This is the first time this pattern has made sense to me, i am now feeling empowered to give it a shot! I have used QAYG on a small project. This is the BEST, love it, love it!!! You quilt is stunning. Maureen, this is so pretty. Thanks for the GREAT tutorial. Thank you so much for this tutorial, Maureen! This is beautiful...thanks for the tutorial! Advertise was there a reason?love. AWESOME!!! this is such a great idea Maureen! How to you make a straight edge? Thanks for sharing. Love the look of more quilting on the front than on the back- and all done on a domestic machine! I’m not usually a herringbone fan, but this quilt intrigues me!! With a sleek, arrow-like point and eye-catching pattern variations, this geometric design can be a decorative godsend for any living space. Thanks for posting it! Hi Maureen,Would it be alright if we used your tutorial as our block of the month pattern? Line up the ends like a plus sign. I wanted to use fewer colors and therefor fewer pieces. Wow! Find out how they’re made in 8 Fabric Dyeing Techniques. I can not wait to try it!! Thanks again! Thank you so much for the tutorial! And, thank you, Tamie!! OH MY! If you love a good herringbone quilt pattern, you'll love these chevron patterns, too! Make sure you have plenty to wrap around the perimeter of the quilt. Thank you for a great tutorial. Hi Marie! This is definitely a do for me. I have to try it soon. Love this!! :)Hope this helps!!-Maureen. You make it look so easy! Thank you for the tutorial .. you are so awesome !! Coin quilts? The overlap is a “scant” 1/4″, no need for smaller! You can also easily make it into a zig zag chevron pattern if you prefer. It's gorgeous! A. Love the colors!! The design can work for many styles and ages depending on the combination of colors and fabrics you pick. Anyways, back to the herringbone quilt...Sew one row at a time. Thank you, Catherine! My quilt ended up measuring 40″ x 43″, a perfect little baby quilt. Herringbone quilt blocks show off elegant design skills, which is why this tutorial for Herring Blocks is one you need to try! Thanks Gayle! This is great and I love your colors . THanks so much for the tutorial! If all of the strips are the same width, it seems like they should match.Also- could you quickly describe how the quilt would be finished if the backing was also added to the batting strips. Sew the columns together and iron open the seams. Thanks! I think it would be perfect for my son, with Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz and maybe some batiks instead of the pink fabrics in the selection, or Road 15 by Sweetwater. I will definitely have to make one of these. :). I love all the bright, happy colors and patterns. If you’re binding by hand, you would machine sew the binding to the front. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change. Everyone will see your notes when they roll over your image. I made a quilt in sections and then put them together when I first started to quilt because I was way too intimidated to try and quilt a large piece on my small sewing machine. PAIN. When it comes to dressing up a drab table, table runners are the go-to project for the quilting crowd. 15) Miscellaneous. The measurements I'm sharing for this tutorial makes a 62" square finished quilt. I like to sew them together in sets, and then sew sets together. LOL! So, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. After the rows are sewn, you’ll need to trim the top and bottom to square up your quilt top, chopping the points off where seams meet. Just bought my jellyrolls and can't wait to start this beautiful quilt. This free pattern can be downloaded right to your computer and is perfect for precuts. Now I’m going to assemble each chevron. I used it to make a herringbone mason jar cozy and tutorial!


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