In a blind water taste test by Good Morning America, New York City tap water came out the clear favorite among testers: And this test was no fluke. Some older cities in the US still have lead lined pipes and we have seen time and time again how human error can cause serious problems with water quality. I’m sure it probably wouldn’t hurt me, my sister/roomate, and my 5 yr old nephew to drink water with a bit of lead but I would drink soda first. Just read this Tap water is regulated under the EPA’s Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA), while bottled water is regulated under less stringent standards by the U.S. FDA’s Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act. Another way to look at it is that as soon as you buy your first bottle of water, you’ve already spent double what you would for an ENTIRE YEAR of tap water. The FDA is CONTROLLED thoroughly by big business because there is a revolving door between FDA jobs and Big Business Executives. As Robert said, anyone can make their own bottled-water with a good filter. When we consider environmental costs we must consider far more than the bottles. The price of Bottle of Water (0.5 Litre) in Denmark is 13.50 DKK. Bottled water cost is astounding when you think of how much you’re paying for production and distribution compared to the water itself. I just put tap water through my brita filter (its the pitcher kind that stays in the fridge). I am in favor of tap water but when i was discussing about this with my mum she said me that in India the tap water is not always clean they have o put on purifier at their house even if washing dishes. First, tap water is not free or nearly as cheap as your flawed numbers suggest. What? The water was better than the straight tap water but no where near as good as what the undersink system delivers. It’s a unit measurement of water that is equivalent to 100 cubic feet of water. Because water is a monopoly thanks to govt regulations it is almost impossible to know what would be the price of water bottled privately from a well and that in tap water. The Bottle of Water price comparison chart shows that price for Bottle of Water (0.5 Litre) in Denmark is % higher than the same Bottle of Water price in , United States. Santa Barbara water has a lot of sediment and sucks! The total amount of water used to produce and deliver one bottle of imported water is 6.74kg (5kg + 20g + 1kg + 720g)! So, the entire production of an edible water bubble, Ooho, including the energy costs for freezing the water, costs about 2 cents, while the cost for a plastic bottle of water reaches 10 cents. How much it costs to own a sedan car in Singapore. And if you are buying water from another country (really not falsely) consider the environmental costs of the shipping that to you! I can. * 748 gallons of water = 95,744 ounces of water Shouldnt we also take in to account all the plastic thrown in the landfills by bottle users? 2. dos’nt taste better than tap and 3. and you are spending lots of money just to get to the store and buy the water. (source: Is Bottled Water Better than Tap). So if the system of bottle water stops in India it will be difficult for the people living there. I can tell the difference and it doesn’t have the chlorine taste. In addition, the bottle itself is a health hazard (Biphenal A = BPA), etc. All rights reserved. I’m wrong? People in your country need to start developing very useful but forgotten thing called – critical thinking! Time after time, tap water is rated as good or better tasting than bottled water blind taste tests. I KNOW MY CIGARETTES WILL SHORTEN MY LIFE, BUT I HAVE YET TO HEAR OF ONE PERSON WHO LIVED 10 MINUTES LONGER BY DRINKING BOTTLED WATER. A single water bottle costs, on average, $1.45. You buy in bulk and have found a good deal, but what percent of people do you think actually do the same? However, the exact extent of the price disparity isn’t so clear. Once bottled there is the distribution of the product to warehouses/stores and all the fuel/energy that involves as well as labor in all these processes. Detroit River muchless drink the water. A proper taste-test would just have two choices: tap or bottled. And the cost of recycling or processing all that waste? One of Aquafina’s sources is the Detroit River! And as a matter of fact, tap water is actually held to higher purity standards than bottled water is, in the United States. Your email address won't be sold or shared. Most of us know that the cost of drinking bottled water vs. tap water will never work out in your favor. And finally there is the fact that bottled water is less regulated than tap water – meaning the healthy benefits you think you are getting from bottled water is likely no more than having a good advertizing firm. 5 (about US$0.08 as of today). $2.10! Those 3 bottles per day would cost you $3/day or $1,095 per year. bottled water is 1. only checked for contaminants once a week. That same 1,095 bottles filled with tap water would cost you $0.48 PER YEAR. Are you weighing the impact of millions and millions of plastic water bottles polluting our environment?? @Michael – if the water at home is good, why not just fill up a Nalgene or other reusable water bottle with water from home and bring it to work with you? Then the trip we make to stores to buy the water. GOTTA GO NOW, I JUST SAW A GREAT DEAL ON BUYING A STAR, WITH MY NAME ON IT! Per FTC guidelines, this site may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising & affiliate partnerships. article and I will be telling everyone I know about Aquafina. “You’re using flawed numbers to make your point here… I drink three bottles a day, that’s $175 over the course of a year… The real question is whether you should buy bottles of water individually or in bulk, and the obvious answer is to buy in bulk…”. If most of what you drink is bottled water, assuming you drink 64 oz. Its about bottle water. How Much is a Gallon of Tap Water? But there is a non-insignificant part of the population where the tap is nasty (by bottled water standards). One day an executive is working at a corporation, the next day they have secured a power position in the FDA. Don’t know how we have been trained, shaped & molded to perceive everything so superficially. Getting back to the situation at hand; So is it cheaper to pay for tap water or bottled water from tap?


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