The rice is added into the simmering egg mixture to be coated so you can see it’s turning a beautiful yellow colour. CHECK OUT THIS INDONESIAN RICE DISH: Tracing The Roots Of Nasi Ambeng. Fry until Lower heat to medium and stir in celery, carrot, green pepper and peas. When first dating my now-husband, I would fly to Seattle to visit his parents, and our family time would be spent with me taking copious notes on an iPad while they attempted to teach me to cook their family dishes. Watch Cantonese chef Mike Tan as he expertly matches his modern Chinese cuisine with The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask and 21 Year Old PortWood single malt whisky, If you’re looking for the most gastronomic wine experiences in Singapore, there's a good reason why you’ll find it at Les Amis, Iggy’s, Ma Cuisine and Corner House. Spring onions and raw lettuce strips are added last so that they retain their freshness and crunch. A tip for cooking rice for fried rice is to use about 1kg aged rice to 850g water with about 50g of vegetable oil and 1 teaspoon of salt. It must be hot enough to make the rice ‘jump’ in the pan. When done right, you don’t even need many ingredients to improve the flavour of the dish. A tip for cooking rice for fried rice is to use about 1kg aged rice to 850g water with about 50g of vegetable oil and 1 teaspoon of salt. Raw ingredients such as prawn are cooked separately and then added. However, the southern province of Guangdong lays claim to the style that is most likely known worldwide, as its Cantonese diaspora spread it far and wide. The email addresses you've entered will not be stored and will only be used to send this email. When rice is done, mix thoroughly with vegetables and stir in soy sauce. June Lee is a freelance contributor on the MICHELIN Guide Asia team. Once the rice grains are fried till dry and ‘jumping’ around in the wok, the dish is ready. This ranges from grasping the amount of oil and when to add the oil appropriately at which stage of cooking, mastering the use of the Chinese ‘wok shovel’; rounded and flat ones, and seasoning,” he expounds. I was so taken with their food. MF: I personally prefer aged rice from Thailand. (Right image: Fried Crispy Rice and Orzo Pasta with Prawn and Sakura Ebi from Crystal Jade Golden Palace). Chef Foo, who is also group executive chef of Crystal Jade Culinary Holdings, says, “Generally, fried rice is well-loved by young and old so there are inevitably many iterations on this dish throughout China. Keep the sauteed vegetables aside. 11 Aug 2014. We invite chefs from two of Singapore’s highly rated MICHELIN restaurants to share some insider tips on how to get the most bang for your buck when ordering this prized shellfish. MF: There are a few key things I look out for: it should have wok hei, moist but not wet grains of rice, the egg should coat the rice grains, and not be too oily – it should not leave a stain on the lips. I learned dumplings … I’d say it’s not necessary. The wife loved it. Can you use a non-stick pan instead of a wok at home? Pour beaten egg into wok, stirring constantly. ASK: Yes, you can use a non-stick pan at home which is more convenient. (Banner image: Crystal Jade fried rice with conpoy and egg white). The grains will absorb too much water internally and stick together, and won’t separate when frying no matter how hot the pan. Here in Singapore, most Cantonese restaurants serve a version which usually consists of prawns, char siew, eggs, spring onions and raw lettuce among others and this rendition is probably most recognisable.” He sees it as a dish that every Chinese cook apprentice should master, along with sweet and sour pork and braised ee-fu noodles. Prep: 10 min › Cook: 30 min › Ready in: 40 min Cook rice according to package directions. Google “fried rice recipe” and you’ll receive 381 million hits, each one touting “the BEST fried rice”, “better than takeout!” and endless more. “There are many skills required to execute fried rice. From luxe to low-key, these top-end restaurants will help you plan your business deal-making, employee team lunches and corporate celebrations with confidence. Use the right type of rice. We used two eggs. There is no clear history of the origins of fried rice, although it is widely accepted that it was created and documented in the eastern city of Yangzhou, China somewhere around the 6th century AD. Receive the latest MICHELIN Guide stories, most exclusive restaurant offers and events from your city and beyond. How about essential seasonings and ingredients? The rest of the ingredients are then added to mix thoroughly. The best type of rice for frying should be less starchy, fragrant, and have a … The wife loved it. Cook rice according to package directions. 2. Aged rice refers to rice that has been kept for about a year before it is released for sale. MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019 Fry until vegetables are tender. ASK: The typical Thai jasmine rice from any supermarket is fine, which you must cook the day before. Oops! Please try again. With over 70 outlets across Asia and a MICHELIN Star for its original outlet in Singapore, Putien and its success is built on its founder’s passion for his hometown cuisine from Putian, Fujian. Cooked this recipe last night. Thought the 4 tablespoons of soy sauce might be a bit strong. The other major cause of botched stir-fried rice is the star ingredient itself. Chef Ang was just 13 and starting as an apprentice chef when he first tried his hand at fried rice. You can add any ingredients like prawn, lap cheong (Chinese sausage) but I like a bit of minced beef and XO chilli sauce in my home cooked version. Since 2001, she's been writing about food and wine, consulting in hospitality and communications, and unabashedly tasting and cooking her way through the world. 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