Sur quatre niveaux, le musée présente environ 1300 peintures, aquarelles et cartons et près de 5000 dessins. And one could easily spend several hours examining the details of these paintings. Today the museum contains Moreau's drawings, paintings, watercolors, and sculptures. I bequeath my house, situated at 14, rue de La Rochefoucauld, with all it contains: paintings, drawings, cartoons, etc., the work of fifty years, and likewise what is enclosed in the named house and the old apartments formerly occupied by my father and my mother, to the State, […] with the express condition to keep this collection forever - this would be my dearest wish – or at least as long as possible, maintaining the integral character that allows the sum of the work and the efforts of the artist during his life to be recognised in perpetuity.Extract from Gustave Moreau’s will of 10 September 1897. Free Paris Visite travel card included with all passes. We're creating your account. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Singapore. Moreau believed that painting was, by definition, a rich art, which should aim to rival the intense colours of enamel painting: a work like Jupiter and Semele is an excellent example of this principle. The second and third floors were replaced by vast studios with north facing windows, and designed to create the largest space possible. Here, he consulted collections of Indian and Persian miniatures, and studied Renaissance engravings. Here Moreau perfectly illustrates the advice he often gave to his pupils: “You must think through colour, and imaginatively”. In April 1895, Moreau decided to have the house converted to create the large studios he needed. We recommend booking Musee Gustave Moreau tours ahead of time to secure your spot. Rejecting all Realism and all Naturalism, this cultural movement spread throughout Europe at the end of the 19th century.Just before he died, Gustave Moreau would say, in 1897, that all his life he had been unjustly accused of being too literary for a painter. 90 day money back guarantee60+ attractions includedPasses are valid for 2 yearsNew! “Study Nature and the Old Masters; they alone will enable you to create.” Gustave Moreau. This was when he produced his remarkable landscapes in sepia and watercolour. The great number of graphic works in the Musée Gustave Moreau demonstrates Gustave Moreau’s passion for drawing and the key role it played in creating a painting, from the first draft to the final refinements of the transfer process using tracing paper and squaring up.Moreau’s drawing was Neo-Classical in style. On 18 October 1857, Moreau left for Italy, a place he had longed to see since his two failures to win the Prix de Rome (in 1848 and 1849). Learn more about the top attractions in Paris. “It is the language of God! Whereas most paintings require a knowledgeable explanation to convey their meaning, watercolours offer, above all else, the beauty of their colours to the viewer. You'll be able to discover: The Latin Quarters, the Louvre and Tuileries, Sainte-Chapelle, the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Montmartre, an Instagram Tour of Ile de la Cité, the Eiffel Tower and a tour on Parisien architecture!

You really will see it all on these eye-opening tours of the 'City of Light'. We took a beautiful river boat cruise down the Seine! Gustave, however, preferred the Birth of Venus, and made a small copy of it. 90 day money back guarantee60+ attractions includedPasses are valid for 2 yearsNew! He sacrificed his studio and the second storey of the house in order to maximise space on his plot of land. Save your favorites. There are times when Michelangelo’s prototype of an ephebe can be detected in his figures or when the bluish backgrounds and chiaroscuro of Leonardo da Vinci are a little too evident. The symbolist movement was very influential in poetry during the second. Buy tickets in advance on Viator. 90 day money back guarantee60+ attractions includedPasses are valid for 2 yearsNew! Set up by Moreau himself and opened in 1903, the museum showcases the artist’s private collection of family portraits, souvenirs and personal mementos on the first floor and his paintings, inspired by fantastical scenes from Greek mythology and the Bible in the light-filled studios on the top two floors. 90 day money back guarantee60+ attractions includedPasses are valid for 2 yearsNew! The first floor apartment (one dining room, one bedroom, a den and a hallway and an office-library) reminds the gallery patrons of its original purpose as the dwelling place of the Moreau family. (c) RMN/ Franck Raux. 90 day money back guarantee60+ attractions includedPasses are valid for 2 yearsNew! The aesthete Robert de Montesquiou warned them: “You won’t find any of his finished works there”, while a critic denounced “the … We bought a, Super “de niche” museum. It was only when the museum opened that these painted sketches were framed and exhibited, mainly on the ground floor.In the absence of any explanation by the artist, their interpretation still remains a mystery. Savor the world-class art offerings of Paris while avoiding the long entrance queues with the Paris Museum Pass. Bonus in 4-day-pass: you can use the public transport for free on an additional 5th day. It was therefore no surprise when the Surrealists claimed to be his successors. As André Breton so rightly said, his genius was to have given new life to classical and biblical myths. The Musée Gustave Moreau was designed by the painter himself and includes his private apartment and the large gallery he built to display his work.The lower floor of Gustave Moreau Museum is dedicated to Moreau portraiture and souvenirs from his travels including a room devoted to the lady who did not return his love.Upstairs the Museum features his famous paintings and includes several acknowledged masterpieces alongside the sketches and drafts that preceded them.


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