The National Organic Program (NOP) oversees the standards for organic production in the U.S. Apof Organic Certification Agency (AOCA) is an independent not-for-profit NGO, committed to the cause of providing most efficient and affordable inspection and certification service to the farmers of India. If your land has been fallow, or if no prohibited materials have been used for at least three years, you or the previous operator can sign an affidavit to that affect. Organic Certifiers (OC) understands that organic certification can be challenging as a first time pursuit. About IFOAM - Organics International       Membership Directory. Farmers, ranchers, and processors may choose to work with any USDA-accredited certifying agent. There may be an extra “membership” fee or “administrative” fee. The people behind this organization have gained vast experience in organic agricultural practices through exposure in India and abroad and participated in a large number of training programs specialized in Inspection and Certification procedures. AOCA is committed to providing inspection and certification services to meet the requirements of thousands of farmers in remote areas especially small farmers for their individual farms or for group certification requirements. The more CBs enrolled, the more effective the platform is. Contact a certification agency during the transition time. This is a service for the benefit of the entire organic sector, and is designed to operate efficiently at low cost to all users. The Organic Certifier Locator is updated regularly by the National Organic Program and its accredited certifying agents. Vitamin D3 baits are one example of products that fit into that category. The Canadian Organic Regime (COR), which defines specific organic product requirements, also endorsed QAI certification. There are many benefits to organic certification. I cannot say enough good things about  Organic Certifiers organization. I’m most appreciative of how quickly they respond to questions, and the clear focus they have when reviewing our processes, products, and packaging. How to Choose a Certification Agency & the Organic Certification Process offers questions to ask prospective agencies and fellow farmers to help you choose the best agency for your operation. Organic products that are produced for export are often certified by agencies from the importing countries. This adds great efficiencies for staying in and demonstrating compliance with program requirements. “As  a client of Organic Certifiers we have been extremely pleased with the quality of service they have provided. If none of that works, you can use natural lures or repellents (or synthetic ones that are on the National List of approved synthetics). Organic Certifiers (OC) was founded on the principle of making simple and easy solutions for organic certification. If you move from agency to agency, you will pay this fee more than once. You’ll need these records to document compliance with organic regulations. Find out if the agency certifies other farms in your region. Cropland must be free of prohibited substances for 36 months prior to the harvest of the first organic crop. Some agencies charge a flat fee plus a surcharge based on the dollar value of your yearly organic sales. If your buyer has a certification agency preference, you could consider being certified by that agency. QAI, is based in the United States, but operates globally, including the US, Canada, the EU, Japan, and Latin America. Get the complete Guidebook for Organic Certification. This 32-page SARE Publication includes an introduction to organic farming, 4 organic farmer profiles, the economics of organic production, how to begin transitioning, and more. Federal government websites always use a .gov or .mil domain. Randolph and Susan Siple started OC from observing the frustrations of achieving certification through a certification agency. is NPOP/NAB/0012 Dated 20-05-2019 (w.e.f. The NOP website provides information on certification, production, handling, and labeling of organic products.


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