Now consider how many times you’ve falsely called yourself stupid, untalented, ugly, or anything else, and you begin to understand how your internal propaganda shapes a false self-image. One time I actually did win 12 dollars. What do these words feel like in your body? It is a low hum… probably what created the “oooom” mantra. Thus is is not surprising that words have energy and each word resonates at different frequencies. After 30 days, the rice in the jar that was constantly insulted had shriveled into a black, gelatinous mass. The problem is that the more we hear, read, or speak a word or phrase, the more power it has over us. The very cause of our law vibrations is our emotions - i think this is the root of the problem, so with this we should start. “NEUTRALITY ENABLING SATISFACTORY TRUST RELEASE WILLINGNESS INSPIRING HOPEFUL OPTIMISM INTENTION ACCEPTANCE MERCIFUL HARMONIOUS FORGIVENESS TRANSCENDENT REASON WISE MEANINGFUL UNDERSTANDING ABSTRACTION LOVE LOVING … Setting Up a Healthy Distance-Learning Space, Built to Last: Beauty, Wellness, Kitchen, and Fashion Stalwarts that Play the Long Game, Strategies for Preventing and Ignoring Distractions, A Toolbox to Keep the Sunday Scaries at Bay, Using Biofeedback to Calm the Mind and Body, A Psychiatrist on Finding Meaning in Psychedelic Experiences and Altered States. Doom and gloom spreads doom and gloom, so much better to look at the beauty around us and feel up lifted. Maybe you are not good in english but the vibration rules apply for words in every language. Never make your body, or something you’ve accomplished, or anything else in your life the butt of a joke. Email to schedule an appointment. ya can't rule the world by actions, ya rule by the word.-from book 'Happy Pocket full of Money". 1 second to raise your vibration and tune into a happier frequency. They are symptoms that may appear to have a physical cause, but in reality a “physical” cause is also at its root, an energetic cause. Or, do you feel a shaking in your hands? Words have power, and quantum energy doesn’t have a sense of humor. xxx. So does it rlly matter if I picture winning the lotter or not because what I'm actually sending out there is that I want to be wealthy right? It is when the rain brings flood instead of life giving water and when a breeze turns into a hurricane destroying rather than gently changing the air. Only after being burned a few times can we understand that fire is always hot. Find yourself a quiet spot and take a few deep breaths (in through the nose, and out through the mouth). Hi Kristin, thanks so much for your comment and for taking the time to read my writings. Get yourself to feel like you have already won that lottery- not like u want to win it, and don't try to hard- as that also offers a resistance. The signs of low vibration in a person are many. Lower vibrations are denser, heavier, thicker whereas higher vibrations are lighter. Lower vibrations are denser, heavier, thicker whereas higher vibrations are lighter. I found an awesome video on YouTube called: How to Raise Your Vibration Using Words by A Leigh Edwards. So all I am saying is that one should choose their words with care. Let me explain: Your vibration is your energetic frequency, it is the way you 'hum' to the Universe. Thank you so kindly for referencing my video; sending you an abundance of gratitude. There are things that you can do to heighten your vibration if you need to. It is only quite recently I learnt that all things in the universe are made up of energy, whether they breathe or not. What if that vibration is what you connect to when I encourage you to connect to Source? Imagine a Universe that does respond to every word you think and utter even jokingly and send you more of what you are saying and feeling even as a joke! It is not really serendipity, it is called the law of attraction : That which is like unto itself is drawn. Do you have the same response as the other words? When you understand that life is interconnected and that one thing affects another (the law of cause and effect), then you really don’t treat your environment, other people or yourself badly because you get that everything you do affects the big picture. News List. Have a stupendous, glorious day Sweet Peeps!! Or you can call it synchronicity. The ASF bodies of the TT are not only extremely lightweight, they are also very strong and low-vibration, providing the foundation for sporty and precise handling, the quiet ride and the high passive safety. But, i have a question.. isn't that your mood is affecting the word? While I've been no stranger to foul language in the past, I don't ever remember having to struggle against the (almost) overwhelming desire to hurl curses at my loved ones, or strangers, or even no-one-in-particular!


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