Hope to talk with you soon! The latest articles from our team of educational creatives. They need to get off of their broken old fat immature asses and get a jarhb! Are you having difficulty learning English alone? Let's eat, Grandpa! The first version means that we are suggesting to Grandpa that we begin... 2. In this example from the Pottermore website, we see that the serial comma would have helped clarify Harry Potter's, The lack of a serial comma in this photo caption presents two possible interpretations (both befuddling): Catherine is holding both her daughter and the Queen, two separate entities that are competing for lap space, or Catherine is holding her daughter who happens to, a video by the ad agency Muhtayzik Hoffer. vs. Let's eat Grandpa! -Informal, humorous, and easygoing You mean those two completely different colored black rectangles at the end of each line weren't there originally? Curtis Newbold from The Visual Communication Guy has come up with a hilarious infographic that illustrates the meanings of … Finding a tux will be a breeze. You’ve heard me say that proper punctuation is necessary to clearly get your message across. We also think these genuine examples are pretty funny reminders of just how important commas are and how disastrously you can change the meaning of your sentence by using them incorrectly! VAT Registration No: 103393445. The first version means that we are suggesting to Grandpa that we begin eating together. And finally one last example, which genuinely appeared in the Times, intended as a brief description of a Peter Ustinov documentary: So remember: the simplest way to check your comma use and make sure you aren’t breaking any grammar rules is simply to read through your sentence, making sure that there should be a genuine pause or gap everywhere you have inserted a comma. See more ideas about Grammar humor, Grammar, Commas. The first sentence means that commas are actually people, and they are important people! Commas are important people! I don't know how anyone couldn't immediately know it was a shop, with all that JPEG compression. The missing serial comma here turns one of the most courageous, inspirational world leaders into an ancient hocus-pocus character with an, er, interesting hobby. The way to make this correct would be: the elderly, disabled people, children or pregnant women. Pregnant children gotta use the bathroom, too. Do you know where the name hot dog came from? “Goats cheese salad ingredients: lettuce, tomato, goats, cheese” This example is a hilarious comma mistake from a genuine restaurant menu! the elderly, disabled people, children or pregnant women. came here to say just this. For example, there’s a cannibalistic difference between “Let’s eat grandma” and “Let’s eat, grandma.”. However, accidentally missing out a comma will automatically having the effect of making the two consecutive terms it should separate seem like one item in the list, as this hapless CV writer discovered the hard way. Interested in working with a tutor to improve your English writing? Enter your email for word fun in your inbox every day. Now, this film should be interesting. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. When it comes to the world of punctuation, you’ll see here what a startling role even the tiniest of commas can play in shaping a sentence. In English, it's very important to understand when and when not to use commas, because an extra or missing comma can completely change the meaning of what you're saying! Maybe there’s some crazy canine genes in this family? 3. Whether you’re here for an education or just a good laugh, one thing is for sure, you’ll have a lot more fun than you ever did in English class! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Here you’ll find a collection of funny punctuation fails that demonstrate the dangers of going rogue on grammar. What the hell kind of exclusive bathroom is this? Do you want homework? Here are five hilarious examples to illustrate this point... 1. pregnant women or children. There is a ferocious grammatical debate over whether a comma should go before the final conjunction in a series of three or more elements. 3 Funny Examples of Why Commas are Important! Proofreading and Copy-Editing for Businesses. http://www.tailsinc.com/2012/06/rachael-ray-altered-cover/. 3 Funny Examples of Why Commas are Important. The more English we know, the better we can connect with people from other cultures and the better we can understand each other! Children OR Disabled OR Elderly...etc. Chapter-by-chapter proofreading and format editing for PhD theses. vs. 1. r/funny: Welcome to r/Funny: reddit's largest humour depository. That's an intriguing love triangle. If your job has been impacted by coronavirus, we're giving 50% OFF CV EDITING to help. -Business English Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With commas, it would mean the same thing as it does now. The show must NOT go on if Harry is both Papa and Hubby to his kids. The result is a troubling scenario: Rachael Ray’s family and dog are on the dinner table, presumably garnished with parsley. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Make your job application shine with a professionally edited CV. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that mean: children women (if 'children' was used as an adjective). I expect this to be downvoted to hell, but one is supposed to add commas in a list of adjectives. Without them, Gram and Gramps seem like dog grandpawents (groan). The missing serial comma here turns one of the most courageous, inspirational world leaders into an ancient hocus-pocus character with an, er, Discover The Origins Of These Cooking Tool Names. -Reading and writing According to this news headline, it was a whirlwind romance. Shouldn't it be 'The importance of semi-colons?'. Another place where dogs have curiously popped up is in America's favorite summertime food, the hot dog. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. calling for the use of serial commas. Sometimes when a serial comma is not used, the elements following the first comma can appear to be elaborations of the first element. A professor wrote the following sentence on the board and asked his class to … Jan 2, 2015 - Explore Rainah Yedlock's board "The Importance of Commas", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. All rights reserved. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Your browser does not support JavaScript! Forget to mention you failed middle school? A man’s “pubescent best friends” are a drug dealer and a male sheep? The writer meant it that way. Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository. If written language is trending towards more casual chats than elaborate essays, do commas still have a place? -Grammar I can help you with... For the past 7 years, I have been teaching students both on skype and in person.


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