What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? If you’ve been on this site long enough you’ll know that the MOPPE mini storage chest, successor to the FIRA, is one of the most loved and most hacked item on planet IKEA. It's not rocket surgery. I have been waiting to buy the hemnes secretary desk that matches my bookshelves until I had sold some other furniture. You can find many of these IKEA models on websites that sell second hand goods. We're talking about your worn, tired IKEA sofa or armchair of course. The ID number 18199 is printed underneath the chair but I can’t find a name. Learn how your comment data is processed. It was discontinued a few years back — quietly — unlike the EXPEDIT but for us hackers, we felt the void. Same thing with the Hemma hanging light that uses regular size light bulbs. Is there a list of discontinued items? Close. Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/ikeahacks. Because everybody knows it’s the shoes that make the outfit. Here’s a quick start guide. We don’t know when. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. Click here to find the right IKEA product for you. P.S. Browse our full range of products from dressing tables to complete modern kitchens. Nowadays Google include results that doesn’t include all search terms which often makes googling for specific terms impossible. Again. Jules. hacks from all over the globe. A Bemz cover is perfect for those who love design but don't want to spend a fortune creating a chic interior. I just came up with a solution for my studio -- which is messy and full of mate ... IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. You can omit the back, bottom or even the interior. Spend some quality time with an old friend. 1. But you always use some sort of clear coat! With over 150+ fabrics in a variety of colours, prints and textures, now you can refresh a well used or second hand IKEA sofa or armchair with a completely new look. In honour of its return, we have a MOPPE makeover today. If you've emailed them and called them, what other options are there? save. Wall Wine Rack, a BROGRUND Towel Rail Hack, 6 hacks that show how well MONDRIAN goes with IKEA, Two IKEA faves become a side table with drawers. Bemz Showroom: Don’t throw it out! Well, some months back, on my walkabout at IKEA, near the secondary storage section, my eyes went like a deer caught in headlights, then silent screamed, “The MOPPE is BAAACCCK!” And I did a happy dance on the inside. share. 1 year ago. Happy hacking! And the middle two work so well for liquid lipsticks. If it doesn't come back into stock look at your plan Bs, including if you are ok with buying the used version from somewhere like FB marketplace or craigslist. The good news is that you can give your IKEA furniture a new life with a Bemz sofa cover even if it’s a discontinued model. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. We have 5,000 (+ counting!) Bemz creates an array of covers for many discontinued IKEA models, including sofas and armchairs. Set yourself a timeframe for waiting and then when it reaches that date, make your decision. © COPYRIGHT 2020 IKEAHACKERS.NET | IKEA® is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Bemz makes it easy to give a forgotten pal a second look. I've been looking at a table not available for delivery for 9+ months, so it's not that I don't understand the frustration - it's my dream table dimensions and price - but I've been looking at the ones in stock and may settle for one of them instead. Finding discontinued IKEA items is still possible, thanks to a handful of helpful resale sites and a little due diligence. It may happen. Press J to jump to the feed. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. Of course, you really don’t need to do this. Here’s where you should look. This is far from an official technical support sub.


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