Such is the power of our research into the skin microbiome that it has formed the basis of 18 scientific publications – and stands apart as an exceptional breakthrough for the global skincare industry. In order to study the effects of Advanced Génifique on the skin microbiome, our researchers developed a special, standardized protocol in which the skin and its microbiome are submitted to a reference aggressor. SHOP NOW. The most prevalent of all are Cutibacterium, Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium. As a precious partner for our skin, our first microbiome is a gift we receive from our mother. When our microbiome is balanced, our skin is able to defend and recover. Delving deeper into this discovery, our scientists have found that women living in a polluted environment and display premature signs of aging (such as wrinkles and pigmented spots) present a skin microbiome signature closer to that of an older woman. Skin is stronger and looks visibly younger. As the culmination of 15 years’ worth of research into the skin microbiome, this vision is new Advanced Génifique serum. Lancôme's Claims: The secret of youthful skin. To continue and strengthen Lancôme’s proud tradition as a scientific pioneer, new Advanced Génifique has been enriched with a unique blend of 7 pre- and probiotic fractions, each offering distinct benefits for the skin and its microbiome: New Advanced Génifique contains 3 plant or biotech-based prebiotics: Mannose, α-Glucooligosaccharides and β-Fructooligosaccharides. New Advanced Génifique acts on major signs of aging, to deliver younger-looking skin. What if the microbiome was the new answer to healthy and beautiful skin? We have also proven a higher recovery of the bacterial diversity from the first application of new Advanced Génifique. Register to get your 7-day Advanced Génifique trial kit and activate 10 signs of youth today. By the time we reach adulthood, our skin microbiome contains up to 1,000 species of bacteria, with as many as 2 million bacterium existing on every 2cm2 of skin. Shop Now. Discover Lancôme’s luxurious makeup and skincare, as well as the latest Parisian trends in Beauty Complimentary Shipping on Orders $75+ COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to new safety procedures, shipping of orders may be delayed. If we take a closer look at the body, we can see that we are made of 50% human cells and 50% bacterial cells. Refreshing, lightweight – a soft, weightless veil for the skin; new Advanced Génifique serum is easily and rapidly absorbed by the skin. Fusing instantly with the skin, it penetrates and begins to deliver results, with immediate effect. Complimentary Shipping on Orders $75+ COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to new safety procedures, shipping of orders may be delayed. Thanks to a collaboration with Pr. It is a beneficial living ecosystem of microorganisms and an integral part of the skin surface. Our microbiome is a symbiotic part of us. Free shipping and travel samples on orders over $49. Major signs of aging are visibly improved after 1 bottle. With the help of Genifique, it made my skin smoother and in … UV rays, pollution, diet, medications and hormones are just some of the factors that can undermine the ecosystem – and could affect the essential partnership between our microbiome and skin. New Advanced Génifique acts on the skin microbiome. Limit of one per household. New Advanced Génifique contains 3 plant or biotech-based prebiotics: At Lancôme, we use probiotic fractions derived from, The quantity of bacteria decreases after an aggression, indicating disruption of the microbiome.


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