This is an occasion to celebrate and remember all those who made it possible. Well-known experts, researchers and managers from the industries and society have been invited to present their views and discuss the opportunities, threat, strengths and weaknesses of the subject. Apollodorus here says that Aristodemus did not remember all the speeches exactly, but the most important point would be conveyed. Digitalisation influences our welfare, democracy, healthcare, environment and society overall. First of all I wish all graduating students a glorious career ahead where you’ll be the channels of God’s healing touch to a broken world. 2. I welcome all the participants and wish you all the best. There are several dream-projects ahead of us. May the friendships you build across campuses through your participation in this event ever widen into better understanding and cooperation between students and teachers across the length and breadth of our country. And we are glad to be here, most of us virtually, to witness you being joined together as husband and wife. All these are but additives and factors to create a good welcome speech. So love, cherish, uphold and value this gift with real thankfulness in your heart. opening speech for conference Honorable Dr. Fernando Chui Sai Ón, Chief Executive of Macau Special Administrative Region, Honorable Madam Zhang Hai Di, President of Rehabilitation International, Honorable guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. Those who did not make it need not lose heart. The seminar has been divided into certain segments like debates and discussions, theoretical views, facts and figures followed by the practical assignment which need to be accomplished by the next year. From the introductory dialogue, the reader is immediately drawn into a complex and indirect narration structure. Like every year, we have invited the subject matter experts and some common people who would share their views, experience, expertise and thoughts on the topic. Cradled in a manger in Bethlehem, The dinner was held the day following a victory celebration for Agathon’s prize for his first tragedy. Bethlehem. google_ad_width = 300; This is a day both of you have waited for long. container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', Sample Speech of Response at College Farewell Meeting Phaedrus then tells two stories to exemplify why only a lover, even a woman, will die for their beloved: that of Alcestis and Achilles. Not affiliated with Harvard College. The issue of gender justice is nowadays being raised by the activists and the academics because of the women’s increasing demand for equality. During their walk, Socrates lagged behind as he would stop to think about something. More than winning or losing; the spirit in which competitions are conducted deserves special mention. The gods gave him special honor. It is extremely gratifying that the school has reached great heights and realized its goals and objectives. Phaedrus explains this further by describing that when in front of a boy he loves, a man will be most ashamed or most proud. A teacher believes in a child even when others label him or her negatively and will not neglect a student because others have given up on that student saying that the student is not good in studies. We have gathered here to discuss the scope of radiology in treating cancer. But poor health is also about global trends and how they shape individual life-styles. I remember distinctly an evening like this when I was elected to be the Asia Pacific Youth Representative thirty years ago in that august meeting held in New Delhi. Many students have found the courage to hope and the dare to dream just because of one teacher who said, “Yes, you can!”. We have gathered here to discuss the scope of Radiology in treating various injuries and diseases in our Hospital – ‘Health & Care for you’. I wish also to thank our patrons, individual and organization partners, and volunteers. Our target audiences are the locals of this place as well as business people who operate within a range of 50 kilometres. Sample introduction speech. My hope is that this day gives us an opportunity to build stronger ties between academia, the voluntary sector and the health services in Norway, when we in the next years address how we all can contribute to improved health for all. Copyright Notice Who has not been inspired by a teacher? google_ad_height = 250; On this occasion let me tell you that our Company is still eagerly looking forward to the taking up of new projects in the area of renewable energy resource management. This tone is further emphasized when Agathon’s guests are deciding what to do for the night. [Name] was gracious enough to administer the oath to the graduating students. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Threats to health know no boundaries. Honorable Dr. Fernando Chui Sai Ón, Chief Executive of Macau Special Administrative Region, Honorable Madam Zhang Hai Di, President of Rehabilitation International, Honorable guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are now together witnessing the opening of the 2019 Macau Rehabilitation International Regional Conference, which has received generous supports from many. May God be your stay and strength, your joy and hope. “Women Rights & the Gender Justice”, which is the most vehemently discussed issue with significant implications for the future of women. For several decades, Norwegian governments – from left to right – have given high priority to global health. A small country with limited resources can only influence such megatrends through international cooperation, with both state and non-state actors. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Symposium by Plato. Our thanks are also due to [Name] for making all feel welcome at this college day and graduation function; and, [Name] for presenting the annual report. He is an accomplished writer with several published works to his credit. Phaedrus begins his speech reiterating that Love is a god, and is actually one of the most ancient gods. 1. Related Posts: Right from school days he was a natural fit for leadership roles. I am privileged and excited to stand here in the midst of this exuberant ambience in this auditorium in the Lion City. Her designs give us a sense of careless ease but is nothing short of impeccable perfection. Having said this, we can’t ignore the fact that digitalisation has its own challenges and shortcomings too. _taboola.push({ May these competitions bring out the best in you and spur you on to greater achievements in life. The youth is the future of the nation and it is the responsibility of the college to create a better human being along with creating a good professional. Christmas Is for Failures Like You and Me, Elocution Competition Topic: Social and Humanitarian Changes Brought by the Pandemic Covid-19, A Story from Schooldays on My First Disastrous Public Speaking Attempt. Radiology is one of such technologies which we are going to discuss in detail today in this seminar. The speech introduces the idea that love leads to virtuous action, a central theme in Diotima ’s account of love, even though they define love differently. A speech introduction has to be brief and energetic in order not to bore the audience. Respected Chairman, Honoured Chief Guest, Dignitaries, Asia Pacific Region Youth Representative Elect Mr. ….


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