're the ones you leave to go beat on doors," he said. we begin tonight with commitment when he 20 and the republican runoff election for greenville county sheriff. Address. GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – People living in Greenville County will get to vote for sheriff twice in 2020. The last two precincts are expected to come by Friday at noon, which include provisional and failsafe ballots, Belangia said.


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