The papacy is a false anticipation of the kingdom during the Church-historical period. Their power is that of attraction, winning the heart, and not counteracted by devil or beast. Due to the widespread false theories regarding this, we have included here a special study of it. "Lived" is used for lived again, as in Revelation 2:8 . SATAN BOUND, AND THE FIRST-RISEN SAINTS REIGN WITH CHRIST, A THOUSAND YEARS; SATAN LOOSED, GATHERS THE NATIONS, GOG AND MAGOG, ROUND THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS, AND IS FINALLY CONSIGNED TO THE LAKE OF FIRE; THE GENERAL RESURRECTION AND LAST JUDGMENT. Compare, however, Matthew 25:34 Matthew 25:41 Matthew 25:46 . The flower of Shem, the representative of spiritual life, is Israel, even as the flower of Israel is He in whom all mankind is summed up, the second Adam ( Genesis 12:1-3 ). Revelation 20. B reads the second article before Magog wrongly. Man created "to have dominion over earth" is to rejoice over his world with unmixed, holy joy. The privilege of "our high calling in Christ" is limited to the present time of Satan's reign; when he is bound, there will be no scope for suffering for, and so afterwards reigning with, Him ( Revelation 3:21 ; compare Note, in the present age and in the pale of the Christian Church who does not also reign with Christ hereafter, the necessary preliminary to which is suffering with Christ now. As long as the devil rules in the darkness of the world, we live in an atmosphere impregnated with deadly elements. Whereas under the Old Testament the Jews exclusively, and in the New Testament the Gentiles exclusively, enjoy the revelation of salvation (in both cases humanity being divided and separated), in the millennium both Jews and Gentiles are united, and the whole organism of mankind under the first-born brother, Israel, walks in the light of God, and the full life of humanity is at last realized. The saints having been first pronounced just themselves by Christ out of "the book of life," shall sit as assessors of the Judge. souls--This term is made a plea for denying the literality of the first resurrection, as if the resurrection were the spiritual one of the souls of believers in this life; the life and reign being that of the soul raised in this life from the death of sin by vivifying faith. But the literal sense need hardly be departed from: all the different regions wherein the bodies and souls of men had been, gave them up. Thousand symbolizes that the world is perfectly leavened and pervaded by the divine; since thousand is ten, the number of the world, raised to the third power, three being the number of God [AUBERLEN]. Gog and Magog--(Ezekiel 38:1-39:29'; of Japheth's posterity, whose ideal head is Gog ( Genesis 10:2 ). The books of God's remembrance, alike of the evil and the good ( Psalms 56:8 , 139:4 , Malachi 3:16 ): conscience ( Romans 2:15 Romans 2:16 ), the word of Christ ( John 12:48 ), the law ( Galatians 3:10 ), God's eternal counsel ( Psalms 139:16 ). set a seal upon him--Greek, "over him," that is, sealed up the door of the abyss over his head. even the New Testament, is written by Jews. Jesus, while opposing the carnal views of the kingdom of God prevalent among the Jews in His day, does not contradict, but confirms, the Old Testament view of a coming, earthly, Jewish kingdom of glory: beginning from within, and spreading itself now spiritually, the kingdom of God shall manifest itself outwardly at Christ's coming again. for . opened--( Daniel 7:10 ). When this time of grace shall end, no other shall succeed. that he should deceive--so A. and--so Coptic and ANDREAS. A, Vulgate, Syriac, and ANDREAS have "the great and the small." But--B, Coptic, and ANDREAS read, "and." English Version, which omits the clause, rests on inferior manuscripts. A mighty purification of the air will be effected by Christ's coming. He had thought to destroy God's people on earth by Antichristian persecutions (just as he had thought previously to destroy Christ); but the Church is not destroyed from the earth but is raised to rule over it, and Satan himself is shut up for a thousand years in the "abyss" (Greek for "bottomless pit"), the preparatory prison to the "lake of fire," his final doom.


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