E-mail: hbs@sun.ac.za However, for seafood sold into more formal markets, supply chains can consist of any number or combination of mid-chain players (e.g., aggregators, primary processors, traders, wholesalers, dealers, secondary processors, distributors, transporters), who transform, package, and move product from the point of production to the final sale. The existence of such bottlenecks limits the power fishers have to negotiate on price. They may be nearer to the end market, with options of bypassing the middleman and selling direct. The value of a product bought by a consumer is defined as the sum of the increased values each industry add to the product. The process can become even more complicated when product from one fishery travels through multiple supply chains based on buyer demand. From low income and socially backward communities the profession has shifted to the hands of industrialists and technologists. • Economies of scale have led to increased industrialisation, market power, stability of deliveries and reduced geographic risk. Based on the theoretical framework, an empirical analysis was made, and differences studied from the key performance indicators in the supply chain. Today fishing and processing activities provide employment to millions of people around the world. Identifying which attributes may be present in a supply chain can help hone strategies for how to effectively promote and incentivize more responsible fishing practices, better data capture and tracking, and better storytelling around product origin. These middlemen create a bottleneck for fishers, restricting direct access to the market. 1019: Revenue Distribution Through the Seafood Value Chain. Increasingly, one step within these supplies chains involves a routing through China, where processing (e.g., filleting, breading) often occurs before product is then re-exported. Differentiated product supply chains can serve local, regional, or export markets. The industry has gone through several structural changes during the last five years: The results indicate the competitive performance of the value chain of Norwegian fish transports. • Lower transport costs In artisanal fisheries, it is not uncommon for fishers to bypass the supply chain completely and sell their catch directly to consumers on the beach or door-to-door within the community. Large corporations tend to exhibit this feature most, moving fresh and frozen products around the globe, although consolidation can be found in fisheries serving smaller local markets as well. Sea-Food Chain. Learn more about common challenges in fishery supply chains. The increased performance in the supply chain might occur through: Lower costs: Cost efficient solutions (as reduced costs through larger volumes, lower use of fuel, lower demand for labour force etc.) Or they may have a highly demanded product, with multiple potential buyers bidding up the price. The advent of modern mechanized fishing vessels has brought vast changes in the attitude of the public fishing and seafood processing. The world seafood industry plays a significant role in the economic and social well-being of many nations, as well as in the feeding of a significant part of the world’s population. In 2000 the value of international fish trade was about R 934 billion, while the total value of all agricultural trade was R 6 595 billion. However, for chains focused on commodity products or for those that are significantly longer (5-10 nodes, for example), that level of collaboration may prove more challenging. The information in this section was provided by Future of Fish. As such, establishing systems to ensure that the branded product is differentiated from unbranded product (i.e., some mid-chain players may be involved with processing and distributing multiple types of branded and unbranded products) is of utmost importance.


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