The flies and insects will be drawn to the beer and hopefully stay away from you. Insect repellents for your yard and garden needn't be some expensive, mysterious chemical mixtures purchased from a garden center. The yeast and mouthwash are repelling agents, and the magnesium in the sea salt helps your grass to grow. Can I use these a... Don't know if I can post this because its a Facebook item. Set the bowl into a hole or indentation in the ground for added success. Although usually no one likes to waste beer, sometimes there's leftover or stale beer in the mornings after a long night; don't throw it out and just recycle the bottle! Pour 1 cup each of flat light beer, Epsom salt and mouthwash into a large mixing bowl. The flies will fly into the can, bottle, or bag, but they will be unlikely to find their way out. submitted to our " Community Forums". but I'm frustrated. Strain and refrigerate the liquid, then spray it on affected plant areas by diluting it to a 10 percent solution. The results are definitely going to speak for themselves. Just spray it throughout the yard and it will last about two and a half months. She enjoys exploring foreign locales and hiking off the beaten path stateside, snapping pics of wildlife and nature instead of selfies. Going green and recycling leftover beer can eliminate the guilt of wasteful beer-drinking habits! Clean out a hose sprayer that you would use for spreading weed killer or fertilizer. If the ad and price of "Weatherscreen Water Repellent Deck Stain, Semi Tran... OK, this should be in the computer forum. You can spray this mouthwash and beer mosquito repellent throughout the yard. The website offers this homemade mosquito spray that it notes has been very efficient at deterring mosquitoes. What a game! Some claim that it will last about two and a half months before you will need to re-apply. Mouthwash and Beer Mosquito Repellent InsectCop is a website dedicated to helping people fight mosquitoes in their backyard. Not only mosquitoes, but also other bugs and insects keep off the yard and stay away from home as well. We … Amish Flying Insect Trap. We welcome your comments and Apply only where problems have been noticed to avoid keeping beneficial insects away. I spilled a b... Leftover masonry water repellent and crown sealer -- other uses? Website operating View our Privacy Policy here. Who said it's a crime to not finish your beer? Homebrewing Head to Head: The Super Bowl... Homebrewing Head to Head: The Super Bowl of DIY Beer. Spray the yard every few days. Spray your yard every month or so to keep the insects away and protect and nourish your lawn, or take it on camping trips when the insects are the worst. Homemade mosquito yard spray is intended for outdoor application and keeps mosquitoes away for about 2-3 months. Combine in the container equal parts stale beer, epsom (or sea) salt, and Listerine (or other mouthwash). Once the alcohol has evaporated, the beer now has the scent of thiamine (Vitamin B1) which is a scent that, generally, mosquitoes do not care for. The first trap we decided to try was the Amish Flying Insect Trap. Its unique aroma has a better scent than most insect repellents! This do-it-yourself repellent can be made with three cups of Epsom salt, a bottle of cheap, blue mouthwash, and three stale beers (12 ounces are preferable). You may freely link To trap fruit flies, cover a beer can or bottle with a piece of paper that has a small hole in the paper over the opening of the beer. Using an Invisible Fence to Keep Rabbits Out. Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists. A mosquito infestation on a lawn can make your time spent outdoors unbearable. Combine in the container equal parts stale beer, epsom (or sea) salt, and Listerine (or other mouthwash). Allow the mixture to steep for at least an hour, then strain it through cheesecloth into a spray bottle. A mosquito infestation on a lawn can make your time spent outdoors unbearable. Another treatment method is to mix two chopped entire heads of garlic in a quart of water with a few drops of dish soap. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and mist it over your clothes and skin or rub directly onto your skin. Clean out a hose sprayer that you would use for spreading weed killer or fertilizer. As with other types of garden sprays, you'll have to reapply your homemade solution after rain or watering, as repellents lose their effectiveness over time or when watered down. Or, you can fill a small Ziploc bag halfway with beer and poke a small hole in it. For plants suffering from powdery mildew, mix 1 tablespoon each of dish soap and baking soda with 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a gallon of water. Spray on plants every few days. Looks like somet... Hi All, We are probably gonna be putting in 8 - 10 Thuja Green Giant shrubs... Can anybody identify the attached insect? Catch and kill slugs by pouring fresh beer into a shallow-rimmed bowl or pie tin, leaving it out on the ground overnight in areas where slug activity has been noticed. Place 1 teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper in a quart of water, along with one chopped small onion and one chopped garlic bulb (bulb, not clove).


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