Some favorite vintage elements – Shure CM and CR’s, Shure, Astatic and Brush crystals – don’t fit shells much smaller than the traditional “JT30-size” bullets. Although the prices may not be appropriate here, I'd also like to see a 'carry on' that goes into crystal and ceramic elements with regard to tone differentials and positives and negatives regarding crystal/ceramic. In this case “better” is usually means better for acoustic players. New! In the first of a double post, he describes two kinds of elements used for amplified blues harp and… well, it gets technical after that. For my part, 4 x 10 speakers are a way ahead. Fact 2: For amplified, bluesy ballsy tone, “better” is worse. Harmonica Microphone Elements. Highly recommended reading and just in case Greg is too 'shy' to mention it, it is: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To engineers, this means it has better frequency response (able to “hear” higher and lower sounds), flatter frequency … It prevents us from overdriving the microphone. Fact 1: There is no such thing as a mic element designed for harmonica players. Stephen thanks for your feedback. They don’t work well, and the risk of your damaging them is very high. $57.00. Hope you don't mind my posting the URL Greg. A diaphragm is an extremely thin membrane that vibrates in response to sound waves. Joined: 12/20/2009 . Click here to watch a video tour of what the inside of the site looks like. THE ELEMENT. Ray Take the tour now. All the bass is added by the amplifier through harmonic distortion. Mechanically deflecting the crystal generates an electric current. $3.01 shipping. And too much high frequency response can sound harsh, even hurt people’s ears. For this week’s Harmonica Microphones post we asked Greg Heumann to give us the low-down on the bewildering universe of mic elements. Olson M-130 Harmonica Microphone. So now let me tell you the disadvantages of crystal and ceramic elements. A good one would rattle the windows of my house with a Bassman amp that’s been properly modified for harp. Their impedance is lower so they stand up well to volume controls, pedals, splitters, etc. Harp Surgery is one of the best harmonica sites on the internet: consistently both informative and entertaining. How do they actually work? (Ultimately though, if the input impedance drops too far you will suck tone from any element.) But the difference in tone between cupped and uncupped with this mic is far less than it is with an “older tech” microphone. Thanks. I need advice on buying both the mic and the amp. Hohner absorbed the last of the MC-151's and used them up, later substituting a more modern and much cheaper crystal in the BluesBlaster. An amp with 50K input impedance will suck the tone right out of the best crystal. A dynamic element uses the electromagnetic principle to convert sound into electrical energy. Click here to watch a video tour of what the inside of the site looks like. Offline . But doesnt answer my mail.. I have been turning wood for years.. And plan on building myself a mid for myself and a few custom mics to sell.. I’m sure Greg will be thrilled to hear that you endorse his work so strongly. The last of the "old" crystals was the MC-151 made by Astatic, which was produced up until the JT30 became the Hohner BluesBlaster - I believe this was in the late 80's/early 90's but not sure. the harmonica player's web site – tuition, reviews and interviews. 1 reply Tue, 08/28/2012 - 08:37 hank stefaniak . Do you know why they chose them in the first place? Denis. I’m starting to come back to the Green Bullet. $58.00. They have lasted well all these years, so they are less expensive and more plentiful. $18.64 shipping. Below is a sampling of classic blues harmonica elements I have in stock. Hello. September 2019 - Shane Sager endorses Ultimate microphones . CR/CM elements have more bottom-end and can sound a little fatter and richer. The only way to know is to try good examples of each. Folks can only tell you what they believe gives the best crunch combo from the kit they have tried, but there’s always plenty more out there they won’t have tried. The diaphragm in a dynamic mic either directly moves a coil around a fixed magnet, or moves a pin which in turn moves inside a coil.


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