Scourge: Outbreak publisher UFO Interactive has announced it is bringing the Japanese bullet hell shooter Mamorukun Curse! This will cause the eye at the opposite side to become vulnerable for a short time, and able to be damaged. No cheats available. They increase in difficulty as you progress through the course. Part 1 + 2 Candy is collected by either destroying a small enemy with a curse shot, or destroying an enemy that is within the large curse radius. After heroically defeating the hellish challenges of the netherworld, you now have but a small amount of clean-up duties to carry out. Move around the boss until you locate the eye which is blinking, and shoot a charged curse shot at it. Clear Arcade Mode with any character on 1 credit at Difficulty 5. Part 1 + 2 In the Netherworld Adventures mode. Mayuno is somewhat similar to Mamoru in terms of shot direction; however, unlike Mamoru’s stationary options, they follow her in a trail, adding an element of positioning. Part 1 + 2 Final Mission! You can also die and continue an infinite amount of times. Complete any Stage and its respective mission on any character, difficulty and game settings. Clear Netherworld Travel in Netherworld Adventures. I found the boss designs especially interesting, looking like very big and ornate festival puppets, taking inspirations from Japanese folktales and mythology. Clear the Flat Slope of the Underworld Course. Enemies that pass through the mark become cursed, which makes them tougher to take down, but also yield colorful candy bits that can rack up a combo. Courses. Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. Complete the stage: Karakuri Castle on any character, difficulty and game settings. is a shoot 'em up arcade game developed by G.rev and Gulti. Mamorukun Curse! Run into the curse circle it creates on the floor to curse yourself. Set the game settings in options to Difficulty: 5 star, Life: 5, Time: 10:00. The PS3 version comes fully released with all downloadable content from the Xbox available, and is required for the platinum. Simply charge a curse shot, and fire it at a larger enemy. Charging the Curse Bullet turns it into a giant projectile that can be shot at enemies. Clean-up Clear the Hurricane Rakshasa Course under Nowas Challenge! The PS3 version also contains two more characters who were DLC for the Xbox 360 version: Narukami Luchino and Kinugawa Nowa. begins with a young boy named Tomoka Mamoru getting hit by a truck and waking up in a strange place with—wait for it—amnesia. 1) Karakuri Castle (Right, Right, Right path) Recommended stage order: Curse an enemy over 108 times (across all modes and playthroughs). Dodge the incoming bullets by moving to the left slightly, and then charge another curse shot to about 3 bars and fire it into the middle again. Get the latest Mamorukun Curse! This will be vital in completing the later challenges. This will unlock the Karakuri Mission in stage select afterwards; defeat the powered up version of the boss to unlock the trophy. Clear the Demon course in Netherworld Adventures. Temple Purged! Enter the World of Mamorukun Curse! Mamoru’s Options, spread out to his sides, shoot in the same direction as he does, making a total of five streams of bullets in front. In Story mode, destroy all the Golden Drones that appear in the Aerial Garden. is a shmup (or bullet hell genre) ported from Japanese arcades, to Xbox 360 and now to PS3 via digital download. Destroying an enemy in this method will also turn all of that enemies visible bullets on the screen into candy. An enhanced port of game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in Japan on March 31, 2011, offering full high-definition widescreen support with two … You can also die and continue an infinite amount of times. 3) Entrance to the Netherworld (North path) Step 5: Story Mode (1st Week) playthrough Simply select and start the 'Netherworld Adventures' mode from the Main Menu. This will return you to the first stage and unlock this trophy. A good average run should take about 6 or 7 minutes and reward you with 25k to 30k candies.


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