Thanks! Cobbler/Crumble/Crisp… can’t keep ’em apart. I haven’t tried to freeze it. Oh, sure, it covered well, but what I really wanted was a big bite topping with every bite of fruit. I’m taking some to my 97 year old friend in a Dependent Care facility today. “Does he know she is pregnant?” I asked Lulu. I upped the amount of rhubarb and I also replaced 1/2 cup of flour with some oats. Used 1/2 the sugar for the sweeter fruit and all four tblsp of the cornstarch. Will definitely add this to my recipe book. Thanks! And for all those changes, it’s still really, really great! Yet, uninterested in turning a healthful baked fruit dessert into something with the caloric heft of cheesecake, I refuse to double the topping to a two-stick of butter count. Thank you Nigella for making baking easy and fun! In the British/NZ/Aust context of a crumble we wouldn’t melt the butter for the topping but rather cut it in cold and leave it rather lumpy and don’t overwork it – a bit like scones (biscuits). Thank you {%['first-name'] %}.Your comment has been submitted. Rhubarb crisp with fresh & juicy strawberries seemed to be a perfect choice for my rhubarby debut. Would the cooking time vary? i have plenty of rhubarb in my garden. OMG, this is spectacular! The sugar cookies add a delicious crunch! It’s awesome, and now I want to try it with other fruit. Such a bright flavor with the added lemon zest. (My normal go-to’s). And sooo easy. Couldn’t get rhubarb at the last minute, so I just went berry berry and used blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, which worked quite well. I am right in the middle of baking this for the first time, very easy to prepare I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Tip this into a pie plate approximately 8 1/2″ in diameter and set aside. Upon realizing that I had pears in their death throes (but still oh-so-edible and juicy), I immediately searched SK. Wrote my wonderful experience with this recipe on my blog today- with a link to yours! the strawberry part will have to wait til next year (coz we just planted the strawberries this year & you have to wait) but i have blueberries from a friend’s patch frozen from last year so i’m gonna use those. can someone do me a favour and tell me how much is in a cup ? Delicious pieces of forced pink rhubarb topped with a rich & buttery crumble. I definitely will try it with other fruit crisp/crumble recipes. The little crunch of the turbinado sugar is wonderful, and the addition of both lemon zest and juice brightens the filling. The topping is almost like shortbread, I was eating it raw! It always gets rave reviews…even from my extremely picky husband. Great on blueberries too–the lemon–oh, yum. It’s so funny, because when I was younger I didn’t get into any kind of cooked fruit at ALL, and now bizarrely I love apple crumbles… I’ve seen so many different versions of “how to” and tips, ranging from melted butter to completely “hard” butter from the refrigerator, and this confuses me every time… I never know which is the way to go! It was tender and lightly pungent with lemongrass, coriander, and chilli as some of the core flavours. . Hm, do you think frozen strawberries would work/taste ok? I read that it takes more flour to replace cornstarch; if I want to use flour for the filling do I use 3-4 tablespoons, or should it be increased because of the swap? Boy was this awesome and the crust was elprimo. Thank you for ALL of your recipes! My sister just referred me to your blog about 4 days ago and I’m already checking frequently. I used an equal amount of tapioca flour and it was a little gluey, so next time I’ll have to use less. Did a variant of this for a cookout this weekend — used 2 ripe red mangoes instead of the strawberries (and used just 1/3 c. of sugar, and tried the corn starch). This was so yummy, Deb! Oh, wow – a way to keep the right ratio of crisp to fruit? Can another flour be substituted in the crumble topping? This is the stuff. Nigella's Jumbleberry Crumble is another fruit crumble, but uses frozen berries for ease.


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