Perhaps the man most influential to educationalist theory was John Locke. By this, Locke meant that environment and experience literally form the mind. Daniel Dwyer Mykytyn, N. January 11, 2013 HZT 4U1-01 John Locke’s Some Thoughts Concerning Education John Locke, famous sixteenth century philosopher and “Father of Classical Liberalism” wrote a work based on the human mind and learning methods entitled Some Thoughts Concerning Education. John Locke's Contributions to Education 179 years of age. John Locke (1632-1704) is best known for his theory of the mind as a blank tablet, or tabula rasa. Locke believed that the daughters of gentlemen should be education in much the same way as their sons (Deighton, p. 24) Children of the poor class should be kept away from schools - even the best - because they would fall into the company of undesirables (Cranston, p. 17) 7) VIII. As Margaret J. M. Ezell puts it, his 1693 book Some Thoughts concerning Education presents the basic argument that "a child's mind must be educated before he is instructed, that the true purpose of education is the cultivation of the intellect rather than an accumulation of facts." Both John Locke (1632-1734) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) write as early modern social contract theorists, and both promote reason and freedom as essential components of political societies. According to Locke, development comes from the stimulation children receive from parents and caregivers and through experiences they have in their environment. This writing assignment is concerned with his biography, his philosophy of education, his advice to parents on the upbringing … Samen met George Berkeley en David Hume behoort hij tot het Britse empirisme, dat traditioneel tegenover het continentale rationalisme staat. He died at Oates, in 1704, at the age of seventy two. In an immediate sense he was himself a practitioner and publicist of good education. This paper will explore John THEORY OF CONSENSUS Why John Locke is een belangrijke filosoof van de Verlichting en wordt beschouwd als vader van het liberalisme. Yet these thinkers take many distinct, and at times opposing, stances on education. John Locke was a great education on several counts.


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