No country in history has seen a steady economic increase without at least 40 percent literacy rate. In order for a country to see steady economic growth, education must be a priority. In a report prepared for the Education Law Center, the impact on society as a whole was referred to as the spillover effect. In the United States, elementary school is compulsory, and the individual states determine the legal dropout age (the youngest being 16, per the National Center for Education Statistics) and any credit limits required. Conversely, the critical importance of formal education cannot be questioned. A particular study found that Caucasian men age 30-34 that did not finish high school were four times more likely to have been incarcerated than their graduated counterparts, according to the National Education Law Center. Once writing was developed, human populations created a system of education, the precursor to what is known today as public education. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! If those living in poverty can get an education, they can pull themselves out of those living conditions. It is because of its theorized societal benefits that governments foot the bill for public education. In particular we will focus on a recent report “The Learning Curve” (2013) published by The Economist Magazine’s Intelligence Unit. Equality of opportunity is a fundamental aim of education. Additionally, women with an education are able to make better, informed decisions for themselves. the wider society, with education being among the broadest implications and developments brought thereby. By earning an income, people contribute to the country’s economy as a whole. 8313: The Philippine Human Rights Act, Gender Inequality in Afghan Healthcare During COVID-19, The African Union’s Online COVID-19 Marketplace. For every year of education, a person’s average earnings increase by 10 percent. In this report an attempt Higher education leads to innovation and critical thinking, which in turn benefits US society by increasing its gross domestic product, as well as improving lives through technological advances in a myriad of industries. The Effects of Public Education on Societies In this respect, education can be viewed as the catalyst for an evolved society. There is also a relationship between higher education (technical/community college or university) and social benefit. An education often prevents young girls from being married off into a potentially limiting, harmful situation. This decreased work load made time for other activities, such as drawing. If every child in the world receives a primary education, seven million cases of HIV could be avoided in the next 10 years. Public education is also thought to improve the acceptance of diversity and the likelihood of civic involvement later in life. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. Education affects society in many important ways. APPROACH TO THE SUBJECT In approaching this subject, may we first examine some basic elements of society and try to determine the place of education as one of the fundamental Po licy m ak er s of ten as ser t … Of these kids, 40 million live in poverty. Education can provide people with new, more effective farming techniques, which can increase crop production and decrease malnutrition. The Effects of Higher Education on US Society Another significant societal benefit is better health. Public school systems encourage healthy eating habits and healthy personal habits such as hand-washing, and discourage negative habits such as smoking and recreational drug use. Such a strong correlation has been seen that education is considered a “social vaccine” for girls in avoiding HIV. They are also more likely to vote and participate in civic activities, according to College Board.


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