It takes significantly less time to boil water in a kettle than on a stove. How to Save Money When Using an Electric Kettle, What Can I Make with My Electric Kettle? I have just bought a Bosch electric kettle but haven’t got any vinegar so I think, judging from your article I’ll have to wait until I can get some before I can use it. seems like an easy countertop appliance to use—and it is. Afterwards, use the information on the manual to further set it if it eventually features temperature control. Also, do not plug in or heat an empty kettle, this will only serve to damage the elements. When filling your stovetop kettle, do not fill it to the brim. This will increase the durability of the heating element. Most models don’t come with protection against this, meaning the bottom of the kettle would warp and melt. If you boil hard water in your kettle, descale it at least once a month. Unlike the regular kettles, users don’t have to constantly be checking on the temperature degrees. The importance of kettle in the kitchen is undisputed, especially among tea drinkers. Make sure to be careful when pouring so that you don’t get boiling water splattering everywhere. You’ll have a hard time fishing out all the tea leaf particles once you’re done. Electric kettles are slightly different from stovetop kettles. In fact, some could even cost you a lot of money, since they can wreck your electric kettle! Afterward, you can follow the steps mentioned below and start using your kettle.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'teahow_com-box-3','ezslot_3',107,'0','0'])); This, of course, assumes you are aware of the safety aspects of electric and water and the dangers of heat and faulty plug sockets, etc. Is It Ok to Leave Water in a Kettle? Then, boil water and discard for 3 or 4 times before you start to use your new kettle. Electric kettles have proven to be safer and highly functional compared to regular kettles. Overfilling is bad for the kettle as it will overwork the elements, risk spilling out through the spout, and waste energy as well. Most kettles are coated with chemicals by the manufacturer to prevent them from rusting. If you’re planning on boiling a pound of noodles, add more than one liter of water. When you plug and play the switch of the kettle, the heating element turns the electric power into heat using the resistance and will start getting hot. The same thing goes for pasta. I cut out the boring stuff and added together with the important information that most of us tend to ignore because it’s buried in plug safety guidelines! But ensure that you diligently rinse and wipe off the water inside and outside before using it for another round. Sure, an electric kettle seems like an easy countertop appliance to use—and it is. This is because it’s not all units that are completely made of stainless steel, some are doped. Thank you so much for such an informative article. You can add it to a large pot with rice, pasta, or any other grain you want to eat. Only boil as much water as you’ll need. We enjoin our amiable readers to utilize this information in properly using the unit. Also, DO NOT immerse the kettle in water, it’s important that all electrical parts remain free of water. Today, we’re clearing the air and telling you all there is to know about using an electric kettle at home. Of course! Just make sure your kettle doesn’t have an exposed heating element. You can also make coffee with your kettle, especially if you have a French press, Aeropress, or a pour-over cone. Do not allow flames to come out from either side of the kettle as it might melt the handle or spout. The first step is to clean the kettle properly as mentioned above. French Press Coffee. All rights reserved. Thanks! This article has proffered the solutions to how to use electric kettles even by a newbie. Some of you might find that your new kettle smells bad when boiled. And, purchasing a product with so many prospects in... An electric kettle is a multi-purpose appliance in a modern kitchen, pub, and cubicles. Electric kettles usually have a heating element near the base, or with more modern kettles it’s built into the base. Once you’ve switched on the power of the unit, it’d then begin to heat up the water. Notwithstanding, one of the uniqueness of electric kettles is that they have anti-boil technology that aids to shut down the power each time the vapor reaches a certain limit. There are two main types of kettles called stovetop kettles and electric kettles.


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