Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. ", "Wilford Brimley, Cocoon Star and Face of Quaker Oats Commercials, Dies at 85: 'One of a Kind, "Wilford Brimley, 'Cocoon' and 'Natural' actor, dies at 85", "Wilford Brimley, 'Cocoon' actor who appeared in Quaker Oats commercials, dies at 85", "Actor Feeling His Oats as Singer: Wilford Brimley will perform with a jazz band at a benefit concert Saturday for a new CSUN scholarship fund", "Wilford Brimley: This Time the Dream's on Me", "Craig Ferguson 11/23/11E Late Late Show Wilford Brimley XD", "Actor Wilford Brimley surprised with award from American Diabetes Association in Port St. Lucie", "Cockfighting still legal in New Mexico. The Quaker Oats guy was born in the 1870s and, even today, smiles at the intersection of breakfast and commerce. Quaker Oats only owned Snapple for 27 months, selling it for $300 million after making a $1.7 billion investment in the drinks company. It's comfort food to the max, and that might have to do with the smiling, friendly-looking man on the logo. Released in 1982, it was (via Old School Gamer), a super bizarre answer to a question literally no one had ever asked: "How can I play hide-and-seek without getting up off the couch?" The Quaker Oats Guy is a member of the Barney Bunch. Harry's not over there, Harry's not over here. Twenty or so years ago Quaker Foods already gave Aunt Jemima a bit of an upgrade. It was an incredible thing, because the entire industry was truly built on their founders' ability to convince the public they should be eating livestock feed. Quaker Oats had teamed up with researchers from MIT for three experiments involving 74 boys between the ages of 10 and 17. Penn's acquisitive tendencies were not sated, however, and in short order he also bought: This final acquisition was brilliant in retrospect, as the new nation was showing tendencies for the gluttony for which it would later become known. That got people noticing his oats... but making them? The game featured a house with a yard and three rooms, and a total of 20 different places you could pick to hide. The company was only around for about a year, and that's not really surprising — their games were terrible on an epic scale. [29], Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1979, Brimley began working to raise awareness of the disease. He appears on the front box of every Quaker Oats product. [26] He married his first wife, Lynne Bagley, on July 6, 1956. Quaker Oats and their family of products have been a part of our everyday life for decades. In 1946, graphic designer Jim Nash introduced the familiar "smiling head" portrait. The movie was originally pitched as a pretty sweet deal for Quaker Oats. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the image, known for his trademark navy hat and cherubic smile, was redesigned for 2012, making him look "about five pounds" thinner. He always has a creepy AF smile on every box. It trumpeted its trademark both because it was new and because it deterred imitators. They slimmed him down. The company was purchased and the brand pushed relentlessly. He joined the Marines during the Korean War and served in the Aleutian Islands for three years. But, are they? In 1877, the Quaker Mill Company of Ravenna, Ohio was founded. A triumph of city planning that simplified the landing approach to the airport in the area's principal city, Camden, New Jersey. Quaker established the first trademark for cereal and got the ball rolling. It's hard to know if Quaker Oats knew what a revolutionary idea they had when they printed a recipe right on the box. [2][3] He was the son of Lola (née Nelson) and Wilford Brimley, a real estate broker. If you're already sold on Quaker Oats, though, don't worry: the stuff inside the box hasn't changed a bit. He was often said to troll schoolyards, befriend young girls, and lure them to his coach with a trademark come-on line, "Nothing is better for Thee...than me!" How about it, do you remember eating those as you watched your Saturday Morning Cartoons?


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