The myrtle warbler has a northerly and easterly distribution, with Audubon's further west. Clements 6th edition (version 6.9 incl. 9th suppl.) American Ornithologists' Union 4th edition (incl. 60th suppl.) This passerine bird was long known to be closely related to its western counterpart, Audubon's warbler, and at various times the two forms have been classed as either one species or two. It is a rare vagrant to western Europe, and has wintered in Great Britain. IOC World Bird Names, version 4.3 (v.1) 2013 revisions) (v.1) Clements 5th edition (incl. (v.1) Clements, version 2017 (v.1) The myrtle warbler (Setophaga coronata coronata) is a small New World warbler. Let us send you the latest in bird and conservation news. These names reflect the evolutionary history of bird species, allowing us to logically trace their relationships and ancestry. Sorry we couldn't be helpful. 2012 revisions) (v.1) (v.1) Kaufman, K., Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America, New York:Houghton Mifflin Books, 2000., Native birds of the Northeastern United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 17:45. (v.1) American Ornithologists' Union 7th edition (incl. American Ornithologists' Union 6th edition (1983) (v.1) Clements 5th edition (incl. A subspecies is a recognizable form within a species that interbreeds (more or less) freely with other members of the species. corrigenda 4) (v.1) HBW and BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist v3 (Nov 2018) (v.1) (v.1) Oriental Bird Club (v.1) The two forms most likely diverged when the eastern and western populations were separated in the last ice age. eBird version 1.54 (v.1) IOC World Bird Names, version 8.2 (v.1) 2001 revisions) (v.1) We know where Mourning Warblers spend their winters and summers. Unbelievable. IOC World Bird Names, version 4.1 (v.1) Yellow-rumped Warblers are tolerant of disturbed habitats; eastern populations have been stable or increasing, whereas western populations have shown a steady decline since 1970. . has a scientific name. 2008 revisions) (v.1) 11th suppl.) American Ornithologists' Union 1st edition (1886) (v.1) One of the most common and widespread warblers. American Ornithologists' Union 2nd edition (incl. IOC World Bird Names, version 2.3 (v.1) Clements 6th edition (incl. corrigenda 5) (v.1) (v.1) In addition, every bird (and known organism!) Sibley and Monroe (1993) (v.1) (v.1) Clements 6th edition (version 6.9 incl. This page explains the details of all the different aspects of our taxonomy. Any sightings you enter as "Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)" will be moved to the new species "Myrtle Warbler" and likewise for Audubon's, but any sightings you entered as just "Yellow-rumped Warbler" would become a slash: Myrtle/Audubon's Warbler. Shortly before 6:30a, there was a break in the showers, and things were never the same." Howard and Moore 3rd edition (as published) (v.1) 13th suppl.) There are more than 20,000 regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than 175 languages. American Ornithologists' Union 7th edition (incl. New species are described each year, and new splits or lumps are regularly justified. Scientific names include a Genus name, which may be applied to several species (e.g., Junco), and a species name (e.g., hyemalis). Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) represents the wild, free-flying pigeons that occur in cities worldwide; they are distinct from “Rock Pigeon (Wild type),” which corresponds to birds in the native range with wild type appearance and behavior. American Ornithologists' Union 6th edition (incl. American Ornithologists' Union 7th edition (incl. Clements 5th edition (incl. South American Classification Committee (8/02/2012) (v.1) American Ornithologists' Union 2nd edition (incl. You can learn more about what kind of cookies we use, why, and how from our Privacy Policy. eBird taxonomic updates coincide with Clements updates in August. Nine hours later, they ended up having a historic day. Henry Cook/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab (ML83693491) and Susan Young/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab (ML52378881). "Goldman's" Yellow-rumped Warbler is a non-migratory endemic within the highlands of Guatemala and the Black-fronted Warbler is also a non-migratory Mexican endemic. The animation illustrates the migratory movements of each species as its populations travel across North America.


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