Thanks again for this quality product. Information; Reviews (0) Article number: scoby: Availability: In stock (2) Kombucha Scoby. Please note all shipping rates here are an estimation and subject to change. I would highly recommend Karl Kombucha to all my family and friends. Loving making Kombucha with the mother from Karl Kombucha ! Scoby to make 4L of Kombucha. Included in your purchase: ORGANIC SCOBY: The included Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast is made with a blend of Organic green and black tea and is ready to go with strong starter liquid. Really yummy. Karl is great, quick response to my questions and the product was exactly what I wanted! The kombucher took a little longer to start than expected but it worked ok. Kombucha is, at its most basic level, nothing but fermented tea. Fresh healthy SCOBY delivered fast and packaged well. We are trying to eliminate needing to use vacuum seal packs at all in future. Thank you for your efficient service and quality product. All orders are shipped the same day that are made before 1pm AEST, business day starts the following day for orders placed after 1pm AEST. I have purchased scoby from you before and decided to try another company and the scoby didn't cut it booch was sour and I've been making booch for years now so it wasn't my method it was an interior scoby haven't tasted this booch yet as not ready but can tell by scoby growth it will be quality booch. We choose tea and raw sugar that are Certified Organic. Kombucha-scoby and starter tea. All our SCOBY’s are made from certified organic Tea and filtered water. Two give away prizes will be awarded every month while the competition is ongoing. AlwY happy with my purchase from this site. Excellent service. The Scoby and Starter liquid is packaged in a BPA FREE bag. If you have any questions please just give me a call: 0411248629. Very happy with the Scoby :) Our Starter Kits are created by hand with high-quality ingredients and materials so they’re super easy to use and won’t put a strain on your wallet! As usual, excellent quality and service from Karl. This was my first ever time making kombucha, and i was so happy with the result. Quick delivery. No problem. All that you will need to buy is the jar and the water. The only plastic you will get is the vacuum seal pack for the SCOBY – this is nylon which is one of the best materials available. Your service has been amazing and the prices very reasonable. I am looking forward to drinking my new tea. In your Karl Kombucha Starter Kit, you’ll have all these top-quality ingredients! Gut health everyone! The products is also excellent, easy to use and follow 6 x 500ml bottles, 3Litres. Your Kombucha Tea is ready to enjoy! Thank you. I will definitely be returning to Karl for any future kombucha needs. Please keep in mind that shipping charges may increase for other products. Request An Order Pick Up If you are based in Melbourne then we can organise an order pick up for you. PROS. Looking forward to trying my first batch! brewing as we write, looking forward to the first taste. Easy to understand instructions would definitely recommend. Highly recommend KarlKombucha. The jar very useful. Prompt delivery, excellent brewed kombucha! 1 Organic Kombucha Scoby, 100 ml of starter tea and 2 organic black tea bags, enough to make 1 litre of Kombucha tea every 7 days. Cheap plastic home brewing kits are popular for a lot of people who sell SCOBYs commercially. Kombucha SCOBY & Tea Starter Fizzy Cider Vinegar Health Drink You will be getting 1 x mother scoby & 1 cup of fermented tea to start making your own kombucha Pick up available from Stanhope Gardens, 2768. The SCOBY and tea arrived promptly. Adelaide CBD, SA. Pick up may be available for your prize – but it will need to be organised ahead of time and is at our discretion. It came with a comprehensive and easy to follow / understand note to get me started. Brewing your own Kombucha Tea has never been easier! I’ll be back next time I need a scoby. Many thanks a good product. Definitely recommend. I commend Karl for turning what is probably a passion into a successful business and wish him well with it. I added strawberries and blueberries to the bottle, left it a couple more days and practically drank the whole bottle in one sitting. Arrived quickly, great instructions and feel there is plenty of help if you need it. We will never spam you – our newsletters are focused on homemade kombucha brewing tips, recipes and the occasional sale! The supply of SCOBY and starter liquid was well packaged along with excellent instructions for a beginner like myself. Delivery from WA unexpected. Please be patient, your SCOBY will thank you for it with a tasty brew. The yeast of the SCOBY eats the sugar and produces ethanol and carbon dioxide, and then the bacteria of the SCOBY converts that ethanol into acetic acids. Kombucha Scoby Home / Kombucha Scoby. Two new brews going. Because we avoid plastics, our set up is more expensive, however it is totally worth it for BPA, BPS & phthalate free SCOBYs – and uncontaminated kombucha. Subscribe to our newsletter now to get 15% off any kombucha or jun SCOBYs / brew starters and 8L fermenters that you order from us. Thank you for your support in starting my brew, Ca,e in an easy to open package with easy to follow instructions. Combine the ingredients by following the easy to use instruction and simply setting it out on your counter for few days. Yep, we know we are a bit more expensive than some other people selling SCOBYs – but there are good reasons for this. Kombucha is, at its most basic level, nothing but fermented tea. Our Starter Kits are created by hand with high-quality ingredients and materials so they’re super easy to use and won’t put a strain on your wallet! Delivery was fast and scoby arrived safe and sound. Tastes ok though. This should be enough to start a batch of 5L. Instead, it’s packed with antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins that help you stay healthier than ever! I already had a Scooby (from another vendor) which was wispy-thin and which struggled for two weeks before it changed colour and became inactive. I'm sure it will be great. My kombucha is currently brewing! Keep up the good work! I just ordered the scoby, not the full kit. The information available on your website is excellent and very easy to follow. Our first batch is delicious! The colder weather is slowing the process but I am seeing the development of scoby in the container which is quite exciting . I bought a scoby, which arrived quickly, with very clear instructions. Both have arrived quickly and work really well. The tea and bag was unexpected good. When I placed the order I was somehow anxious that I would not receive it. Thanks. Have bought a number of items from Karl's. Let us know when you claim your prize. This kit comes with the SCOBY with a starter, organic black tea, organic sugar, ph test strips, jar covers, reusable elastic jar bands, and a recipe book and information about online resources. Subscribe to Our Newsletter for 15% off SCOBYs and 8L Fermenters.


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